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From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director

Executive Director Search
We have identified a search firm, Greenwood/Asher Associates. The search committee has already begun working with the search firm rep as well as the UO HR folks. A draft of the position description is completed. It needs to be vetted via the UO HR office, Affirmative Action, etc. We expect to have the posting ready for the public in early October (~October 9). At this time, we expect ‘airport’ interviews to take place in mid-November. Following another review of candidates, we would plan to do site interviews during the weeks between December 7 and 18. The search committee is aiming to make recommendations in time for the Board to make an offer to the top candidate in early January. The expected start date by March 31, 2016. Please note, however, that this timeline, is subject to change!

Human Resources Task Force
Our HR consultants delivered their report on time and the HR Task Force met with them today to discuss their findings and analysis of options for the Alliance as we contemplate a transition away from payroll and benefits administration conducted by the University of Oregon. The Task Force will be presenting recommendations to the Board with an expectation that we will have this topic ready for discussion at our November Council meeting. 
Alliance Summer Program Planning Committee
The Alliance Summer Program Planning Committee has been established. Members include:
  • Mari Bettineski (WPU); co-chair
  • Suzanne Milton (EWU); co-chair
  • John Helmer and then new Executive Director (Alliance & PC&T liaison)
  • Donna Reed (PCC); board liaison
  • Elizabeth Duell (Alliance)
  • Barbara Valentine (Linfield)
  • Kerri Goergen-Doll (Oregon State)
  • Jane Scott (University of Portland)
  • Tina Hovekamp (COCC)
  • Sue Phelps (WSU-Vancouver)
The Alliance Summer Program Planning Committee will solicit, select, and review program proposals for next year”s summer meeting. Alliance members ought to expect a call for input to inform their selection and review. The committee will be responsible for establishing a schedule, assisting with registration and room assignment to accommodate various program types, and assisting speakers with their preparation. Following the summer meeting, the committee will review evaluations from attendees in order to prepare a summary report for the Board with recommendations for improvements for future summer meetings.
Faye Chadwell, Chair of the Board and Council
John Helmer, Executive Director

Alma Consortial Reporting: 

A COE Initiative

The Alliance's COE initiative on Consortial Reporting, led by Kathi Fountain, is focused on developing critically important consortial-level reports for Alliance work in Alma Analytics. These Network Zone reports will allow us to compare institutions or view all consortial data in a single table. 
We have three sub-groups focusing on developing a core set of reports useful to Alliance programs, initiatives, and activities. They include: fulfillment / resource sharing, collections / e-resources, and systems functions. 
The group is beginning to hit its stride in working with Ex Libris. Resource sharing and fulfillment reporting are currently under discussion with Ex Libris, with Jesse Thomas taking the lead. 
The full roster of the Alliance-side COE group is: Rose Carlson, Karen Clay, Al Cornish, Jill Emery, Kathi Fountain, Keith Folsom, Mary Galvin, Wade Guidry, Bonnie Parks, Jesse Thomas. 

Program & Team Updates


Team work for FY16
The Assessment Team will take final versions of its Ebook Assessment and proposals for FY16 goals to the Board of Directors and Council in October and November. 
Meeting notes from the Assessment Team are always available on the Alliance website.
Primo Assessment Joint Working Group
After issuing numerous calls for nominations, the Assessment Team hopes to make appointments to its Primo Assessment Joint Working Group in the beginning of October. That group will then begin working on its charge.

Collaborative Workforce

The CW Team continues their work in developing an inventory method to identify work across the Alliance in relation to the CW model. This is challenging, yet exciting work, and the team is putting hard work into this project.

Technical Services Working Group
Issues for the year: TSWG released a Strategic Plan Summary and Strategic Plan Tracking Spreadsheet. These are both linked to the TSWG page. This is an ambitious work plan that will for sure bring lots of activity in the area of technical services.

Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves or others for the following groups: TSWG is working to confirm appointments and membership will be announced once confirmations are complete.

The Technical Services Open Call Group hosted the first call on September 17. Future calls are scheduled roughly every two weeks. You can find links to agendas, connection information, and call recordings on the TS Open Calls summary page. Please consider submitting a topic for the agenda!

Content Creation & Dissemination

Digital Public Library of America
The CCD Team continues its work on creating a DPLA Hub for Alliance members. In October and November, they will bring proposals to the Board of Directors and Council in order to move forward with budget models and exploring external funding opportunities in early 2016. 
For more details on CCD”s work, notes from all its meetings are always available on the Alliance website.
Digital Content Joint Working Group
After issuing numerous calls for nominations, CCD hopes to make appointments to its Digital Content Joint Working Group by the beginning of October. In October, the group is expected to circulate the draft digital content metadata standards for review and comment, and a short survey on DAMs/IRs and unique content in the SILS.

Discovery & Delivery

Looking for Two New Members for the Primo Release Testing Working Group
We”re looking for two folks to help us test upcoming releases of Primo before they go live. There”s no need for special Primo expertise and the time commitment is reasonable and focused around the quarterly releases. If you”d like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send an email to the working group chair, Stephanie Michel, at michel@up.edu or Keith Folsom at kfolsom@orbiscascade.org.

Primo Normalization Rules Update
The Normalization Rules Working Group will be putting the latest updates to the normalization rules into effect on the Primo Premium sandbox by October 5, at which point testing will begin. If all goes well, the rules will be rolled out to Production starting October 15. The process takes about four days, so this will mean that regular publishing of records from Alma to Primo will be suspended during this time. If you have questions or comments, please submit them to the working group chair, Lesley Lowery, at Lesley.Lowery@wwu.edu.

Lori Hilterbrand Joins the Discovery & Delivery Team
We added a new member to the Discovery & Delivery Team in September, Lori Hilterbrand from Oregon State University. She brings a strong background in circulation and a hearty round of positive recommendations from her colleagues in the Alliance. Please join our team in welcoming her!

Shared Content

The E-Book Working Group continues to solicit feedback from Shared Content Team representatives about the future of the e-book project. A survey is open through October 1st. We have 21 responses, but would like to hear from everyone. 
The reality of managing e-resource licenses in the Network Zone is one step closer to reality! The Shared Content Team's Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group kicked off its work last week. The group will be testing the functionality of loading licenses into the Alma Network Zone for use by institutions.


Priority Support Issues and Ex Libris Support updates
Both the Alliance and Ex Libris have contributed additional resources to the monthly Priority Support Issues meeting. The next meeting is expected to be held on October 19. ExL”s Alon Botvinik, who”s now the Tier 2 support manager and who co-led Primo certification training for Alliance cohorts 2, 3, and 4, will be joining Brian Noone, Tier 1 support manager, in these monthly meetings.

One notable problem in the initial meetings has been the lack of visibility into Ex Libris development work. One change: Ex Libris will be sharing target date information in Alliance Salesforce cases - these dates describe expected delivery; they are expected to be 75% accurate, in terms of Ex Libris hitting the date. In short, there”s information in the ExL development system (JIRA) that has information on expected development delivery dates. More of that information will be reflected in the ExL Salesforce support system.

Another Alliance-Ex Libris conversation in the past month concerns the Alliance obtaining more detailed information on functionality prior to its delivery. Ex Libris has provided less specific information on how this improvement will be achieved; this will be one area of focus for the Priority Support Issues channel work going forward.

Alma October release
The Alma October release will be installed on Alliance sandbox environments onSunday, October 4. The release will be installed on Alma production on Sunday, October 11.

Primo software ballot for 2015
The 2015 Primo software ballot has been posted in the user group”s online NERS system. To support collaborative voting by Alliance institutions, a working group is reviewing the 149 ballot requests and will create a survey for institutions to complete. The survey results will be used by the group in creating voting instructions for institutions (for 75 percent of the ballot vote). Institutions should receive the instructions by October 13, six days before the scheduled end of voting on October 19.

Systems Team updates
Next Open Systems Call – October 14, 20151 to 2 pm.

September, 2015 System Team meeting minutes and Systems open call records have been posted

Recent working group appointments from the Systems Team and community:
  • Primo Assessment Working Group -  Alex Merrill
  • Primo Enhancements Working Group – Blake Galbreath, Rose Carlson
  • COE Consortial Analytics – Wade Guidry, Bonnie Parks, Mary Galvin
  • Digital Content Joint Working Group – nominations submitted
Alma Analytics tip for the month
If you”re counting loans, and seeing a lot of loans with no associated patron group, those loans are probably in-house use counts. You may also have patrons with no assigned patron group, if you have not configured patron group as a required field for new records, you can do so under: Alma > User Management Configuration > Configuration Menu > Mandatory Fields.

Profile of Kelly Peterson-Fairchild

Each month we will be featuring a profile of someone in the Alliance. If you have a colleague you think we should know about, please send in suggestions.

Kelly Peterson-Fairchild with her dragster
Name, positionKelly Peterson-Fairchild, Library Director, Oregon Institute of Technology

City of residenceKlamath Falls, OR
Favorite thing about where you currently live: The abundant sunshine. Almost every day I look out my window and see blue skies (and sometimes jets from Kingsley Field).

Favorite outside of work activity?
I have raced a 170+ mph dragster since 1999. Beyond the mechanical challenges of keeping a car like this running optimally, I also enjoy the advanced technology and electronics found on the car. This is a family activity with both my husband and my son helping crew on the car. Even our black Labrador, Dutch, goes to every race.

What are you most proud of while working at the Alliance?
How much I have learned from being on the Discovery and Delivery team. I have also appreciated the ability to find opportunities for growth for others because of the Alliance. 

What are you excited about for the coming year?
All the great work we have left to do on the Discovery and Delivery Team. Also, finding someone really great for the Program Manager position. I am also really excited about the project at Oregon Tech to expand and modernize the Center for Excellence in Engineering and Technology.

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