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From the Chair of the Board & Executive Director

Welcome to a hot August and the new fiscal year! We hope you are all getting some time off to enjoy friends and family. Since the last Alliance News, much has happened. Almost 400 of us gathered for a truly wonderful Summer Meeting at Warner Pacific College, with training, team meetings, discussion, and even a “zine art project. The “zine was a fun collaboration and we are pleased to announce that adigital version is now available (downloads file.) Many thanks to all the teams, team chairs, and Alliance staff that made the Summer Meeting a big success.

Along with the new fiscal year, Alliance teams are in the process of getting a few new members as terms come to the end. This includes the Board of Directors, where Faye Chadwell (OSU) is now Chair. Faye is joined by new Members-at-Large Mark Dahl (L&C) and Donna Reed (PCC) as Chris Shaffer (OHSU) and Merrill Johnson (GFU) finish their terms on the Board. Many thanks to Chris & Merrill! Thanks also to Jane Carlin for her leadership as Board chair in 2014-15.  
The Board is now actively engaged in the process of searching for a new Executive Director following John”s announced retirement scheduled for March 2016. The Board recently appointed a Search Committee comprised of two Board members, three Council members, and a member of the Alliance staff.  
  • Betsy Wilson (UW), Chair
  • Faye Chadwell (OSU), Board Chair
  • Lynn Baird (UI), Board Chair Elect
  • Scot Harrison (St. Martin”s)
  • Jeffrey Gayton (SOU)
  • Cassie Schmitt (Alliance staff)
Following the summer meeting, Council members and Alliance staff had the opportunity to engage in discussions about the qualities and characteristics we want to see in the next Executive Director. The results of these conversations will inform the creation of the position announcement. The University of Oregon will provide administrative support for the search and the Committee is already working closely with Shane Turner, UO Director of Library Organizational Development and Human Resources. Needless to say, you”ll hear more over the coming months. 
Faye Chadwell, Chair of the Board and Council
John Helmer, Executive Director

New Web Resources

Summer Meeting: Many presentations and notes have been posted on the Summer Meeting Events page.

Organization structure, activities, and history: 
New pages providing information about teams and activities A new page pointing towards Shared ILS information and resources. 

new history page including a history of Orbis by Lynn Chmelir and the beginning of a list of previous chairs.

Upcoming: In the coming weeks we'll be providing additional information including a comprehensive list of available email discussion lists and shared calendars.

Faye's Incoming Chair Message

As I said at this summer”s Alliance meeting, it”s both a pleasure and an honor to serve as the Alliance chair. I must praise Jane Carlin for modeling excellent qualities as a chair, qualities I will seek to emulate, and I thank outgoing board members Merrill Johnson, John Popko, and Chris Schaeffer. I look forward to working with new board members Donna Reed and Mark Dahl along with the continuing members: Jane, Lynn Baird, Michelle Bagley, Mark Greenberg, and Dalia Corkrum.
As we enter the post-implementation phase of our Alma and Primo adventure, we face a new normal of working that requires being flexible and nimble. We also face John Helmer”s retirement in March 2016 after many years at the helm as our executive director and Anya Arnold”s leavetaking for the Buckeye State. In the midst of ongoing change, here are a few thoughts gathered from my June travel commitments that may help us not just cope with change but thrive in its midst.
First there is the notion of collective impact, a concept that describes what organizations gain upon moving further along the continuum of cooperation and collaboration. The mindset you bring to this movement is important. Achieving collective impact requires an adaptive mindset rather than a technical one. There is no reliance on a single silver bullet solution (like a black box ILS).
Collective impact goes hand in hand with community engagement. Community engagement is all about two-way engagement. We will be a better Alliance and better individual libraries if as we create our new system we pay attention to our users, learn from them, and collaborate with them to address their needs.
Since I suggest we pay attention to our major audience, it”s probably good to learn more about them. I highly recommend the keynote from the OCLC Symposium at ALA Annual: ‘Millennials in Transition.’ Kim Lear (BridgeWorks Consulting) provides terrific insight this important demographic as student users and increasingly as our co-workers and colleagues and our faculty users.
Become a deliberate amateur! Author Sarah Lewis discusses this concept in her book, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure and the Search for Mastery. When you become a deliberate amateur, you give yourself permission to ask questions that no expert would ask. 
Hard work and talent must be accompanied by civility. That means we treat all people well, even vendors--and even when something isn”t going our way or going our users” way.
Finally, let”s remember to celebrate often. In the coming year, I challenge you to celebrate and acknowledge efforts around the Alliance to address our strategic agenda:  Push boundaries, change the landscape, and inspire the profession.

Program Updates

Collaborative Workforce

The Collaborative Workforce team is currently planning next steps in our work with the Collaborative Workforce Model that was approved by Council in July. The Finance Team's report on the model will be distributed shortly. The CW team will likely hold an open call to discuss and answer questions about the model.

Technical Services Working Group
TSWG is active in strategic planning for the year's activities. Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback to the group. Once priorities have been established the group will widely share and began seeking volunteers interested in various projects.

The Technical Services Open Call Group was established to conduct several open calls and recommend a sustainable management model for open calls going forward. Please fill out this brief survey regarding frequency and scheduling for open calls.

Content Creation & Dissemination

Archives West and Digital Objects
The digital object presentation is now fully functioning in Archives West.  You can now retrieve all collections with associated digital objectsOr, search on your favorite keyword and limit the search to digital objects. 

A&M Collections Service Annual Report
The annual report for the Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service is now available:
Note: The report refers to Northwest Digital Archives, which was the name of the Researcher Site until June 30, 2015. It became Archives West on July 1, 2015.

Discovery & Delivery

Staffing changes:
  • The Discovery and Delivery Program is now being staffed by Keith Folsom for the time being. 
  • The Assessment Team is now being staffed by Jodi Allison-Bunnell 
  • The Courier Service is now being staffed by Elizabeth Duell
Over the last month Anya Arnold worked with each chair and each staff person as they take on their new roles for the next couple of months and possibly beyond. Anya is am working on projects until the the baby is born and she goes on maternity leave, sometime in early-mid August.

The Summit 3 COE working group is seeking to fill a position. If you are interested in serving on the working group or know someone that would be great at this role please contact Jesse Thomas and Keith Folsom by Aug 21, 2015. In your nomination email include the name of the person and their experience with Summit. Self nominations are welcome.

Shared Content

July is a transition month for the Shared Content Program, as we clean up from the flurry of July 1 electronic resource subscriptions, start the new fiscal year, and decompress from the successful Summer Meeting
Quick Team Notes
  • The Shared Content Team will be finalizing appointments to the Alma Consortial Collection Development Working Group in the coming month.
  • The Team is currently discussing priorities for its work in the coming year, based in large part upon conversation with the representatives at the Summer Meeting.
This past month, several steps have moved back to a more purchase-oriented DDA service. Titles are now purchased at a 4-time multiplier (down from 5) and purchases happen on the 10th short term loan instead of the 15th. In order to afford more purchases, the E-book Working Group chose to draw down the title pool. I shared details of these plans with the Shared Content Team representatives, but those details can also be viewed in the July 17th update.  
All of the Alma changes this requires will happen centrally and without requiring local work. Yay for centralized DDA record management!
E-book Subscription
The ebrary Academic Complete subscription will continue for another year uninterrupted. The libraries pay for this resource as part of their annual e-book Alliance fees, so you will not receive any additional invoices for that product. 
ProQuest announced the semi-annual title removal list, and Ex Libris is waiting for a holdings update from them to update the Community Zone collection. Libraries may either choose to remove those CZ portfolios themselves, or they may simply wait for the CZ collection to be updated centrally. 


Alma enhancements voting this week
The second (and final) round of Alma enhancements voting for 2015 is wrapping up on August 7. The Alliance voting recommendation is online. Voting needs to be completed in the online NERS system no later than Friday close of business. For any questions, please contact Wade Guidry, chair of the Alma Enhancements Working Group. 
Protocol for Alliance-level Salesforce case submission
In consultation with the Alliance's program managers, Al Cornish developed an overall protocol for the submission of Alliance-level Salesforce cases. The goal of Alliance-level cases is to reduce reporting efforts when common problems or defects occur. 
Priority Support Issues channel
The Priority Support Issues meeting is a monthly meeting that enables high priority support issues, across Alliance functional areas, to be surfaced with Ex Libris North America support management. The second meeting was held on August 6. Information on these meetings and links to the issues lists are provided on thePriority Support Issues webpage.
Documentation on Systems Team page
Some documentation for commonly-used procedures has been posted to the Systems Team page (under the Documents and Minutes tab), including: 
  • Setting Up Pipes for OAI Repositories in PBO
  • Adding a Proxy Prefix in the Primo Back Office
  • Workaround to Hide Summit 3 Resource Sharing Link
  • Alma / ILLIad NCIP Integrations
Upcoming Systems Open Call
The next Systems Open Call will be held on Wednesday, August 12, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Profile of Faye Chadwell

Each month we will be featuring a profile of someone in the Alliance. If you have a colleague you think we should know about, please send in suggestions.

Faye Chadwell and Tilley
Name, positionFaye A. Chadwell, Donald and Delpha Campbell University Librarian and OSU Press Director, Oregon State University

City of residenceEugene, Oregon (for now)
Favorite thing about where you currently live: great local beer

Favorite outside of work activity?
Walking my hound Tilley and playing competitive softball.

What are you most proud of while working at the Alliance?
The strong network of friends and colleagues I”ve built over the years

What are you excited about for the coming year?
There”s a double-edged sword here. While it”s exciting to consider where a new executive director will take us, we are all going to miss John Helmer”s contributions. His leadership style and qualities--steadiness, organizational acumen, and thoughtfulness to name a few—have put our consortium on the map.  

Editor's Note

Please send any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions for future content to Cassie Schmitt.

Check out the Alliance News on the web for future reference.