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The Orbis Cascade Alliance is adjusting interim work assignments as we add new central staff.  We are excited to welcome new team members, and grateful to our members who are serving as interim coordinators for many of our programs.  Below is an updated list showing current staff coverage of program areas and services.

Discovery & User Experience

  • Anne Pepitone (Interim Coordinator), annepep@uw.edu University of Washington

Resource Sharing & Fulfillment

  • Lori Hilterbrand (Program Manager) lhilterbrand@orbiscascade.org, Orbis Cascade Alliance
  • Elizabeth Duell (Events Manager), eduell@orbiscascade.org, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Shared Content & Technical Services

  • Jesse Holden (Program Manager), jholden@orbiscascasde.org, Orbis Cascade Alliance
  • Lesley Lowery (Network Zone Manager), llowery@orbiscascade.org, Orbis Cascade Alliance


  • Bryan Vogh (Program Manager, Systems), bvogh@orbiscascade.org, Orbis Cascade Alliance

Unique & Local Collections

  • Devin Becker (Interim Coordinator), dcnbfwa@gmail.com