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January 25, 2019

The Orbis Cascade Alliance is adjusting interim work assignments as we add new central staff. We are excited to welcome new team members, and grateful to our members who are serving as interim coordinators for many of our programs. Below is an updated list showing current staff coverage of program areas and services. The resource matrix from the October 11th update has been updated with new staff information.

Discovery & User Experience

Anne Pepitone (interim coordinator), annepep@uw.edu, University of Washington

Resource Sharing & Fulfillment

Kate Jones (interim coordinator), Jonesk11@sou.edu, Southern Oregon University

Elizabeth Duell (Events Manager), eduell@orbiscascade.org Orbis Cascade Alliance

Shared Content & Technical Services

Jesse Holden (Program Manager), jholden@orbiscascasde.org Orbis Cascade Alliance

Lesley Lowery (Network Zone Manager), llowery@orbiscascade.org Orbis Cascade Alliance

Angeline Schoonover (Electronic Resources Specialist), aschoonover@orbiscascade.org Orbis Cascade Alliance


Bryan Vogh (Program Manager), bvogh@orbiscascade.org Orbis Cascade Alliance

Blake Galbreath (interim coordinator), blake.galbreath@wsu.edu Washington State University

Unique & Local Collections

Maija Anderson (Interim Executive Director), manderson@orbiscascade.org Orbis Cascade Alliance


October 11, 2018 (Updated November 20, 2018)

The central staff of the Orbis Cascade Alliance need to re-allocate work given our current reduced central staffing.  The message below tries to describe where to direct inquiries and identify where help is available during this transitional period. The Board supports these actions after reviewing this scope of work at their meeting on October 2-3, 2018.  We will begin with this scope, add items as we can, and will expand our work when we have additional program managers on staff.

Given our reduced central staffing, we request that current Team and/or Group members consider serving through June, if they are able. Continued service from member staff in this capacity will help provide continuity as we move forward with the Strategic Plan and onboard new central staff.

With a broad stroke, we are doing the following:

Asking existing Teams and Groups to serve through June 2019. Current Team and group members will have the ability to conclude their service at the end of December 2018 as initially planned if they are not able to serve through June 2019. Teams/groups may recruit to fill critical vacancies as needed.

Teams and Groups will largely meet without central staff support. Elizabeth Duell will host and start all scheduled meetings. Elizabeth will continue to be available to support scheduling new meetings, posting minutes, and provide other meeting logistics support.

All existing email lists will continue. Central staff will monitor community lists to offer support where needed.

We will not be appointing interim Program Managers, but the central staff will support members as follows:  

Jesse Holden will continue focusing on Shared Content & Technical Services.  

Kate Jones, SOU, will continue to support Resource Sharing & Fulfillment as previously announced.

NEW 11/20/2018: Anne Pepitone, UW and Blake Galbreath, WSU will support Discovery (Pepitone) and Systems (Galbreath) technical cases.

Lesley Lowery & Dana Bostrom will be available to support limited inquiries, as identified below, from the other areas.

If a ULC community member is interested in working a few additional hours each week to support some ULC-identified tasks below, please contact Dana Bostrom.

Dana Bostrom, Lesley Lowery and Jesse Holden will communicate with Team Chairs on a regular basis to support coordination and progress.

Dana Bostrom will work with Team Chairs to finish the approval of the new strategic plan. The hard work of identifying resources for the strategic plan is done, and most Team work necessary for this phase was complete in September. The Council will consider prioritization of work at their meeting in November. Since we have fewer central staff than is optimal, the focus from January through June 2019 will be:

Teams refining work plans for FY 19 & FY 20 for approved Initiatives -- planning coordination with other Teams, identifying how the Teams see work getting done, and orienting new members and program managers to the work. We will not be able to do everything, but can go a level deeper when possible!

Onboarding new program managers

Recruitment of new team members

Systems Program Manager interviews are underway (watch for details later this month)

Information about searches for other positions will be shared in the future.

We thank you for helping your colleagues, and look forward to providing greater service in the future.  We appreciate your patience and support during this time, and know that the Alliance member community is strong and will continue to support each other through this transition period.

Dana Bostrom, Executive Director &

Michelle Bagley, Board & Council Chair