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SPOT provides advice and feedback to the Resource Sharing Program Manager (RSPM), who serves in an ex officio capacity on the team.

Resources Sharing Program


Summit Planning and Operations Team (SPOT) is charged with improving Summit resource sharing: by promoting best practices, and advising Council on policy matters related to Summit activities, including borrowing, catalog records. SPOT may form a small number of working groups to advise the Team and carry out specific tasks. Participants in working groups should include at least one member of SPOT but may be drawn more broadly from staff at member institutions.

The Summit Planning and Operations Team (SPOT) is the most recent incarnation of committees that have supported the Summit resource sharing system. As such, SPOT assumes the duties and follows in the successful traditions of the Summit Borrowing Committee (SBC), Summit Catalog Committee (SCC), Summit Migration Implementation Team (I-Team), and a variety of task forces and specialized working groups. In particular, note that when existing groups have completed their work, SPOT will assume I-Team’s role in implementing new system features and the WorldCat User Interface Focus Group’s role in assessing the Summit interface.