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2019 - 2024 Orbis Cascade Alliance Strategic Plan

In November 2018, the Orbis Cascade Alliance Council approved a strategic plan for 2019-2024.  Creating the plan was a 16 month effort, and engaged every person at an Alliance institution who wanted to participate, as well as Alliance central staff, Board and Council.

The plan identifies our high level Themes, goals, and activities we undertake to achieve those goals.  While the activities may be adjusted over time, we expect the Mission, Vision, Themes and goals to remain consistent.  However, the Council will reconsider the plan every year and make adjustment based on member input and environmental conditions.


The Orbis Cascade Alliance, an exemplary academic library consortium, is a vital partner in advancing transformative learning and research and creating equity in higher education.



Orbis Cascade Alliance pushes the boundaries of what is possible in libraries through strategic collaboration in the Pacific Northwest. To advance member institutions, we create and deliver innovative, sustainable, and essential library programs and resources.

Strengthen Member Institutions

Improve Access to Information

Inspire Knowledge Creation

Equip Students for Success

Build member staff capacity to address challenges through innovative practices

Implement programs to increase access to physical and digital collections across member institutions

Partner in the creation of high quality research, scholarship, and curricula

Contribute to students’ ability to navigate an information-rich environment as literate information users and creators

Maximize return on  member investment through shared systems and resource purchase/licensing programs

Enhance  equitable access to information by curating, disseminating, and improving discoverability of both unique and existing content

Develop  infrastructure and expertise to support the   dissemination of newly created or adapted information resources

Create, disseminate, and preserve the information resources needed to enhance student learning, scholarship, and creative activities

Coordinate and leverage expertise within individual member institutions for shared benefit

Catalyze a more open and sustainable scholarly communication system that prioritizes high quality resources that are open, free, or low-cost

Curate physical and digital collections that foster diversity and inclusiveness in research, scholarship, and  teaching

Reduce student financial pressures by promoting and supporting open and affordable resources


Collaborate for Shared Benefit - Value Shared Innovation

Be Intentional - Act with Integrity and Respect

Approved Initiatives are listed by Theme, and you can read the abstract of each Initiative in this linked document. Teams will refine these Initiatives between January and June 2019. The Board will release a process to evaluate the strategic plan, including how to revise the plan. Initiatives are listed by the priority Council gave to each Initiative, with Teams adding lower priority Initiatives as they have time.

The previous strategic agenda informed the current plan.