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Initiatives Approved at the July 2018 Council Meeting

Council established goals, for the next five years, and, over three rounds of voting, which Initiatives would achieve those goals.

Some proposed Initiatives were not selected for inclusion in the strategic plan at this time. However, these Initiatives are being saved and may be reconsidered in the future. The strategic plan is a living document and at least annually we'll review it for achievement of our goals. We'll add new initiatives periodically, and as we determine the specific plan to do so we'll announce that.  

The Council had many rounds of discussions, so Initiatives were not included in the plan or excluded lightly. While we want to support all members, to be most effective we must focus in some areas. We also know that members within the Alliance can collaborate together without explicit Alliance support and endorsement. That an Initiative was not selected now does not mean the members engaged in that work are not doing important work; rather, it means that the Alliance wants to proactively prioritize and coordinate other work now.

**Please note the links below are from the proposals as submitted during Spring 2018. Teams are now planning and potentially altering them for implementation.

Approved at the July 2018 Council Meeting:

Initiative Name


 Lead Team

 Team(s) Consulted

Alliance Centrally-Supported Institutional Repository Platform

Opt In

Unique & Local Content

 Discovery & User Experience

Alliance Shared Collections Assessment


Shared Content & Technical Services


Alma release testing

Reduced effort


 Resource Sharing & Fulfillment

Alliance-wide Mentorship Program (also combines Alliance Mentorship Program (AMP) and Collaborative Workforce Mentoring initiatives)

Includes consideration of Technical Services Institutional Partners

2 Initiatives: Continue Resource Sharing & Fulfillment AND Consider how to expand, later


A&M (Archives & Manuscript) initiatives, including

Archives West development

New Archives West infrastructure

Expand Alliance Harvester to Enable ArchivesSpace to Archives West Harvesting

ArchivesSpace hosting

Archives West management

Unique & Local Content to prioritize and combine as appropriate

Unique & Local Content

 Discovery & User Experience and Systems review Archives West-related Initiatives 

Becoming more Standardized: Alliance Use of Ex Libris Alma

Documentation Development & Shared Practices & Policies, consider how to Organize Documentation (by Library Type) as appropriate


 Resource Sharing & Fulfillment; Shared Content & Technical Services

Bibliographic Records Management


Shared Content & Technical Services


Central Analytics Group providing support for Alliance use of Primo/Alma Analytics



 Discovery & User Experience; Resource Sharing & Fulfillment; Shared Content & Technical Services

Copyright First Responders Alliance Hub




Courier service management


Resource Sharing & Fulfillment


Data Sharing




DPLA hub membership


Unique & Local Content


Ebook selection and acquisition


Shared Content & Technical Services


E-Content Group


Shared Content & Technical Services


Fulfillment Training and Documentation


Resource Sharing & Fulfillment


Improving Organizational Communication

Consider Slack and other tools in the future

None – Staff lead


Increase cross-program work on unique materials and collections in the SILS


Unique & Local Content

 Discovery & User Experience; Resource Sharing & Fulfillment; Shared Content & Technical Services; Systems

Investigate the possibility of the Alliance joining the FOLIO open source ILS project or another Open Source ILS Project


None – Board / Council


Joint Working Group on Accessibility between Alliance and NWACC


Discovery & User Experience


NERS voting

Continue AS IS

Systems; Discovery & User Experience


Norm Rules management


Shared Content & Technical Services

 Discovery & User Experience

OER Metadata and Discoverability (A Medium-Scale Investment in OER)


Unique & Local Content

 Discovery & User Experience; Shared Content & Technical Services

Primo Central package management/maintenance



 Discovery & User Experience

Primo Release testing


Discovery & User Experience


RFP For Shared Integrated Library System


None – Board / Council


Rota Management


Resource Sharing & Fulfillment


Salesforce case management/tracking


None – Alliance Central Staff


Shared Record Loading


Shared Content & Technical Services


Social Equity Committee & Activities


None – Board & Council


Streamline licensing and invoicing process

Consortia Manager

Shared Content & Technical Services


Training strategy


None – Board & Council


User experience and accessibility


Discovery & User Experience

 Unique & Local Collections


Alliance Administration Initiatives that will Continue:

Alliance-wide event development and support

Capacity building for member staff and organization

Centralized Management of System Configurations / IT infrastructure management

Documentation and dissemination of collaborative work present and past

Engagement and outreach

Ex Libris Relationship management

Executive support

Group management

Statistical/data reporting


Proposed Initiatives that were not selected for implementation at this time:

The Council recognizes the hard work to create these proposals, and appreciates how those proposers and colleagues contributed to the vision of the Alliance. All of these help guide our future action, as they show where there is interest in directions for collaboration.

Alliance Accessibility Pact

Alliance ORCID Membership

Alliance RapidILL Pod

Alliance Shared Print Repository

Audio and Visual digitization hubs

Central Support for Open/Affordable Learning Initiative (A Large-Scale Investment in OER)

Collaborative Electronic Resource Management

Integrated license & vendor management

Integrating the OA Button into Alliance ILL Workflows

Reference & Instruction Support for Primo

Shared Personnel Network

Support for Pacific Northwest Directory (A Small-Scale Investment in OER)

 In the fall the entire plan will be presented for review to the Strategic Planning Group and the Board. We'll do a call for Teams in Fall 2018, and the Council will review and approve the plan at their November meeting. New work will begin in January 2019, and it will be counted as Year 1 of the new plan. But this will be a ‘short’ year, as we'll return to our regular Team and Group structure for FY20, in July 2019. Teams will continually refine work on an annual basis, and consult with other across the Alliance.

In July 2019 we will also meet you at the Summer Meeting! The Council approved a Summer Meeting and we are working on the logistics now. We'll roll out the new Strategic Plan and celebrate the 25th year of the Orbis Cascade Alliance.