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Orbis Cascade Alliance

September 14, 2017 Board Meeting

Time: 11:00 – 12:30 via Google Video Chat


· Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair

· Lynn Baird, Past Chair

· Michelle Bagley, Chair Elect

· Dena Hutto, Treasurer (FY 17 & 18)

· Mark I. Greenberg, Secretary (FY 17 & 18)

· Adriene Lim, Member-At-Large (FY 17 & 18)

· Michael Paulus, Member-At-Large (FY 17 & 18)

· Isaac Gilman, Member-At-Large (FY18 & 19)

· Marilyn Moody, Member-At-Large (FY18 & 19)

· Dana Bostrom, Executive Director (ex-officio & non-voting)

Guest: Maija Anderson, OHSU, Team Chair for ULC (Unique & Local Content)

Approximate Time


Requested Action



Call to Order



Approve Minutes & Consent Agenda.

Approve Minutes

Draft minutes

Consent Agenda


OER Group. The Council discussion in July left some wondering what the scope of the OER group should be, so the ULC Team considered the discussion. They recommend keeping it at what the Board approved / Council voted to approve. (Anderson)

Confirm group charge is limited to Recommendation Number 1 from the OER Report

Draft charge (see July Council meeting for more background)


Program Review Process. (Bostrom)

Approve program review process

Draft process


Voting Process. Discuss feedback received from Council distribution of proposed process. (Bagley)

Propose any revisions to document

Process shared with Council


Strategic Planning. Review feedback from Strategic Planning Project Group on August 31. (Barnes Whyte & Bagley)

Provide any input prior to Council meeting / request for approval

Updated timeline

Updated logic model


SILS Evaluation. Begin to discuss final report, recommendations, and next steps Board should take to help Council understand the impact of the report. (Baird)