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January 4, 2016


Attending: Kristi, Linda, Steve, Tina, Gordon, Corey

1) Transition Update

Dana working to find partial replacement for Kathi, esp. for work on ebooks. Should have announcement for next meeting.

2 ) Working Groups – Reports, Updates

E-Book Working Group (Kristi)

Have not met.

There were a number of titles removed from ebrary Academic Complete, and not all removed from Alma. Kristi learning procedures for following-up on those issues.

Two publishers in DDA changing STL policies and will have an impact on the DDA collection. Should have more to announce by the next meeting.

3) Alliance Last Copy and 3-Copy Guidelines

Our phone call meeting with the SCT Reps is scheduled for January 26th at 3:30 (note change in time). We'll review plans for publicity and running the meeting.

Gordon emailed with Roger, Zeb, and Corey. We will use the same model that we used for the Collection Development Guiding Principles call last year. Gordon will do a short intro then Roger, Zeb, or Corey will present each of the documents. Gordon will make closing remarks.

Gordon will send out a heads-up email to SCT reps to get the meeting on their calendars later this week. The draft documents along with a short introduction to provide context will be sent out next week.

The expectation is the SCT reps will share and collect feedback from their colleagues. The notice for the open call will go out to the SCT Reps but that does not preclude libraries from having more than one person on the call from their library.

4) SILS Evaluation

Corey and Linda are on the small group working with Dana Bostrum to develop Shared Content questions for the survey/s.

First meeting scheduled for January 13th

5) Alliance Goal Planning

The Board identified fine high-level goals for the Alliance. The idea is for teams to identify specific activities to support the overall goals. Some activities may be ongoing, some may be new. Let's spend some time brainstorming activities that would support the broad goals below developed by the Alliance Board. The goals will be discussed at a February 10 Board meeting. The form that teams will use to list Expected Activities is attached.

Alliance Goals (draft)

1. Move core systems (Archives West, ArchivesSpace, Alma, Primo) toward more efficient and sustainable operations through vendor, staff and team activities.

2. Increase engagement of members through effective communication and facilitated collaboration.

3. Collaborate to enable stable and robust access to diverse content for research, teaching & learning.

4. Identify priorities and develop structures for collaborative work.

5. Examine current central Alliance processes and structures to re-examine, refresh and / or re-engage.

Two categories of goals to think about:

1. Essential program activities

2. Strategic activities (new or ongoing)

To be discussed at the Feb 10 Board meeting. Gordon and Linda will be at the Board meeting.

Dana wants to have fewer goals.

The group brainstormed ideas for FY18 Goals

1. Ebook program (essential)

-maintaining an ebook program that works for all alliance libraries

-ongoing assessment and react to changes in the market

-ongoing reporting out/conversation about the ebook program

2. Look at non-English language materials

-Survey Alliance Libraries to identify what Non-E materials are being collected regularly

3. Collection Analysis

4. (from FY17 Goal 5) Improved sharing working group

5. Doing more continuing education/webinars. i.e. License negotiation.

Question: Is the courier service within scope for the Shared Content Team? There's already activity with regards to the courier service. This may be under the purview of the Discovery & Delivery Team.

[Note – Dana later clarified via email that the courier service is managed within the D&D portfolio. But if we wanted to suggest a collaborative activity SCT could do that and it would be discussed at the February 10 meeting]

FY17 Goals

2. Collection analysis

-Can't do in Alma because of data structures and inconsistent institutional practices regarding abbreviation conventions, etc. among Alliance libraries.

-Should we investigate other ways to do collection analysis outside of Alma?

How are we reporting progress on FY17 Goals?

Gordon will ask Dana about 'annual report' or process for reporting progress

[Note – Dana clarified that there'll be no annual reports]

Next scheduled meeting is January 18, 2017