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Orbis Cascade Alliance

January 25, 2017 Board Meeting

Time: 10:00 - 11:30


· Lynn Baird, Chair
· Faye Chadwell, Past Chair
· Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair Elect
· Dena Hutto, Treasurer (FY 17 & 18)
· Mark I. Greenberg, Secretary (FY 17 & 18)
· Michael Paulus, Member-At-Large (FY 17 & 18)
· Mark Dahl, Member-At-Large (FY 16 & 17)
· Adriene Lim, Member-At-Large (FY 17 & 18)
· Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Member-At-Large (FY 17)
· Dana Bostrom, Executive Director (ex-officio & non-voting)

Guests: Chris Shaffer (OHSU) and Cassie Schmitt, for Collaborative Workforce item

All Materials will need the Council log-in to access

Approximate Time


Requested Action



Introduction (Baird)



Review and approve Minutes. (Baird)

Approve Minutes


Determine plan for February meeting on goal planning. (Baird)

(Tech Services WG chair will attend.)

Agree on proposed approach for February goals meeting

Draft Agenda

Template Team Report on planned activities


Update on search for Facilitator for Council meetings. (Bostrom)



Review feedback from the Council evaluation, with the goal of continuing to improve Alliance-wide communications. (Baird)

(Please note, we may not complete this item during the meeting.)

Determine response and any changes for the March Council meeting and how to discuss the feedback with Council; Review feedback plan for March meeting.

Council evaluation feedback

Past evaluation form


Board Election planning. (Bostrom)

Address questions for process and review timeline

Election Process


CW Role Counting. Given Council's guidance in November to alter how we count people and roles in our Alliance Committee Contribution Report to give additional roles more "credit" than had previously been included, the CW Team has recommended a survey where Council can suggest precise approaches roles and credit. Prior to the CW Team investing more time on this, the Board will review the purpose and utility of the counting system and provide the CW Team guidance in how to proceed in recommending a resolution to the Council's concerns.

Discuss Council feedback and CW proposal and provide feedback to CW Team

Key Future Agenda Items:

February 9-10 @ White Stag (start Feb 9 at 8:30 am – breakfast included)

  • HRTF (update from previous meeting)
  • Accreditation
  • SILS Evaluation
  • Finance Report -- discuss and approve budget for Council
  • Planning Alliance Strategic Planning
  • Plan Council meeting
  • ED Review (Executive Session)
  • CW Inventory Report
  • Alliance Goals (with Team Chairs & PMs) (Feb 10)


  • SILS Evaluation Update
  • HRTF
  • Data Sharing
  • Strategic Planning


  • Approve new Team members
  • SILS Evaluation Update


  • SILS Negotiation Planning