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Board Meeting #55
February 9-10, 2017

White Stag Building, Portland

February 9: 8:30-4:30
February 10: 9-1

Lynn Baird, Chair
Faye Chadwell, Past Chair
Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair-elect
Mark Dahl, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17) 
Mark I. Greenberg, Secretary (FY17 & 18)
Dena Hutto, Treasurer (FY17 & 18)
Adriene Lim, Member-at-Large (FY17 & 18) 
Michael Paulus, Jr., Member-at-Large (FY17 & 18)
Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Member-at-Large (FY17)
Dana Bostrom, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

Guests: Chris Shaffer (OHSU; CW and Data Sharing items and Lunch); Cassie Schmitt (CW items)
Tasha Harmon (Facilitator)
Possibly Jane Carlin or Helmer Award Committee

All Documents need the Council Password

Approximate Time


Requested Action



Breakfast available




Introduction (Baird)





Review and approve Minutes (Baird)


Approve Minutes

October Minutes

January Minutes


Executive Director Report (Bostrom)




HRTF Update.   Updates on policies, timeline and action from November. Hear recommendation on future Board – HR committee management.  (Chadwell)

Discuss and approve a few key policy recommendations and creation of a HR Committee.


Policy drafts



Council facilitated discussions in March and July.  Discuss status of Council discussions to inform facilitator, with the goals of renewing trust, culture and confidence in decision-making at Council meetings.


Facilitator Scope of Work


CW Inventory Report (Revised plan from July Council presentation) (Shaffer & Schmitt)

Approve plan for Council review

Draft Plan


Data Sharing Report (Shaffer)

Review and recommend next steps







Finance Report.  (Hutto & Bostrom)


The budget materials are in an entirely new format.  We can make the ‘old’ format available but did not intend to include it in the Council materials.

Review Quarter 1 Report and advance to Council


Approve FY18 budget for Council review

Draft Report


Draft Budget & associated materials


Accreditation Update. Hear update on survey. (Barnes-Whyte)




SILS Evaluation. Update on process and project. (Chadwell)




John F. Helmer Award Update (TBD)

Approve for implementation

Draft Helmer Award internal management document


Plan Council meeting. (Bostrom)

Set agenda and timing for Council agenda and determine included materials.

Draft agenda






Board Dinner

Mamma Mia”s Trattoria

439 SW 2nd Ave Portland

Setting Goals for FY18

February 10, 2017

White Stag Building, Portland


9-1, with breakfast (8:30) and lunch included



Team / Group Chairs


Lynn Baird, Chair

Jesse Thomas, D&D

Ray Henry

Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair-Elect

Sarah Stevenson, D&D


Faye Chadwell, Past Chair

Gordon Aamot, SC

Linda Di Biase

Adriene Lim

Linda Crook, SC


Mark Greenberg, Secretary

Nathan Mealey, Systems

Al Cornish

Mark Dahl

Blake Galbreath, Systems


Kelly Peterson-Fairchild

Isaac Gilman, CCD

Jodi Allison - Bunnell

Michael Paulus

Beth Joffrion, CCD


Dena Hutto, Treasurer

Chris Shaffer, CW

Cassie Schmitt

Dana Bostrom

Sion Romaine, TS



Tom Bievalitz, CW



Draft Goals:

1.  Move core systems (Archives West, ArchivesSpace, Alma, Primo) toward more efficient and sustainable operations through vendor, staff and team activities.

2.  Increase engagement of members through effective communication and facilitated collaboration.

3.  Collaborate to enable stable and robust access to diverse content for research, teaching & learning.

4.  Identify priorities and develop structures for collaborative work 

5.  Examine current central Alliance processes and structures to re-examine, refresh and / or re-engage.

Advance Materials: Team activities and initiatives


1.     Introductions (Baird) (10 minutes)

2.     Review draft goals, individually, with Teams offering the related activities and planned initiatives as they are discussed (Baird).  Our goals during this discussion are to:

a.     Align activities with goals;

b.     Predict Team workload and not overload teams;

c.     Adjust goal language to best represent priorities; and

d.     Coordinate planned joint activities, to minimize unexpected requests during the year and include all relevant perspectives

3.     Review of any other Team activities / initiatives (Team chairs) (30 minutes)  Teams will suggest any additional items that fall outside the goals.

4.     Review and set metrics for the goals.  Teams will suggest metrics they believe are appropriate for their activities, to support future Strategic Planning efforts. (45 minutes)

5.     Summary and closing (15 minutes)

The outcomes of this meeting will be discussed by Teams at their future meetings, and by the Council at their March meeting.  Goals and activities are implemented July 1, 2017.

To help facilitate the discussion on metrics, the Board wanted to provide some examples of metrics they have considered.  None of these metrics are approved, nor perhaps relevant for your situation.  We seek to identify measurable items to help us track our progress toward our goals.

  • ·       Number of Sales Force cases filed
  • ·       Number of emails on Alliance-facilitated email lists
  • ·       Number of meetings
  • ·       Number of people requesting to serve on Alliance group