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10:00-11:00 a.m., September 7, 2016

Gordon Aamot (Chair, University of Washington), Serin Andersen St. Martin’s University), Kristi DeShazo (Oregon Health & Science University), Zeb Evelhoch (Central Washington University), Corey Murata (University of Washington), Steve Perisho (Seattle Pacific University), Roger Stelk (Whitman College), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance)

Notetaker: Gordon. Next team member in the alphabetical rotation is Serin

1) Welcome and Housekeeping.

The group agreed to share note taking responsibilities by rotating through the membership in alphabetic order. Gordon Aamot took today’s notes. Serin Anderson is next.

2) Working Groups – reports, updates

E-Book Working Group (Kristi)

  •  The group hasn't met since the summer meeting but the Alliance has started to receive data on the evidence-based pilot from Wiley.
  •  Kristi, Kathi, and a Wiley representative will be presenting on the Alliance's pilot at this fall’s Charleston Conference.
  •  In response to a question Kathi clarified the timing of the Proquest EBL/Ebray migration. Members said that they'd prefer to wait Proquest is ready to migrate all the content at once, and not try to do it piecemeal. The anticipated date is November 2016.

Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group – Corey

  •  The group hasn't met this summer. Corey and Kathi will touch base in the next couple of weeks to talk about the group’s future and potential new members.

3) Centers of Excellence, Priority Support Track, and SCT

Dana Bostrom sent this in her Aug 18 Ex Libris Update. The group discussed what it means for SCT.

  •  COEs. We will be examining the Centers of Excellence (COEs) over the next few months to understand where there is still progress we can make in a reasonable timeframe, and where we can work with other consortia to get long-desired consortial features.
  • PSI. Many of you have heard of our Priority Support Track, a monthly call we had with Ex Libris to have them review high priority cases. This track has recently become less efficient, so we are switching to a "tracks" approach, where Ex Libris does focused development on many of our existing cases. Watch for details soon! With more consortia becoming Ex Libris customers, the Alliance is reconsidering its strategy for communicating with/encouraging ExL to make improvements we consider necessary. Should we continue our single-consortium approach or try to work with other consortia to leverage our requests?
  • No Alliance decision has been reached at this point. Kathi’s understanding from Dana is that SCT should take stock of where we are and determine if we think we can make meaningful changes on our own. Last year a SCT member served on an Alliance COE group working to improve/understand Alma Analytics. This will be essential for the collection analysis work we want to do. The Alma Consortial Collection Development Working Group has make progress on managing licenses in the network zone, a capacity that is also essential for our future work.
ACTION – Kathi and Corey will talk about the Consortial Alma Collection Development Group and where to go from here, and report back to the group. We will revisit this and the Analytics COE at our next meeting.

4) Review of 2016-2017 Shared Content Team Goals

The group discussed the reformatted SCT Goals table sent out with the agenda. Goals include the 5 approved by Council last spring plus a continuation of our investigations into issues associated with a potential Alliance consortial membership in HathiTrust.

The group identified 3 goals we need to get started on right away.

  • The Alliance Council is interested in the potential benefits of a consortial single membership in HathiTrust, but the technical and logistical challenges of operating with a central authentication system are great. We need to provide a recommendation on whether we think it’s technically feasible for the Alliance to consider consortial membership. We will convene a small ad hoc group to work on this. Al Cornish, who used to work at WSU and had experience with HathiTrust there, offered to work with us.
ACTION – Kathi, Gordon, and others will talk between meetings to work on this.
  • Our goal to “Improve sharing of individually acquired print and electronic resources,” requires cooperation with the Discovery and Delivery Team and the formation of a joint SCT-DD group to work on the initiative. Membership is not finalized but Serin and Steve expressed willingness to participate.
ACTION – Kathi will contact Ray Henry for an initial discussion. Gordon, Kathi, Steve, and Serin will communicate before our next meeting to discuss next steps.
  • Our goal to Review and revise the Alliance’s Last Copy and 3-Copy Threshold guidelines is not due until June 2017, but the group felt that it wouldn't take too much work and was something we should start soon. Roger, Zeb, and Corey expressed willingness to work on this.
ACTION – We will revisit this at our next meeting on Sept 21.