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10-11 a.m., October 5, 2016

Present: Gordon Aamot (Chair, University of Washington), Serin Anderson (UW Tacoma), Linda Crook (Lane Community College), Kristi DeShazo (Oregon Health & Science University), Zeb Evelhoch (Central Washington University), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Corey Murata (University of Washington), Steve Perisho, (Seattle Pacific University), Roger Stelk (Whitman College), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance)

Note taker: Linda. Next team member in the alphabetical rotation is Kristi.

1)   HathiTrust Investigation – Update

Kathi will be speaking about the HathiTrust investigation at today’s Board Meeting. She will be sharing “HathiTrust – Technical Feasibility of a Consortial Membership: A Shared Content Team Report to the Alliance Board of Directors," which details the ways in which the consortium would need to act as a single legal entity in order to pursue “single entity” HathiTrust membership.

  • Institutions must be InCommon members and implement Shibboleth single sign‐on authentication. 12 Alliance institutions are already InCommon members and could participate. The other 27 members would need to consult with their institutions’ IT units.
  • The document presents action options for the Board to consider, with proposed deadlines.

2)   Working Groups – reports, updates

E-Book Working Group (Kristi)

  • Wiley & YBP have made the Wiley EBA holdings visible in Gobi. They plan to add titles as they become available but are currently working on the process. Local profiling will reflect the Alliance’s holdings; DDA titles will be removed in cases when they become simultaneously available in EBA.

3)   Joint Working Group on Improved Sharing – Discussion of Revised Draft Charge

  • Corey clarified that evaluating the viability of Occam’s Reader as a way to share local collections was included in the Group’s tasks based on the Alliance’s Statement of Collection Development Best Practices, and the concerns that the local needs for ebook purchasing impacts the ability to share materials with other Alliance institutions.
  • Licensing issues were removed from the charge as being beyond the scope for this working group. It is still of interest to the Shared Content Team and may be taken up in another context this year.
  • Kathi is following some issues and will be working on some licenses in the coming month, which may inform the discussion.
  • There was some discussion of comments about the tone of the language in the draft charge. Discovery & Delivery is a very busy group that spends a lot of time on trouble-shooting. Calling it the Joint Working Group on Expanded Sharing might be more appropriate.
ACTION: Serin will work on additional wordsmithing of the charge and share it with Gordon.
  • Serin will chair the Joint Working Group. The charge will suggest that there be two members from DDT; additional members may be added in the future if desired
ACTION: Once finalized, Kathi will send the draft charge to Ray, cc’ing Jesse and Gordon.

4)   Alliance Last Copy and 3-Copy Guidelines – Discussion and Next Steps

  • An ad hoc group rather than a formal working group will take on the revision of the Alliance Last Copy and 3-Copy Guidelines. Roger, Zeb, and Corey are interested. They will take a look at the notes from sessions at the summer meeting and formulate a plan for moving the discussion forward and a timeline.
  • The plan may include getting additional feedback from SCT representatives; perhaps via a survey or open call.
ACTION: The ad hoc group will bring their plan to a future SCT meeting.
  • Noncontroversial changes may not need to go to higher levels for approval, a draft might go to the Policy & Coordinating Team for their review.

5)   Updates and Announcements

  • Linda reported that Lane CC is beginning an ebook assessment project to evaluate patron use of ebooks and to identify ways to increase usage.
  • Kathi reported that the Board is considering changes in some Alliance practices, such as forming groups and setting goals, at their meeting this week. Many issues are under discussion, and she will report out once more information is available. HR and benefit issues are of especial concern to Alliance staff, who will no longer be employees of the University of Oregon next year.