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10-11 a.m., October 19, 2016


Present: Gordon Aamot (Chair, University of Washington), Serin Anderson (UW Tacoma), Linda Crook (Lane Community College), Kristi DeShazo (Oregon Health & Science University), Zeb Evelhoch (Central Washington University), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Steve Perisho, (Seattle Pacific University), Roger Stelk (Whitman College), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance)

Absent: Corey Murata (University of Washington)

Note taker: Kristi. Next team member in the alphabetical rotation is Zeb.

1) Working Groups – reports, updates

E-Book Working Group (Kristi)

  • Kathi gave an update on budget status for the Ebook program – a weekly review shows we are currently underspending which is not surprising since a large purchase of titles happened at the end of last fiscal period and schools are just getting in session.
  • Tom Larsen gave an overview of records management for the program citing work that reduced backlogs and corrected duplication of records that occurred due to a change in OCLC file management.
  • The group began discussion of how we will assess the success of the Wiley pilot.
  • Kathi asked the team how she should respond to publishers who are reaching out to her eager to talk about their evidence-based or other purchase programs for Alliance. The team agreed that it is possible we will consider other publisher-direct purchase programs and that it doesn’t hurt to listen to them and begin a gathering of data in anticipation of overall program changes down the road.
  • Question about what publishers are included in Ebook program was answered with the reminder that the information is posted on the Ebook program page on the Alliance site.

2) HathiTrust Investigation – Board Response

Kathi spoke about the HathiTrust investigation to the Board at its October meeting.

  • The Board remains interested in HathiTrust with some acknowledgement that there were some institutions interested and some not.
  • Kathi will be reporting next to the council for their review and response.
  • The Board expressed interest in an opt-in program however HathiTrust currently does not have this model but are making some changes.
  • Kathi has pointed out that the technology requirements of managing HathiTrust will need Alliance staff time to manage.
  • Kathi suggested to the Board that this may be a goal to add to next year so it doesn’t impact this year goals.

3) Joint Working Group on Expanded Sharing – Feedback from D&D

The charge was finalized and Kathi shared it with Ray (D&D Program Manager) and Jesse and Gordon. They discussed the related goals and who has experience around resource sharing and Occams Reader to identify appropriate expectations and the scope of the charge.

  • A first meeting/call will be set up soon of the Joint Working Group.
  • Serin questioned whether there was discussion of someone from D&D to co-chair this working group. She suggested an initial brainstorm by the group on the purpose of the group might be useful to get to a common goal and understanding of the work.

4) Alliance Last Copy and 3-Copy Guidelines – follow-up to our Oct 5 discussion

Corey, Roger and Zeb continued discussion of updates to both the Alliance Last Copy and 3-Copy Guidelines.

  • Last Copy Guideline – Began to address the issue that people don’t always take a look at lists posted and those institutions withdrawing items don’t always post lists. Additionally, the info that is shared is inconsistent. Discussion continues with idea to update/enhance language to clarify the process and expectations.
  •  3-Copy Guideline – A 2010 Summer Alliance presentation by Diane Carroll was located which described the collection overlap through data obtained from GOBI from 2008 to June of 2010. Roger reran the report from 2011-present.
    • Diane’s report showed 50% were not duplicated but Roger’s later report shows that has dropped to 44%. Diane’s data also indicated that 83% of the copies purchased were held by 3 libraries or less. The recent report demonstrated that this is true for 80% of recent purchases.
    • Average duplication in Diane’s report was 2.2 copies. Roger found 2.4 copies is now the average.
    • The subgroup continues discussion and also need to factor in geography (Cascade Curtain) which was brought up at Summer meeting.
  • Gordon noted that we need to start thinking about when this information will be shared out to SCT Reps.
  • Gordon also asked if changes to these docs need approval from board or council. Kathi said we are empowered to update, share with Reps and only push up to the Board if there appears to be some controversy.

5) Updates and Announcements

Kathi is spearheading internal review of electronic resources management processes. It is likely that they will implement a different tool for managing the work sometime in the future. They are looking at best practices and did a survey of consortia for input.

Next meeting will be November 16th. November 2nd meeting is cancelled.