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1:00-2:00 p.m., May 27, 2016

Present: Gordon Aamot, Xan Arch, Amy Coughenour, Jill Emery, Kathi Carlisle Fountain, Tina Hovekamp, Corey Murata, Mike Olson

Absent: Kristi DeShazo

Amy was the notetaker; next notetaker per the rotation is Jill.

1. Working Groups – reports, updates

· E-Book Working Group (Kathi and Mike, for Kristi)

  •   The latest total for the DDA budget shows approximately $270,195 remaining and the weekly spend is a little lower than expected. There is interest in carrying over a reserve of 10-20% and the rest will be used to purchase titles out of the collection. During the first week of June, Kathi will pull usage data and apply a formula based on use by library and number of STLs. The exact formula to be determined at the review of data.
  •   The group’s resource management experts, Tom Larsen and Hilary Robbeloth, have completed excellent work towards record management for DDA and the Wiley pilot. Tom has figured out a way to process the delete files en masse for DDA, and Hilary worked to make the records for all Wiley ebooks in Wiley Online Library live in the Alma Network Zone so that no action is needed by individual libraries to manage them.
  •   The WG is preparing for presentation at Summer Meeting. A similar format to last year will be used, which will be discussed at the June meeting.

· Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group (Corey)

  The group is finishing up a document that will be sent to Ex Libris to request functionality in the NZ licenses to better align with workflows around negotiation and licensing of resources in the Alliance.

  The wrap-up activity for the year is to follow up on the progress report to summarize the work done with NZ licenses. This may not rise to the level of recommendations, but would rather be considerations for moving forward with NZ licenses, as well as work related to other Teams, such as Collaborative Workforce.

  The group will then begin planning work for next year.

· Priority Support Issues (Amy)

  •   The group discussed a summary of the in-person meeting at ELUNA in Oklahoma City. This included continuing discussions of how best to move priority issues forward to Ex Libris.
  •   One item to come out of this discussion was a proposal from Ex Libris to restructure the way priority support issues are brought from the Alliance to Ex Libris. There was concern about how the changes would affect time management, flexibility, and changing priority needs. Additional brainstorming and discussions were requested before coming to a decision.
  •   Another item from this discussion was Ex Libris' request to change the use of “me too” Salesforce cases (when multiple libraries report an identical issue). Members discussed the different handling of issues with many cases versus issues with one “Alliance wide” case. Additional information was requested before coming to a decision.
  •   Kathi brought up a long-standing concern from the PSI group related to access to Ex Libris Development and how to get traction around items/issues that need improvement.

· Centers of Excellence (group)

  •   There were no updates for COE Analytics, which was on hiatus prior to ELUNA and the post-ELUNA was cancelled. There's currently a recalibration of what the focus will be for the group.

2. SCT activity at Alliance Summer Meeting (group)

July 13th (Wed.)

10-10:45 - Ebook Information and Update (lead: Kristi)

· Discussed during working group reports/updates above.

12-12:45 - Last Copy Policy [and, time permitting, 3-Copy Threshold Guidelines] Discussion (lead: Mike)

· Mike reviewed the abstracts for the Last Copy Policy and 3-Copy Threshold Guidelines Discussion session.

  •   This session revisits the Alliance's “Last Copy Policy” (2008): “When considering an item for withdrawal, library staff should routinely consult Summit to determine if the copy is the last one held in the consortium. If the copy is found to be unique to the catalog, reasonable efforts should be made to preserve the copy. If in the professional judgment of staff, the title is in usable condition and adds value to the Summit collection it should be retained by the library or offered to other Alliance members.”
  •   As time allows, we will also revisit the “3-Copy Threshold Guidelines,” a voluntary pilot program in 2010-12: “If three or more copies of a work are listed as being already owned by the Alliance, then a member library is asked to not purchase another copy, unless it fits some exceptional criteria as defined by that institution.” The guidelines were intended to facilitate more efficient use of previously purchased materials throughout the Alliance, thereby allowing each institution's collection managers to shift scarce resources to other areas, including more specialized monographs currently unavailable within Summit.
  •   The Shared Content Team invites your feedback. Eight years later, is each policy effective? Does your library staff adhere to either policy? Does each policy serve the interests of our users? How can each policy be improved, or does the Alliance now even desire either policy?

July 14th (Thurs.)
9-11 - Shared Content Team meeting with Reps (leads: Mike and Gordon)

· The group discussed how best to both communicate the team's work to representatives and gather input from them. It was determined that a mix of information and feedback would be good.

  Share what we've completed this year and ask for responses regarding usefulness, value, and effectiveness of that work.

  Ask for input from representatives to learn their expectations and request their feedback and advice.

· Also, how would the SCT report align with the meeting with the representatives? There currently isn't a firm deadline for submitting the report to board and council, but we could theoretically submit a report in the beginning of July in anticipation of the council looking at it, and then use that report to guide discussions with representatives.

· Jill suggested that it might be worthwhile to ask representatives for suggestions of what they'd like to see for FY2018, given that our goals and objects are already set for FY2017. Kathi said we could then follow-up with representatives in fall/winter to confirm the suggestions as the SCT prepares goals for next year.

· A small group will develop of survey of questions to poll representatives, asking them about their preferences for topics at the meeting. Gordon, Jill, and Xan will formulate the questions, which will be finalized at the next SCT meeting. Kathi will then format the questions using SurveyMonkey.

11-Noon – Shared Content Team (only) meeting (leads: Mike and Gordon)

· No plans for this meeting set.

tentative: afternoon - HathiTrust presentation to Council (leads: Kathi and Mike)

· Kathi let Dana know that we're interested in having a slot on the Council agenda, which will be considered next week, and then we'll know if we have a spot.

· The presentation will be to request some clearer direction from Council—specifically whether they believe this topic is worth our time and agenda. Kathi and Mike would provide an overview of what HathiTrust is, including potential benefits and costs. They'd then ask if this is a priority item to proceed in a formal investigation.

· Kathi also noted that we'll be able to have a team dinner again on Wednesday, July 13, which will be for both existing and on-coming SCT members. She's just waiting to hear who's been named to the new team. Kathi will then send out a poll to see who's interested and locate a place.

3. Other topics?

· Kathi noted that nominations have closed for teams, and the Board will consider nominations at their next meeting. For SCT, there are three continuing members, and the rest will be under consideration for either reappointment or other appointments.

· Mike announced that the Policy and Coordination Team will meet next Thursday; the agenda is currently pending.

· Mike will be on vacation July 1-10. There's currently no scheduled SCT meeting during that time, be he’ll be checking email and available via phone or Skype if needed.

· Tine will be on vacation July 22 through August 21.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm.

Next meeting: Friday, June 10, 1:00pm-2:00pm.