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1:00-2:00 p.m., March 25, 2016

Present: Gordon Aamot (University of Washington), Xan Arch (Reed College), Amy Coughenour (Concordia University), Kristi DeShazo (Oregon Health & Sciences University), Jill Emery (Portland State University), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance), Corey Murata (University of Washington), Mike Olson (Chair, Western Washington University). Draft notes by Gordon.

On vacation: Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College)

1) Measuring SCT activities and goals (guest: Kate Cabe, WWU)

Kate is a member of the Alliance Assessment Team and the team's liaison to SCT. Kate asked to meet with the SCT to introduce herself and learn how SCT currently envisions assessing and measuring the impact of its activities. She was also interested iln hearing how SCT thinks it might measure the impact of its activities in FY17.measures or would like to measure the impact of our activities and what SCT would like to measure in FY17 around our goals. Prior to the meeting Mike distributed the SCT's portion of the “Alliance Assessment Plan” that he and Kathi completed for the Assessment Team last month.

Some of the points raised in the discussion included:

· To assess the effectiveness and impact of eresources, we already collect and use standard measures such as usage reports and consortial cost savings.

· For many of our goals we're creating a process rather than implementing a project or service. Developing assessment measures for those will be a phased process.

· One of the challenges for pulling Alliance-wide data has been the relatively few staff authorized to do the work because of concerns about the exposure of patron records. Kathi thinks the day is coming when that issue is solved by Ex Libris and staff at the institutional level will be able to do the work.

· The Ebook Working Group will soon begin working in implementing an evidence-based pilot. Kristi and Kathi are hopeful that the vendor will be able to provide some data useful for assessment.

· The Shared Content Team will be developing measures as it works through it various initiatives, so we'll want to maintain an ongoing conversation about measures with the Assessment Team.

2) Update from Council Meeting (Kathi).

Statement of Collection Development Best Practices

· The statement had a lot of support and was approved by the Council. Members thought it was useful for the Alliance and that it would also be useful at their own institutions. The final result has a few editorial changes. The title is now Statement of Collection Development Best Practices rather than Guiding Principles. The reason is that the Alliance is trying to use uniform nomenclature in these types of documents that offer guidance but are not mandatory.

The guiding principle recommending taking into consideration “support for core academic programs and also geographical differences among the membership” was broken into two separate bullet points.

Ebooks Program

· Kathi presented the budget request for FY2017 but also gave the Council a broad overview of the issues and costs (especially staff costs) involved in managing a DDA program. It was well received by the Council and everyone is interested in the new evidence-based model. Kudos to the Ebook Working Group and everyone involved in this important program.

Kathi also commented on SCT's FY17 Goals document, which went to the Alliance Board rather than the whole Council. The Board is interested in a standard template for goal statements. We probably won't need to do anything except reformat the Goals document we submitted. If we need to do something else, Kathi will let us know.

Mike asked if the Executive Director decision was made before the Council meeting. Kathi said it wasn't, but Alliance staff and everyone she's talked with since then are excited about the selection.

3) Working Group Reports

E-Book Working Group (Kristi)

· Since the approval of the evidence-based pilot, Kristi and Kathi have spoken with both Wiley and YBP. In April the Working Group will begin implementation planning.

Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group (Corey)

· The Group submitted a progress report with SCT earlier. See Corey's 3/10/16 email. It will be shared more broadly with the SCT Institutional Reps.

Priority Support Issues (Amy)

· Have spent most of their time dealing with issues arising from recent Alma/Primo releases. These have been technical problems and not related to shared content, per se. Ex Libris has hired a new person who is intended to help form a stronger and more direct link between Support and Development at Ex Libris.

Centers of Excellence (Jill)

· Al Cornish is running the COE group on an interim basis.

4) Discussion of SCT work in next weeks (All)

Mike suggested we focus on addressing two SCT FY16 Goals, HathiTrust and Collection Analysis, before starting work on FY17 Goals. The group agreed this approach made sense.

HathiTrust – Mike and Kathi reviewed the goal. Below is what appears in the SCT goal statement:

3) Investigate HathiTrust Membership

a. Met with members of Content Creation and Dissemination Team on Jan, 26, 2016, to explore viability and level of Alliance interest.

b. SCT will approach HathiTrust and SCT Representatives about the prospect of an Alliance/HathiTrust partnership.

c. SCT and CCD intend to present on HathiTrust at the July 2016 Council meeting.

d. FY17 work dependent upon Council instruction.

Discussion Highlights:

· CCD goals are focused on preservation, including HathiTrust. SCT goals are focused exclusively on HathiTrust. SCT will take the lead in the investigation

· Need to gather information on how HathiTrust works, identify pros and cons of consortal membership, and address the question of consortial value.

· Jill thinks HathiTrust will be expanding its program and that Government Documents will be a focus.

· Need to involve SCT reps and gauge interest, perhaps with a survey or a phone call. But SCT needs to learn more about HT before doing that.

· Are there other examples of HathiTrust consortial memberships? Mike thought there were several.

Tentative plan of action:

· Kathi and Mike will contact CCD reps about their notes from the January 26 phone call.

· For April 8 SCT meeting - Mike and Jill, who have experience with HathiTrust, will give an overview of HathiTrust.

· Involve SCT Reps in discussion this spring – survey? phone call?

· Plan for presentation at June Board Meeting. Overview, pros and cons, consortial value, membership costs.

· Program at Summer Meeting? Put on agenda for SCT Reps meeting?

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Next meeting: April 8, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Note Taker: Xan Arch