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Orbis Cascade Alliance Board Minutes

Board Meeting #51

June 6-7, 2016 Whitman College
June 6: 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
June 7: 9 a.m.-12 p.m.


Faye Chadwell, Chair
Lynn Baird, Chair-elect
Jane Carlin, Past Chair
Michelle Bagley, Treasurer
Michael Paulus, Secretary
Dalia Corkrum, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark I. Greenberg, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark Dahl, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)
Donna Reed, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17) (not attending)
Dana Bostrom, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

New Board members for FY17

Dena Hutto, Treasurer-elect (FY17 & 18)
Mark I. Greenberg, Secretary (FY17 & 18)
Adriene Lim, Member-at-Large (FY17 & 18) (not present)
Michael Paulus, Member-at-Large (FY17 & 18)
Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild, Member-at-Large (FY17) (joined remotely)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Chair-elect (present June 6)


Cassie Schmitt, Alliance Program Manager (joined remotely)

Monday, June 6

The meeting began at 11:00 a.m.

1. Introduction (Dalia)

Dalia made welcoming remarks and took care of some housekeeping issues.

2. Review and approve Minutes (Fay)

Moved by Jane Carlin and seconded by Michelle Bagley. Approved unanimously.

3. Executive Director Report (Dana)

Dana updated the Board on summer meeting plans.

Dalia will mentor Xan Arch, new Dean of the Library at University of Portland.

Dana spoke about developing a more sustainable communication strategy with Ex Libris, since Alliance program staff cannot keep up with communication needs surrounding ILS functionality and fixes. Dana’s comments generated a discussion about our relationship with Ex Libris and the ways in which Alliance members can participate together in a more effective ILS. The Board agreed that it needs to engage in significant discussions about the future of the ILS.

Dana has received encouraging news from UW about a data sharing agreement, so a small workgroup will be formed to revise the task force report to help update the MOU.

4. Northwest Academic Computing Council (Faye)

Reviewed recommendations following April meeting with NWACC in Spokane. The Board agreed to communicate Alliance interest in focusing on staff professional development and building relationships. An initial suggestion is doing panels at each others’ meetings. Dana will follow up with NWACC; Jane and Michelle volunteered to help move the conversation forward.

5. Collaborative Workforce Inventory Report (Cassie and Susan)

Cassie presented the report and provided an update on CWT’s benchmarking work. Susan discussed some of limitations of the information reported (e.g., people reporting differently).

The Board discussed the report. Mark G. asked for inventory data to be shared. The Board discussed issues of SILS-related W3 work and agreed about the need to assess impact on the regular work of member library staff (“W4” or “W3b” work). The Board also discussed a stronger contract and SLAs with Ex Libris; ensuring Program Manager job descriptions are right; and looking at W2 work more closely to see what might be centralized.

The Board agreed to use time at the upcoming summer and Council meetings to explore gains and losses with the SILS implementation—a “post-implementation study.” The Board brainstormed some questions, including asking about position changes, cost savings, new efficiencies or inefficiencies, impact on users, satisfaction with the processes for resolving problems, surprises, and obstacles to collaboration. Faye will work with others to refine and narrow the questions. There will be a pre-Council meeting conference call to prepare Council members for the discussion.

The Board endorsed the recommendations. Cassie is working on recommendation 1. Recommendation 2 can wait until work on 1 is done, and could be piloted with the CCD Team. Recommendation 3 is being done by the ED. The CWT can work on recommendation 4. The Board agreed to release the report to Council before the pre-Council meeting call, and have Cassie make a presentation to Council.

6. Recognitions and Gifts Discussion

The Board discussed formalizing a process for recognizing Board chairs leaving and honoring retirements. Going forward, outgoing chairs will coordinate gifts for new chairs as well as present a standard gift for retirements.

7. Assessment

The Board reviewed the progress of assessment work to date and reflected on what work is necessary. The Board discussed different levels of assessment: basic metrics, team and project outcomes, special assessment projects, and comprehensive assessment tied to strategic plan goals. The Assessment Team can finish up its work on data collection for a centralized website, and also facilitate a post-implementation SILS discussion at the summer meeting on Wednesday (without Council participation). Faye will facilitate the discussion.

Going forward, Alliance staff can collect data identified in the AT Assessment Plan, and a new strategic plan will have assessment embedded in it. The Board agreed that task forces, with specific charges from the board, will be used for future assessment projects that don’t fit within teams (for, e.g., improving our accreditation page). Faye will let the AT chair know about the Board’s recommendation to dissolve the AT, which will be presented to Council next month.

In addition to a post-implementation SILS discussion, the Board agreed to spend time at the next Council meeting learning about the potential of Alma Analytics (60 min.) and exploring what data is most important.

8. Team Member Appointments (Faye)

The Board reviewed team member appointments and discussed the selection process as well as the process for appointing working groups. The Board agreed that calls for participation in working groups should be open.

The Board discussed the function and frequency of Policy and Coordination Team meetings, and agreed that the team should continue to meet as needed. The Board will revisit the role of this team next year.

The Board recommended potential Council liaisons, with whom Faye will follow up.

The conversation was continued June 7 (see below).

9. Finance Report (Michelle)

Michelle reported that the FY15 tax return was filed. The Finance Team has developed a framework for training, especially for new Council members, and is working on a transition plan for its new chair. The FT suspended its policies review pending completion of the HR transition and CWT work. The FT achieved all of its goals except planning for the FY18 audit, which will be done in July and this fall.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Tuesday, June 7

The meeting began at 9 a.m.

8. Team Member Appointments, Continued (Faye)

The Board reviewed and accepted team membership appointments. The Board added an SPU person to the Shared Content Team, a Whitworth person to the CCD Team, anda Whitworth person to the Systems Team.

The Board discussed the need to balance needed skills as well as providing opportunities for contributions from all institutions, especially new members. Alliance staff will track individual and institutional involvement over time. The Board agreed to have the Program Managers create a one-page document about selection criteria and a one-page document about the process, which the Board will discuss this fall.

10. Orientation for Executive Director (Faye)

The Board discussed the ED orientation process. Dana shared some of the critical issues she is exploring and working on, and identified some areas about which she would like to know more. Dana will have an Alliance staff retreat in July.

The Board discussed starting the strategic planning process next summer and affirmed HR transition and SILS stabilization as priorities for the ED. Engagement with the post-SILS implementation assessment project will provide opportunities for learning more about work within the Alliance. Visiting and connecting with member libraries will be helpful, too.

11. July Council Agenda (Faye)

There will be a new member breakfast Thursday morning. Items for the agenda:

· Collaborative Workforce Inventory Report and discussion

· SILS post-implementation discussion

· Analytics presentation and discussion

· Discussion about key data identified in the Assessment Team’s Assessment Plan and discussion about other desired data

· Recommendation about Assessment Team and work (vote on Friday)

· Other Team Reports and Q&A

· Change to Policy and Coordination Team meeting schedule update

· Northwest Academic Computing update

· Finance Team update

· Hathi Trust report (coordinated with Betsey Wilson)

· Report from ED

· Summer meeting discussion

· Strategic planning update

· Nomination and selection process update

· Secret ballot for membership discussion

The meeting adjourned at 11 a.m.

Submitted by Michael Paulus, Secretary