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9:00am-10:00am, June 30, 2016

Attendees: Mike Olson (Chair), Gordon Aamot (Chair-Elect), Corey Murata, Xan Arch, Amy Coughenour, Jill Emery, Kristi DeShazo, Tina Hovekamp, Kathi Fountain (notes)


1. Working Groups – reports, updates

  • E-Book Working Group (Kristi) - spending out end of year money, and working on summer meeting presentation
  • Consortial Alma Collection Development Working Group (Corey) - no update
  • Priority Support Issues (Amy) - will meet with Ex L next week on June
  • Centers of Excellence (Jill) - Analytics - list of issues sent to Ex Libris and waiting for next meeting to be scheduled

2. Team appointments – update (Kathi)

Lots of new folks on the team next cycle. Will have chance for old and new teams to meet at dinner and team meeting for transition.

3. SCT activity at Alliance Summer Meeting (group)

Discussed possible structure of the representatives meeting and settled on an agenda. Kathi and Gordon will finalize the agenda. Kathi will send documents out to representatives in advance.

Notes from discussion:

  • About 340 attendees expected at Summer Meeting.

  • Gordon's suggestions: have Kristi and Corey present on work of their groups / discuss future directions options / last copy - present take-aways from breakout and invite discussion of next steps, what are the success stories,

  • Hathi Trust: provide an update on where we are in this investigation.

  • Members are interested in streaming media. Provide a summary of why we've not pursued streaming media (no consensus, kept it in e-resources as opt-in as a result). Possible option: event focusing on how libraries are working with streaming video in their libraries? Event goal is professional development, not leading to Alliance initiative. Possible speakers: Jim Bunnelle/L&C, Jill Emery/PSU. Ask reps: Is this of interest? Do online or in person?

  • Provide reps with an update on analytics re: collections

  • Provide reps with an update on alma re: eresources (Corey)

Agenda: (9:00-10:30, 90 min meeting)
1. Welcome / Introductions (all) 5-10 min
  • Outgoing and incoming team members
  • Reps
  • Alliance staff and guests

2. Last copy follow-on (Gordon) - 10 min (focus on summarizing session, conclusion, next steps?)

3. 3-copy follow-on (Mike) - 10 min (focus on summarizing session, conclusion, next steps?)

4. E-books follow on (Kristi) - 10 min (focus on summarizing session, conclusion, next steps?)

5. Alma Analytics for collections (Jill / Kathi) - 15 min (update and review of consortial collection analysis needs?)

6. Alma e-resources (Corey) - 15 min (update and discussion?)

7. Hathi Trust update (mike/Kathi) - 5 minutes

8. Streaming video (Jill) - 10 min (no consensus for Alliance initiative, propose prof dev event in Alliance, solicit feedback on that idea)

9. Open discussion / communication (Gordon) - 10-15 min
Send to reps in advance:

    • Survey results

    • Link to team page with updated goals, team members

    • Link to Corey's group's report

    • Link to any other team products from the year

  • Survey results from SCT Reps (Kathi) -
    • More than half of the reps responded to our survey.
    • Concern about low rating of last copy item. Suggestion to re-cast the discussion.
  • HathiTrust presentation to Council – update (Kathi/Mike) - in progress.
  • Ebook information session – update (Kristi) - in development
  • Last Copy Policy session – update (Gordon/Mike) - preliminary slides shared
  • SCT Reps meeting - see above
  • SCT meeting - will discuss reps meeting
  • SCT Dinner - attendees confirmed.
  • Other announcements/preparations related to the meeting?