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Board meeting #48

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport
18740 International Boulevard
Seattle, Washington, 98188
Room: Maxi's Salon

February 11, 11:30 am - 5:00 pm
February 12, 8:00 am - noon


Board of Directors
Faye A. Chadwell, Chair
Lynn Baird, Chair-elect
Jane Carlin, Past Chair
Michelle Bagley, Treasurer (FY15 & 16)
Michael Paulus, Secretary (FY16)
Dalia Corkrum, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark I. Greenberg, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark Dahl, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)
Donna Reed, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)
Team Chairs and Program Managers  
Assessment Team
Annie Downey (Reed), Chair
Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Program Manager

Collaborative Workforce Team

Drew Harrington (UP), Chair
Cassie Schmitt, Program Manager

Content Creation and Dissemination Team
Trevor Bond (WSU), Chair
Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Program Manager

Discovery and Delivery Team
Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild  (Oregon Tech), Chair
Ray Henry, Program Manager
Shared Content Team
Mike Olson (WWU), Chair
Kathi Fountain, Program Manager

Systems Team
Wade Guidry (UPS), Chair
Al Cornish, Program Manager

February 11


1130 am

1. Teams: progress and goals for FY17 (Faye)

Noon - 2 pm 
Six teams at 15 min each.


2 - 230 pm

Team chairs and PM's depart for assessment work
Cassie Schmitt stays with Board.
Kathi Fountain & Mike Olson, Jodi Allison-Bunnell & Trevor Bond return for their agenda items.

2. Shared Content Team (Kathi & Mike)

230 - 3 pm
2.1 Ebooks: Report and recommendations
Shared Content Team Report (password protected)
Assessment Team Report: Ebook Assessment Recommendation
2.2 Collection development policy
Document: Report

3. Content Creation and Dissemination Team (Jodi & Trevor)

3 - 4 pm
3.1. Digital Public Library of America: Report and recommendations 
CCD Report 
Board Letter to DPLA | DPLA email response (password protected)
3.2. Archives & Manuscripts Collections Service: FY17 Fees and ArchivesSpace update
Document: Report

4. Finance Team (Michelle)

4 - 5 pm
4.1. FY17 Budget
Document: Draft memoDraft FY17 Budget (password protected)
4.2. Financial Framework recommended revision

Document: Financial Framework

5. Discussion of the next day's meeting with Ex Libris (Faye, John)

5 - 530 pm
Document: Background (password protected)

When available, Assessment Team leadership (Annie, Karen, and Jodi) rejoins the Board to report on the day”s assessment exercise



February 12



6. Ex Libris & Alliance executive meeting (Faye)

830 - 930 am
Lync meeting

7. ED interviews (Faye)

930 - 10 am


10 - 1030 am

8. Council voting process (Faye)

1030 - 11 am
Background: Bylaws

9. HR transition planning (Faye)

11 - 1130 am

10. Council agenda for March 10-11 (Faye)


  • March 10 evening retirement dinner
  • Team goals for next year (not for vote, just share/discussion, possible refinement)
  • CCD Team report and DPLA vote
  • SC Team report on ebooks
  • FY17 Budget: revise & vote
  • Update on Summer Meeting (Suzanne & Mari)
  • Council voting process?
  • New ED
  • Major updates
    • Shared ILS (Al & Ray)
    • Ebooks (Kathi)
  • March 11 Breakfast for new Council members
    • Faye A. Chadwell
    • Jane Carlin (not available)
    • Lynn Baird
    • John F. Helmer
    • Lori H. Wamsley and Adriene Lim
    • Isaac Gilman and Merrill Johnson
    • Craig Milberg and Dena Hutto

11. Short items

Topics are inserted into the agenda as possible
  • New members: Whitworth University, Clackamas Community College (John)
  • Membership criteria (Faye)
  • Summer Meeting (email update from co-chairs Mari and/or Suzanne)
  • NWACC meeting update (Jane)
  • Professional Development Award (Faye)
[Done at noon. Room reserved till 5pm]