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1:00-2:00 p.m., April 8, 2016

All members attending. Xan was the notetaker, per the rotation.

Working Group reports:

Alma collection development working group -

Announcement went out this week about status of progress report. Kathi has coded license for Alliance DDA and that will be linked to existing Alliance DDA collection in Network Zone. This will happen Monday. On Monday, some people may or may not see license terms in their Primo for Alliance DDA titles. Additional information coming soon for libraries who do not have license display turned on in Primo. We are also working on document for Ex Libris on how we want NZ licenses to work. The way it’s built right now is not what we were hoping for.

Ebook working group -

No update, have not met. Negotiating with Wiley on evidence-based piece and license will be signed today. Will be turning on earlier than expected, but we can still pay in the next fiscal. Not generally announced yet.

Corey asks if the Wiley plan be managed in the NZ as well and Kathi says that yes, that is the intention.

Priorities Support working group -

Continues to bring priority issues to Ex Libris attention

Now have name of our main support person that will be based at Ex Libris headquarters - Yonathan Gal Or.

Analytics working group has not met, will meet Monday.

Goals document:

Kathi has not yet sent it on, but will send today for Board consideration next Tuesday.

We agree this is good to go? Yes.

This has been an interesting goals process (with assessment, dependencies) and will set us up for goal setting in future years.

HathiTrust: Mike shared description document/fact sheet created to get conversation started

Jodi and Devin from CCD team met with Kathi and Mike earlier this year. Decision was to meet again the week of April 25.

Gordon: Betsy Wilson/UW is chair of board for HathiTrust this year and says there is no consortial membership pricing yet. There is interest though in setting this pricing up.

Kathi: all feedback about HathiTrust is how to get a price break so this will need to be part of our calculation.

Gordon: question we need to ask is what is value proposition for Alliance membership? Is it access to more content or is it the opportunity to participate in a preservation program? A little of both?

Summer Meeting:

We will have a breakout slot on Wednesday to discuss ebooks and one more general one to discuss shared content. Then we have a meeting with SCT reps on Thursday morning, followed by a team meeting.

Jill suggests that, instead of looking at the best practices document again, we focus our time on the last copy policy and peoples’ expectations and needs for this policy going forward. We have a goal to redefine this policy in the next year and this discussion could inform that.

It would be helpful to make this discussion broader than just the SCT reps.

Kathi will confirm that we still have the general shared content slot and, if so, we will use it to discuss the last copy policy.