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September 3, 2015
3-4 PM PDT

Jane Carlin (Puget Sound), Chair
Lynn Baird (UI) -- Chair-Elect
Kathi Fountain (Alliance) - Staff Liaison

John Helmer (Alliance) - Ex Officio

Team Chairs and Program Managers
Assessment Team
Annie Downie (Reed), Chair
Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Program Manager

Collaborative Workforce Team

Drew Harrington (UP), Chair  (not attending)
Cassie Schmitt, Program Manager

Content Creation and Dissemination Team
Trevor Bond (WSU), Chair
Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Program Manager
Discovery and Delivery Team
Kelly Peterson-Fairchild (Oregon Tech), Chair
Keith Folsom, IT Manager

Shared Content Team

Mike Olson (WWU), Chair (not attending)
Kathi Fountain, Program Manager

Systems Team
Wade Guidry (UPS), Chair
Al Cornish, Program Manager

Reference: Action Items from Last Meeting

1. Welcome New Discovery & Delivery Chair (Jane)

Introduction of Kelly Peterson-Fairchild, Oregon Tech, who is replacing Megan Drake as the Chair of the Discovery & Delivery Team.

2. Primo Working Groups (Jane)

Summary of decision and future action.

  • Primo interface and usability continues to be on the Board's agenda of issues, rises to top.
  • May want a consolidated report before October Board meeting.

3. Digital Content Joint Working Group (Jodi / Trevor)

Purpose: Support top-priority goals of the CCD Team for FY16: Aggregate unique Alliance digital content, facilitating discovery of unique materials in the SILS Shared Primo space.


  • Support first-priority goal of aggregating unique Alliance digital content.
  • Review, distribute for comment, revise, and facilitate the adoption of shared digital content metadata standards
  • Begin to identify shared approaches to metadata cleanup
  • Gather information on what DAMs and IRs Alliance members are using in a space that members can update as there are changes
  • Support second-priority goal of facilitating the identification of practices, approaches, and methods for representing unique content in Alliance Primo
  • Communicate clearly what defines “unique” materials in Alliance Primo
  • Gather information on what Alliance members are currently doing with unique collections in shared Primo, and what they would like to do
  • Facilitate discussion of selecting materials for inclusion in shared Primo
  • Support the CCD Team in becoming an equal player in understanding and effectively working in the SILS
  • Contribute findings to the CCD’s annual report

Expected Action: Endorse formation of the working group

  • Big and broad charge.
  • No objections to above, well done, endorsement given.
  • Draw wide for participants.
  • Most active in first half of FY.  Could continue for entire fiscal.
  • May want to revisit which WGs are standing and which are term-limited.
  • All groups should be "re-charged" each year, give members concrete time to serve

4. Policy Development (Cassie)

Development of a workflow for policy development, communication, and decision making.

Document: draft flowchart | notes

Summary of team feedback

Expected Action: Discuss feedback and endorse next steps with policy development workflow


  • Comments on format, content.
  • Make communication of decisions clear points.
  • CWF interested in engaging members and representatives.
  • (John) Have used voting on policy in past, esp. for Summit, but depends.
  • (John) Work at team level to get comments is critical, want proper vetting before policy comes forward.
  • (John) Remind those voting/representing are speaking for institution.
  • (Jane) Make above clear to reps at the Council level.
  • (From PMs) Lack of time, general acceptance reason for lack of comments in CCD, D&D, Systems.
  • (Cassie) Sounds like pretty much on track on the proposal.
  • (John) Next steps:  Incorporate clarifications, send to Board for discussion.
  • (Jane) Agrees, discuss at next face-to-face Board meeting in October.
  • (John) Board feeds back and then take to Council.

5. Proposal: Primo Assessment Joint Working Group (Annie / Jodi)

The Assessment Team is requesting that P&C consider the formation of a Primo Assessment Joint Working Group, lodged in the Assessment Team but with Representatives from each of the other Teams. The working group will develop and implement a plan to assess Primo based on input from other relevant teams and Council. It will look at configuration in a broad sense and consider management, satisfaction, and effectiveness of Primo configurations. The working group would have a life of 1 year, completing its work to report out for the July 2016 Council meeting.

Full Proposal

Expected Action: Endorse formation of the working group


  • (Annie) Feel Assessment team doesn't have all the technical expertise, want to make sure represent everyone
  • (Jane) Thinks is great, pulls it all together.
  • (Jodi) Bring rep from programs, not team members.
  • (Annie) Can get chair in place in a couple weeks.  Up and running by end of September.
  • (Trevor) Can do it.
  • (Kathi) Good approach for assessing Primo.  Some reservations on who to get for Shared Content.
  • (Annie) Work with eBooks is big reason want to try this approach...didn't have level of expertise for that.
  • (Kelly) Good way to go, given our preliminary discussion.
  • (Jane) Great clearinghouse for moving forward.
  • (Wade) End deliverable?
  • (Jane) Inform Alliance about Primo, feed into discussions, don't have all the information.
  • (Kelly) Inform Discovery & Delivery.  Need ideas, data on what's been done.
  • (John) Great to be getting to this point.  Assessment is new and difficult to work with, intersection with Discovery which is also new is more difficult.
  • Full endorsement.

6. Proposed Alma/Primo Disruption Response Listserv (Al / Wade)

To better streamline communication during Alma and Primo service disruptions, the Systems Team would like to create an Alliance listserv that's the primary communication channel during disruptions, with one representative per institution subscribed to the list.

Expected Action: Create list and communicate with the membership


  • (Al) Need better way to reach institutions in clear way.
  • (Wade) Response to stated desires at Summer Meeting, something like SILS lead list.
  • (Jane) Makes sense, efficient.  What happens if person not available?  Internal issue.
  • (John) Group account at institution?
  • (Wade) Up to institution.  Way to distribute authoritative info.
  • (Jane) Purpose will be clearly communicated.
  • (Al) Action item:  Figure out how to decide what and when to send to.
  • (Al) Will be a list for reps to all post and discuss issues.
  • (Keith) May also want an announce-only list.

7. Alma Enhancements Working Group 2015 - Report Recommendations (Wade / Al)

Report with Recommendations

Reviewed by: Systems Team, 2015 Alma Enhancements Working Group

Recommended policy changes to the current policy governing Alma Enhancement voting:

  1. Increase percentage of votes allocated to the Alliance to 80%
  2. Target a discrete, reduced number of enhancements to back at each stage of voting. (The current policy does not delineate specific targets, but based on our experience this year, we now have targets in mind.)

Expected Action: Endorse and share with the Board


  • (Wade) Go from 70% to 80% for Alliance vote percentage.
  • (Wade) Trying to increase impact of our votes, focus on fewer enhancements.  Other blocks were just or more effective by doing this sort of thing.
  • (Wade) Important to codify reduced number of enhancements since so many needs.
  • (Al) Important to talk about reduction.  May not be able to cover each functional area, will be challenging.
  • (Wade) Two of seven were Alliance recommendations.  Did well.  Might have gotten four through under the proposed policy.
  • (Jane) Timeline? Important to remind Board.  Recommends take forward to Board, with timeline.
  • (Kathi) Feedback from those affected, whether they endorse.  Put model in place for communication.
  • (Jodi) Agrees.
  • (Jane) Need to determine method of feedback, discuss at next meeting.
  • (Wade) Brought up the overhead needed to get feedback.
  • (Jane) Can figure out way to share broadly, set params for feedback, still meet deadlines.  Offline.
  • (Jane) Brainstorm by email, try to follow policy approval procedures

8. Sharing (All) - as time allows

  • (Kathi) Not count on sharing time as things ramp up.
  • (Jodi) Think of agenda items ahead of time.
  • (Jane) Use email to share, after call think of next 48 hours as time to respond to meeting, follow up.
  • (John) Initial activities, try not to abandon sharing time.  Don't take on too much.  Teams and Board to do.
  • (Jane) Keep monitoring.
  • (Al) Much comes up in SILS that can't be part of discussion.
  • (Jane) Maybe be prepared for hour and 15 minutes next week.

Next P&C Team meeting: October 1, 3-4 PM PDT