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Board Meeting #44

September 25, 2015

1:00 - 2:30 pm


Faye Chadwell, Chair
Lynn Baird, Chair-elect
Jane Carlin, Past Chair -- unable to attend
Michelle Bagley, Treasurer (FY15 & 16)
Michael Paulus, Secretary (FY16)-- unable to attend
Dalia Corkrum, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark I. Greenberg, Member-at-Large (FY15 & 16)
Mark Dahl, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)
Donna Reed, Member-at-Large (FY16 & 17)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)
Key Documents (all are also linked under agenda items)

Welcome & agenda review (Faye)

Welcome Mark Dahl and Donna Reed!

1. Reports from Teams

1.1. Assessment Team's preliminary ebook report for Board feedback (John)
Note that for the October Board meeting, AT intends to present a final ebook report and recommendations re. overall assessment plan, goals, and representative structure, accordingly:
The Assessment Team is finalizing our work on our first assigned FY15 goal to "determine what information/data the Council requires for evidence-based/data-driven decision making." As part of that effort, we are including the recommendation that this work should continue into the next fiscal year as one of our FY16 goals. We will further recommend the development and implementation of a new representative structure for the team to provide the A-Team with functional expertise on Alliance programs. -- Annie Downey, Chair
Document: Ebook report

1.2. Content Creation and Dissemination Team's preliminary DPLA report for Board feedback (Mark Dahl)

Document: DPLA report

2. Discussion: Primo consistency/standardization across the Alliance (Faye)

See background email.

3. Updates as time allows

  • Shared ILS topics (John)
    • Refinement in Priority Support Issues meeting
      Going well, this is an important cross-program venue for advancing key support issues
    • Transparency in Ex Libris development
      A high percentage of Alliance needs are in development, Alliance is seeking better knowledge about solutions under development; John and Al are actively pursuing with Ex Libris colleagues, potential Ex Libris visit to the region in October to address issues.
    • Data sharing and privacy
      • impact on Analytics (aka consortial reporting): slows development and drives work toward Alliance staff
      • impact on Summit Visiting Patron: shuts down that feature
      • legal approach (MOU among Alliance members) and technical approach (Ex Libris masking data) are both moving slowly at best
    • Marketing of CampusM 
  • Finance Team (Michelle)
  • Policy & Coordination Team (Jane)
  • Membership applications (Faye, Jane, Donna)
    • September 30: Clackamas visit
    • November 3: Whitworth visit
    • November 6, 11am-1pm Board discussion and recommendations for Council
    • November 12-13: Council vote
  • Professional Development Awards (Donna)
  • Summer meeting program committee (Faye)
  • HR Task Force meeting on Sept 29 (Faye)
  • PM Search (John)

4. Executive session: ED position and search (Faye)

Time certain: 2:00-2:30

October Board Meeting preview
Location: OSU, Willamette East & West Seminar Rooms
Lodging: Hilton Garden Inn
October 15: 2-5 pm, followed by dinner
October 16: 830-noon

Brief updates from teams
Recommendations and reports:
  • Assessment Team's final Ebook report and recommendations re. overall assessment plan, goals, and representative structure (Annie and Jodi via GTM?)
  • Content Creation and Dissemination Team's DPLA report (Trevor and Jodi via GTM?)
  • HR Task Force recommendations
  • Finance Team's Membership fee prediction
  • Policy Workflow: an outline that started with the Alliance staff retreat was reviewed by teams and by P&C Team. Now ready for Board consideration

Discussion: Primo consistency/standardization across the Alliance (Kelly via GTM?)

Council agenda for November

PM Search
ED Search (executive session)