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Present: Gordon Aamot (University of Washington), Serin Anderson (St. Martin’s University), Amy Coughenour (Concordia University), Jill Emery (Portland State University), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Mike Olson (Chair, Western Washington University)

Absent: Kris Kern (Portland State University), Corey Murata (University of Washington)

1. Call to Order

2. WEST Update

The Alliance is moving forward with formally terminating its WEST consortial membership. Libraries will make independent decisions to join as WEST members.

The Shared Content Team's document is in Council's hands. Kathi is fielding questions about costs. No information is yet available about which libraries will join independently.

3. Brief Report - May 13 E-book Working Group Meeting

Serin summarized the meeting and listed the goals approved by the working group at the meeting. The group will be working to reduce the pool of DDA to work within a reduced budget for fiscal year 2016.

The group will also be talking with JSTOR about a DDA pilot. JSTOR titles are preserved in Portico. Does the Alliance have a membership? It may need one to ensure preservation of any purchased JSTOR titles.

4. Update on Alliance Summer Meeting

The Alliance Summer Meeting will be held July 8-9 at Warner Pacific College (Portland). The first day will be presentations and training. The second day will start with team representatives meetings, followed by closed-door team meetings.

SCT submitted three draft proposals, and we are awaiting confirmation of the sessions. When we get confirmation, we can discuss logistics of presenters and structure.

5. Summer Meeting - How can SCT best use its time?

SCT will revisit the question after the summer meeting schedule has been finalized.

6. Alma and Potential SCT Involvement

Kathi will reach out to Corey to organize a sub-group to work on this initiative. Kathi will write a draft charge and bring it back to the next meeting for discussion. The length of service is expected to be a year. The group discussed potential members of the group.

Kathi will present the draft charge for an Electronic Resources / Alma working group to SCT for review. The charge will represent the needs related to testing functionality, designing workflows, and communicating issues to Ex Libris.

Next Shared Content Team Meeting is May 29, 1-2 pm