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Present: Gordon Aamot (University of Washington), Serin Anderson (St. Martin’s University), Amy Coughenour (Concordia University), Jill Emery (Portland State University), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Kris Kern (Portland State University), Corey Murata (University of Washington), Mike Olson (Chair, Western Washington University)

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes and Notes

The minutes for the April 17 meeting, taken by Amy Coughenour were approved and distributed. Serin Anderson is taking today's notes.

3. Subgroup's memo re: WEST

Kathi reported that a draft of the memo was given to John Helmer for review. John made two suggestions that were incorporated into the final draft. These included: rearticulating the reason the memo was written and bringing the recommendations to the front of the document with a new title of “next steps”. Formal recommendations require a vote by the Board, and the group work is not yet at that stage. The remainder of the memo stayed as drafted. The current version is acceptable to the group.

ACTION: Kathi will send a copy to Council.

4. E-Book Working Group

Serin reported on the Ebook Working Group’s steps to contain costs for the remaining months of FY15. At the end of April, there is approximately $113,000 left for May and June. The group opted to take the following steps to control costs:
  • Removing ebrary duplicates from the DDA pool
  • Turning off YBP profile matching and title feeds into the content pool until July 1st
  • Turning off purchasing from mid-April through June 30th to reduce the overall monthly spend.
  • Reducing the price cap from $250 to $200. This has minimal impact now, but will matter significantly in the coming fiscal year.
  • Titles with no browse or STLs which were over our price cap were also removed. The group will also be going through a more rigorous title removal schedule this summer for all titles over our price cap; however, title lists will be shared with Alliance members who may opt to make institutional level purchases.
The group is hopeful that these actions will allow the program to continue through the end of June and remain within budget.

The ebook working group will also be meeting May 13th in Portland to discuss long term goals and plans for the ebook service. The group will be weighing some known options including possible changes to the current DDA, proposals from JSTOR and Project MUSE in addition to exploring other platform options. Mike Olson was invited and will attend the meeting.

5. What Next?

OER: Open Educational Resources
Related to a question about OER, there was a discussion about whether or not SCT should be actively involved in promoting or supporting it across the Alliance. While it officially seems to fall into CCD territory, a comment was made that it really crosses multiple teams including SCT, CCD, discovery, etc. One team may take the lead, but most will be affected in some way. Tina highlighted that is becoming very central to many institutions and wondered if there is a way for the SCT group to play a leadership role. Corey commented that if perhaps CCD’s focus is on the creation/hosting of locally produced content, there could be a need for a group that looks at acquiring or collecting OER content produced elsewhere.

ACTION: Kathi will reach out to Jodi with CCD to see what options there are for possible collaboration.

HathiTrust Membership
Corey brought up the line in the SCT charge related to investigating HathiTrust membership and asked whether the intent was to investigate for the coming year or to investigate the idea of some possible future Alliance membership. Kathi’s response was that it was to investigate the idea. There are some questions about the value to the consortium as a whole. HathiTrust is incredibly important to the overall profession, but it’s not clear if it should be supported at the institutional level or the consortial level. It’s not currently a high priority issue from the Board/Council perspective.

Local institutional questions related to SCT
The focus for the group should be on the goals that have been assigned by the Board and Council, but if institutions articulate issues related to SCT, these can be weighed as they come up. Another suggestion was to potentially crowd-source the question or issue with the SCT institutional representative listserv where decisions can be informed by varied institutional practices.

6. In Person Meeting / Regular Meetings

There is a tentative plan to meet as a group in Portland during the Alliance summer meeting, but there will be no attempt to schedule an in person meeting prior to that.

Mike will continue the scheduled webinar meetings every two weeks, but if there isn’t a full agenda, he will cancel as needed.

7. Summer Meeting Sessions

Amy asked when we’ll know which sessions were accepted. SCT should know by May 15th.

Next Shared Content Team Meeting is May 15, 1-2 pm