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June 4, 2015
3-4 pm

Chris Shaffer (OHSU), Chair
Faye Chadwell (OSU)
Jane Carlin (Puget Sound)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio)

Team Chairs and Program Managers
Assessment Team
Annie Downie (Reed), Chair
Anya Arnold, Program Manager -- minutes

Collaborative Workforce Team

Drew Harrington (UP), Chair -- unable to attend
Cassie Schmitt, Program Manager

Content Creation and Dissemination Team
Trevor Bond (WSU), Chair -- absent
Jodi Allison-Bunnell, Program Manager
Discovery and Delivery Team
Megan Drake (Pacific), Chair
Anya Arnold, Program Manager

Shared Content Team

Mike Olson (WWU), Chair -- absent
Kathi Fountain, Program Manager

Systems Team
Wade Guidry (UPS), Chair
Al Cornish, Program Manager

1. Welcome (Chris)

Action items from last meeting
Assign recording of action items for today

2. Summer Meeting (Helmer / Shaffer)

John led the discussion on how the layout of the summer meeting will be and how it will be run.   


Plenary - is intended to include a panel of all team chairs and PMs - each set of two would talk about the charge of the team and the scope of the program area -  open about what is working, what is not, what is exciting from each - then a QA from the membership. 

Open to discussion:
This needs to be framed on a positive side 
John might be the MC or running the mic around
Main room can hold 500 people 
16 people so we will need to be quick in our areas about 5 or less min to leave 30 min for QA  
Highlight the concrete things and early wins and soon to be wins
Refer to history, but only for context 
Having teams member pictures for the the Summer meeting 
About 200 people registered  already, still two weeks left 
Mentioned two stand outs - anyone that scores really high they may or may not to repeat the sessions
Also can redo sessions in a webinar after the fact 
Might have to have an official note taker for each session 

Evening - Teams dinners - Alliance PM will host the dinner on this evening

Thursday -

Team with Reps then just the Teams. Then the P&C will have a meeting/ Lunch with Council. This is really the one time in the year that were are close to being on the same page. 

Questions/ Comments: non mentioned at this time.

3. Systems Team (Guidry / Cornish)

Discussion of scope of charge, current and planned activities, potential overlap areas with other teams.
Note that this will be a regular agenda item for each team in turn.

Each meeting should have an update from a program or team. 

Al and Wade have a presentation on the following aspects of Systems
Who is on the Team 
First meeting in May - People that rep large and small, public and private 
Charge overview - the team is conscious of its importance for all system in the Alliance 
Review of Goals
Open Calls and Listservs 
Current Activities 
Alma Enhancement Working Group- Review who was on the team and what they have done, with impact of the votes
Summer Meeting 
Primo Testing WG
SLA WG- trying to make this efficient as possible 
Current Dance Card
List break downs
Meetings break downs 
Potential activities 

Comments to make sure that we are working together and aware of those conversations in such a way that is transparent to the membership

CCD will be the next group

4. Alliance Staff Retreat (Helmer)

Topics raised, potential impact on teams, identification of issues that need Board review.

Evaluation of tools (Gdocs, Gearbox)
Introduction/training for team chairs and members
Developing training across programs
Policy flowchart and when it would come to the P&C team and when it would go to the team vs the Board.

One stop shop for SILS and where to go for the future information on the web 

5. Changing of the Guard (Shaffer)

Officially, roles on committees and board change on July 1, but the Alliance traditionally makes the switch at the summer meeting. This means the current members of the P&C Team will meet on July 2, and the new & continuing members will meet on August 6.

At that time, I will transition off of the P&C Team and be done, Jane Carlin as Past Chair of the Alliance will become Chair of the P&C Team, Faye Chadwell as Chair of the Alliance will transition off for one year, Lynn Baird as Chair-Elect of the Alliance will join, old Team chairs will leave, and new Team chairs will join. If that isn’t clear as mud, we’ll discuss it on our call.

6. Sharing (All) - as time allows

Share news, activities, anything interesting

No time remaining!