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Present: Gordon Aamot (University of Washington), Serin Anderson (St. Martin’s University), Amy Coughenour (Concordia University), Jill Emery (Portland State University), Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Program Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance), Tina Hovekamp (Council Liaison, Central Oregon Community College), Kris Kern (Portland State University), Mike Olson (Chair, Western Washington University)

Absent: Corey Murata (University of Washington)

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes and Notes

The minutes for the April 3 meeting, taken by Gordon Aamot, were approved and distributed via email prior to the meeting. Amy Coughenour is taking today’s notes.


Discontinuing Membership. The group continued discussion regarding the Alliance’s intention to discontinue membership in WEST. Mike shared that the Board has a deadline to inform WEST of its final decision by the end of April. He proposed that the SCT’s objective for today’s meeting would be to organize a sub-group that would investigate the questions and answers regarding the outcome of the Alliance leaving WEST.

The following SCT members volunteered to join the sub-group: Mike, Gordon, Jill, Amy, and Kris. It was also suggested to include Jim Bunnelle from Lewis & Clark in this discussion because of his work with WEST and experience at an institution that is not an archive holder.

The group decided the best method to provide this information to the Board and the rest of SCT would be to write an executive summary that answers questions regarding whether an institution should join WEST as an individual member. The majority of the DPR conversation would be tabled for later, except for elements that affect the WEST discussion. The group started a question list based on information and questions from Mike, Kathi, Gordon, Corey, Peggy Firman (University of Puget Sound), and Linda Di Biase (University of Washington). The preliminary questions are as follows.

1. What might happen when an Alliance WEST membership goes away?
2. What do we want to understand about the effects of canceling our membership on the libraries?
3. What effect does the end of an Alliance consortial membership to WEST have on the Distributed Print Repository (DPR) archive holders?
  • Libraries are still obligated to keep their DPR materials.
  • The MOU is with the Alliance for 25 years.
  • Still considering any next steps for DPR and DPR's relationship with WEST.

4. What effect does the end of this WEST membership have on WEST archive holders’ obligations?

  • Libraries still obligated to hold titles for 25 year term.
  • Are they required to be direct members of WEST?

5. Is one of our holding libraries of DPR materials no longer the consortium’s? (from Peggy Firman)

6. What obligation does a non-WEST library have to fulfill WEST requests (if any)? (from Peggy Firman)

7. What WEST materials are still available to a library’s users when the library is no longer a WEST member? (from Peggy Firman)

8. What are the benefits of an institutional WEST membership? (Answers in WEST brochure)

The group discussed ways of gathering information to answer the questions. Tina recommended contacting the archive holders to determine why they’re archive holders. However, there was concern that we wouldn’t have sufficient time to canvas the libraries, gather the information, and respond to the Board within the tight deadline. Instead, the sub-group will answer the questions based on information from the WEST brochure, Alliance agreements (such as DPR), and other sources.

Other WEST-Related Information. Gordon forwarded a note from Linda Di Biase regarding an upcoming WEST council meeting. Kathi reiterated that the WEST pricing structure is firm for this year, but there may be accommodations in the future. Under the previous structure, archive holders received a discount, but that’s gone away. The SCT confirmed that archive holders who have made their commitments directly to WEST will continue their obligations. Much like the DPR, when they make agreements, they’re bound to those agreements, which are 25-year obligations. There was a question about whether or not interlibrary loan borrowing would be affected for non-WEST members, and the response was that such requests would go through the regular ILL route.


  • We need to finalize the relationship between DPR and WEST. That would be when we would bring in the holding libraries and have a bigger conversation.
  • What would happen to DPR? Would it be static? Or would we change the way it functions?
  • As time goes on, there will be more deaccessioning of materials, which will have an impact.

  • Kathi will contact Jim Bunnelle with an invitation to join the sub-group.
  • Kathi will send out the list of questions to the group for the sub-group to answer.
  • The sub-group will finalize the list of questions by end of day Monday.
  • Kathi will coordinate a time for the sub-group to meet Wednesday, April 22, for an hour.
  • The sub-group will formulate the answers to the questions by the end of next week.
Next Shared Content Team Meeting is April 30, 1-2 pm