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Council Meeting Minutes

November 2014    Meeting #39


Tina Hovekamp (COCC)
Michele Reilly for Patricia
     Cutright (CWU)
Natalie Beach (Chemeketa)
Michelle Bagley (Clark)*
Brent Mai (Concordia)
Karen Clay (EOU)
Suzanne Milton (EWU)
Merrill Johnson (GFU)*
Marika Pineda (LCC)
Mark Dahl (L&C)
Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield)
Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst)
Megan Dugan (MHCC)

Chris Shaffer (OHSU)*
Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild (OIT)
Faye Chadwell (OSU)*
Marita Kunkel (Pacific)
Donna Reed (PCC)
Marilyn Moody (PSU)
Dena Hutto (Reed)
Scot Harrison (SMU)
Michael Paulus (SPU)
Jeffrey Gayton (SOU)
John Popko (SU)*
Andrea Heisel for Jeff
     Antonelis-Lapp (TESC)

Lynn Baird (UI)*
Adriene Lim (UO)
Drew Harrington (UP)
Jane Carlin (UPS)*
Betsy Wilson (UW)
Carolyn Gaskell (WWU)
Mari Bettineski (WPC)
Trevor Bond for Jay Starratt (WSU)
Allen McKiel (WOU)
Mark I. Greenberg (WWU)*
Deborah Dancik (WU)
Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)*



  • Trevor Bond, WSU, Chair, Content Creation and Dissemination Team
  • Ann Miller, UO, Winner of an Alliance 20th Anniversary Professional Development Award; Chair, Collaborative Technical Services Team


  • John F. Helmer, Executive Director*
  • Elizabeth Duell, Events Coordinator

* = FY15 Board of Directors

Thursday November 13

Welcome, Introductions, and review of agenda (Jane)

  • Jeffrey Gayton (SOU) introduced by Marita Kunkel
    • Introduction delayed until Friday
  • Adriene Lim (UO) introduced by Michele Reilly
    • Delayed to March

Council members introduced themselves.

1. Updates
>12:30 - 1:15
John Helmer updated us on New Teams. Including: Background: Timeline and Program Structure. The new groups include: Content Creation and Dissemination Team; Shared Content Team; Discovery and Delivery Team; Collaborative Workforce Team; Systems Team.

John Helmer spoke Washington State sales and business taxes

Faye Chadwell talked about the meeting of the Human Resources Task Force and the work that is surrounding this issue.

Jane Carlin spoke briefly about the Alliance membership future events.  The intention is that  Whitworth will be submitting an application in June 2015.  Michelle Bagley talked about sister consortia and how the Alliance is looking into those relationships.

John Helmer spoke about Greg Doyle and his retirement and informed the Council that Margarita Wickham will be joining the staff.  He also spoke about the Program Manager position which has been created.

John Helmer spoke about the Summer Meeting 2015 at Warner Pacific College!

2. Alliance 20th Anniversary Professional Development Award:

Ann Miller spoke about the The International Group of Ex Libris Users meeting in Oxford, England.

3. Finance Team (Michelle)

3.1 Michelle Bagley made a report about the General Treasurer’s report.

Michelle Bagley spoke about the Finance team and it’s work over the last few months on the Collaborative Work Force Model.

3.3. Collaborative Workforce Model: presentation & group discussion

Michelle Bagley spoke about the Finance team and it’s work over the last few months on the Collaborative Work Force Model.

There was a discussion about the example framework and the document in general to provide feedback for the final recommendation for Council consideration at a future meeting. 

4. Content Creation and Dissemination Team report (Trevor & Mark D.)

Trevor Bond and Mark Dahl spoke about collections and the Content Creation and Dissemination Team’s work.  The Council will vote on the Board recommendation on Friday.

 Document: Content Creation and Dissemination Team report

5. Shared ILS

 Betsy Wilson addressed using Primo at University of Washington.

 John Helmer discussed the meetings with Ex Libris’ Shlomi Kringel (Corporate VP Discovery and Delivery Solutions), Melissa Hilbert (VP, Professional Services), and Brian Noone (Support Manager).

 John also spoke about the Center of Excellence and provided an overall update about the progress of Summit 3 and told Council about the Leadership Meeting planned for ELUNA meeting in May 2015.  

 John spoke about the Data Sharing MOU.

 John spoke about EBSCO/Ex Libris.

 John spoke about the celebration of the end of SILS implementation: SILS IT, member staff, Alliance staff, and vendor recognition

Friday November 14

8:30 am - coffee, light snacks

Jane Carlin announced that the agenda had changed.

Marika formally introduced Jeffrey Gayton.

7. Vote: Content Creation and Dissemination Team goals

John Helmer spoke more about the dissemination of work among the staff.  Mark Dahl and Trevor Bond addressed the Council and answered questions.

A Vote was taken on the Board recommendation  that Council approve the goals set forth in the CCD report. 

 VOTE:  It was unanimous in favor of the recommendation.

 8. Collaborative Workforce redux

 Jane Carlin lead a discussion about the Collaborative Workforce Team.  

 6. Assessment Team charge: Discussion and Clarification

 Jane Carlin facilitated a discussion, including small groups to get a better sense of Council expectations of the Assessment Team. Susan Barnes Whyte, Karen Clay and Fay Chadwell gave some background and distributed an ‘Academic Library Value Checklist’ from ACRL Values report from 2012 as a discussion facilitator.

 9. Announcements

 Dalia Corkrum had gone to OCLC Global Council in Dublin, Ohio and announced that OCLC is under new leadership and taking it’s charge to libraries very seriously and reorganizing it under 4 product lines.  OCLC is also starting their regional meetings with Library staff again. Next week there will be one at PSU. All Library Staff are welcome.

 Chris Shaffer and Dena Hutto Reminded Council that the ACRL meeting is in Portland in March and are soliciting volunteers for welcoming this ACRL. Please contact Dena Hutto to volunteer.

 Next Council Meeting is at Seattle University on March 12-13, 2015