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Board Meeting #34 -- Minutes

May 13, 2014
11:00 - 1:00 pm



Chris Shaffer, Chair
Jane Carlin, Chair-elect
Jay Starratt, Past Chair
Michelle Bagley, Treasurer (FY14 & 15)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Lynn Baird, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
Merrill Johnson, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

1. Welcome & agenda review (Chris)

Welcome to Michelle Bagley, Treasurer!

2. Strategic Planning follow-up (Chris)

Document: Program descriptions and team charges

Background from March Council meeting: Program chart | Initiatives, Programs, and Team Structure

Revised program descriptions

· Board drafts were distributed for comment by Council and Teams on April 11

· May 13: Discussion of revised Board drafts

· Mid-May: Final versions are shared with Council and can be revisited in July as needed

The Board reviewed the revised program descriptions.
Action: Approved. John will send to Council.

Content Creation and Dissemination Team

· John prepares a draft charge

· May 13: Board discusses draft charge and intent to implement a new team and charge in July

· Mid-May: charge shared with Council and nominations sought

· June 12: Board finalizes charge and membership

The Board reviewed the draft charge and discussed the approach to take in identifying membership and the range of expertise needed. Nominations for membership will be sought from Council, and Council members will also be asked to express their interest in serving as a liaison. The Team charge will also be shared on the general Announce list with information that Council has been asked to nominate potential team members.

Assessment Team

· May 13: Board designates a member to draft a charge and discusses intent to implement a new team and charge in July. Note tasks approved by Council in March:

o Support and promote efforts associated with the Center of Excellence initiatives to develop and enhance consortial reporting and collection analysis tools that will serve as a foundation for shared data and assessment program benchmarks.

o Identify a core program to assess for the fiscal year 2015. This approach will serve as a foundation for future assessment initiatives and will identify core concepts and processes to apply to future program review.

o Determine what information the Council requires for evidence-based/data-driven decision-making.

· Mid-May: update for current Assessment Team and guidance for Summer Meeting (program should be planned with team transition in mind, i.e., wrap up current charge in July without beginning new initiatives.)

· June 12: finalize charge and potentially assign DDA as an assessment project, determine membership

Chris asked for volunteers to draft a charge as described above, recognizing that the current assessment team is concluding its work as the new team is being formed. The timeline is to finalize the charge at the Board’s June 12th meeting and then to provide to Council for review and a call for membership. A question was raised as to whether or what guidance we should provide Council on the desired background of members. The Board agreed that once we have a charge in hand, we will have a better idea what guidance is needed. The Board will meet at Summer meeting to select members from nominees. The Board will make suggestions to Council as to what should be assessed (e.g., a core program such as DDA). Council will review or revise, and this charge would then be given to the assessment team.

Action: Jane Carlin and Susan Barnes Whyte volunteered to work on draft charge for the Assessment Team and to provide it to the Board a few days prior to June 12th.

Finance Team assignment related to Collaborative Work

· John prepares a draft assignment

· May 13: Board discusses a draft assignment

· June 12: Board finalizes assignment

Note that Council will be asked to provide nominations for new teams (Content Creation and Dissemination, Assessment Team) and current teams continuing in FY15 (SPOT, CDMC-ST, CTST, NWDA-ST) with a reminder that the latter will be replaced by new teams as the new structure is implemented.

Action: Board discussed and approved the charge.

3. Updates (John)

· EBSCO & Ex Libris

John noted that both EBSCO and Ex Libris have contacted the Alliance about our response to EBSCO’s recent decision. The Discovery Working Group is reviewing EBSCO’s decision and will report to the Board. The Board will then consider what response is appropriate.

· FY15 Budget vote

Council passed the recommended budget unanimously as indicated in earlier email.

· Process for establishing a data sharing agreement

o SILS Iteam forwards recommendation -- done

o Policy Team approves moving ahead -- done

o Review process with Board on May 13

o Summary for Council awareness

o John drafts agreement. Reviewers include Natalie, SILS ITeam working group (Al, Bill Jordan, etc.), legal contacts from OUS & ICCL (AG?)

o Penultimate data-sharing MOU circulated to all members for comment

o Final MOU drafted

o Signatures gathered

The Board suggested included in the agreement scenarios that the SILS ITeam had identified to make this more concrete. No specific timeline has been projected yet, but the Board noted this is important for the implementation of Summit 3. John will work on a timeline.


o AEW grant extension
The grant activity will explore what is needed to move data.

o Site rename

The steering team is working on renaming the site, funneling recommendations to the CCD. The name NWDA will no longer be used.

· Center of Excellence

o Summit 3

o Other initiatives

Summit 3 is moving forward, but there is work to be done. This may include a face-to-face meeting for Summit 3 project leads (Ex L and Alliance) to push forward. There will be a Summit 3 presentation at Summer Meeting.

  • Alliance staffing plans

    John outlined program manager assignments for the Alliance staff, given the new team structure. Kathi Fountain is assuming the Shared Content Team program manager responsibilities, and the Alliance will hire a classified staff member to handle e-resource licensing and other related duties. The timing for this position has not yet been determined. Jodi will be the program manager for the Content Creation & Dissemination Team. The Discovery & Delivery Team program manager will be Anya. Al will handle Systems, Keith Folsom will be working in that area as well. The Collaborative Workforce program manager will be a new position. John will be seeking input on a position description, which is budgeted for January.

· Summer Meeting
The meeting is focused on SILS.

· Outreach

o Sister consortia
Meetings will be scheduled, and Natalie volunteered to participate.

o Potential new members

4. Future topics (Chris)

· Audit Best Practices Recommendations (password protected): develop recommendation and vote (June meeting)

· Exploration of HR hosts (benefits, payroll administration) for Alliance staff

· Membership criteria