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Board Meeting #34

May 13, 2014
11:00 - 1:00 pm



Chris Shaffer, Chair
Jane Carlin, Chair-elect
Jay Starratt, Past Chair
Michelle Bagley, Treasurer (FY14 & 15)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Lynn Baird, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
Merrill Johnson, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

1. Welcome & agenda review (Chris)

Welcome to Michelle Bagley, Treasurer!

2. Strategic Planning follow-up (Chris)

Background from March Council meeting:  Program chart | Initiatives, Programs, and Team Structure
Revised program descriptions
  • Board drafts were distributed for comment by Council and Teams on April 11
  • May 13: Discussion of revised Board drafts
  • Mid-May: Final versions are shared with Council and can be revisited in July as needed
Content Creation and Dissemination Team
  • John prepares a draft charge
  • May 13: Board discusses draft charge and intent to implement a new team and charge in July
  • Mid-May: charge shared with Council and nominations sought
  • June 12: Board finalizes charge and membership
Assessment Team
  • May 13: Board designates a member to draft a charge and discusses intent to implement a new team and charge in July. Note tasks approved by Council in March:
    • Support and promote efforts associated with the Center of Excellence initiatives to develop and enhance consortial reporting and collection analysis tools that will serve as a foundation for shared data and assessment program benchmarks.
    • Identify a core program to assess for the fiscal year 2015. This approach will serve as a foundation for future assessment initiatives and will identify core concepts and processes to apply to future program review.
    • Determine what information the Council requires for evidence-based/data-driven decision-making.
  • Mid-May: update for current Assessment Team and guidance for Summer Meeting (program should be planned with team transition in mind, i.e., wrap up current charge in July without beginning new initiatives.)
  • June 12: finalize charge and potentially assign DDA as an assessment project, determine membership
Finance Team assignment related to Collaborative Work
  • John prepares a draft assignment
  • May 13: Board discusses a draft assignment
  • June 12: Board finalizes assignment
Note that Council will be asked to provide nominations for new teams (Content Creation and Dissemination, Assessment Team) and current teams continuing in FY15 (SPOT, CDMC-ST, CTST, NWDA-ST) with a reminder that the latter will be replaced by new teams as the new structure is implemented.

3. Updates (John)

  • EBSCO & Ex Libris
  • FY15 Budget vote
  • Process for establishing a data sharing agreement
    • SILS Iteam forwards recommendation -- done
    • Policy Team approves moving ahead -- done
    • Review process with Board on May 13
    • Summary for Council awareness
    • John drafts agreement.  Reviewers include Natalie, SILS ITeam working group (Al, Bill Jordan, etc.), legal contacts from OUS & ICCL (AG?)
    • Penultimate data-sharing MOU circulated to all members for comment
    • Final MOU drafted
    • Signatures gathered
  • NWDA
    • AEW grant extension
    • Site rename
  • Center of Excellence
    • Summit 3
    • Other initiatives
  • Alliance staffing plans
  • Summer Meeting
  • Outreach
    • Sister consortia
    • Potential new members

4. Future topics (Chris)

  • Audit Best Practices Recommendations (password protected): develop recommendation and vote (June meeting)
  • Exploration of HR hosts (benefits, payroll administration) for Alliance staff
  • Membership criteria