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  • John F. Helmer, Executive Director
  • Chris Shaffer, Board Chair
  • Betsy Wilson, Chair, Shared ILS Policy Team
  • Susan Barnes Whyte, Board member
  • Jay Starratt, Board member
  • Al Cornish, Shared ILS Program Manager
  • Guest: Jane Carlin
1) Review of COE activity to date (John)

2) Update on Summit 3 (John)
  • Progress
  • Potential for C4 to move directly to Summit 3 (i.e. not re-implement WCNavigator)
3) Review and revision of current draft COE description (all)
Decisions were made about priorities and timing.

4) Potential changes in leadership team for FY15 (John)
On June 12 the Board will discuss team membership.
  • Jane Carlin replaces Chris Shaffer (Council Chair)
  • Natalie Beach replaces Betsy Wilson (Policy Team Chair)
  • Discussion of desire for continuity; all current members expressed a willingness to serve.
5) Communication about COE (John)
  • Board meeting June 12
  • June Council update on SILS
  • Summer Meeting: Plenary & Council meeting
  • Web site
  • Sustain communication after Summer Meeting
6) Summary of next steps (John)
  • Update, upload COE document (John)
  • Schedule Leadership meeting (John)
  • Communication as indicated under #5 above (John)