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Orbis Cascade Alliance Council Meeting #38

July 10 & 11, 2014

Meeting location

Eliot Center; Buchan Hall
Portland, Oregon


Tina Hovekamp (COCC);
Patricia Cutright (CWU);
Natalie Beach (Chemeketa);
Michelle Bagley (Clark);
Brent Mai (Concordia);
Karen Clay (EOU);
Suzanne Milton (EWU);
Merrill Johnson (GFU);
Linda Crook for Marika Pineda (LCC);
Mark Dahl (L&C);
Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield);
Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst);
Megan Dugan (MHCC);
 Chris Shaffer (OHSU);
 Kelly V. Peterson-Fairchild (OIT);
Faye Chadwell (OSU);
Marita Kunkel (Pacific);
Marilyn Moody (PSU);
Dena Hutto (Reed);
Scot Harrison (SMU);
Michael Paulus (SPU);
 Emily Miller-Francisco for Paul Adalian (SOU);
John Popko (SU);
Andrea Heisel for Jeff Antonelis-Lapp (TESC);
Lynn Baird (UI);
Mark Watson (UO);
Drew Harrington (UP);
Jane Carlin (UPS);
Betsy Wilson (UW);
Carolyn Gaskell (WWU);
Sue Kopp and Mari Bettineski (WPC);
Jay Starratt (WSU);
Allen McKiel (WOU);
 Mark I. Greenberg (WWU);
Deborah Dancik (WU)
Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)

Absent: Donna Reed (Natalie Beach Proxy); Dalia Corkrum (Friday Only – Deb Dancik Proxy)


For Ebook recommendation:
Linda DiBiase, UW and Chair Ebook WG and Kathi Fountain, Collections Services Program Manager

For SILS update:

Oren Beit-Arie, Ex Libris; Melissa Hilbert, Ex Libris; and Al Cornish, SILS Program Manager

John F. Helmer, Executive Director and Elizabeth Duell, Events Coordinator

Thursday July 10

  1. Welcome & Introductions (Chris Shaffer)

Susan Barnes Whyte gave an introduction of Mari Bettineski who will be succeeding Sue Kopp when she retires in 22 days as Library Director at Warner Pacific College.

Council went around the room and everyone introduced themselves.

The visiting Ex Libris staff were introduced: Melissa Hilbert and Oren Beit-Arie. Both spoke about their experiences at the Summer meeting and praised the positive attitudes and obvious engagement of the staff of our members.

2. There was a discussion with Ex Libris staff, Oren Beit-Arie & Melissa Hilbert.

3. Al Cornish provided an update on the Shared ILS implementation process and was congratulated on his first anniversary as an Alliance staff member.

3.2. John Helmer spoke about the Center of Excellence and walked Council members through the document.

4. Linda DiBiase and Kathi Fountain spoke about the Ebook Recommendation to Council.

5. Chris Shaffer and John Helmer spoke about the Financial Best Practices and Operating Reserve Policy.

5.1. Michelle Bagley reviewed the Financial Best Practices recommendations and actions.

5.2. Michelle Bagley spoke about the Operating Reserve Policy.

6. Chris Shaffer spoke about the Membership Criteria.

7. John Helmer led a discussion on the document ‘Perspectives on Membership Growth’. In anticipation of continued discussion on Friday, Jane Carlin, Chair-elect, distributed a straw poll ballot asking for Council members” opinions on unfreezing the process for new membership applications, asking for a ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘maybe’ vote and inviting additional comments.

Friday July 11

8. In Executive Session, Chris Shaffer reported on the timetable, process, outcomes, and actions regarding the evaluation of Executive Director, John Helmer. Council members acknowledged John's good work and positive evaluation with a round of applause when he returned to the meeting.

9. John Helmer spoke about Team structure changes.

Finance Team: Michelle Bagley spoke about the new charge for the Finance Team for the foundation and guidelines for the Shared Workforce. There will be a webinar in the future to gather input from library staff about ideas and concerns for the Shared Workforce

10. Council Decisions (Chris)

Expected outcome: revise as appropriate and vote on topics introduced on Thursday

Ebook recommendation (#4)

Reallocate up to $225,000 of the existing $1 million DDA budget to support an Alliance-wide subscription for an aggregator's ebook package. The preferred option is ebrary/Proquest's Academic Complete, but if negotiations cannot be concluded satisfactorily with ProQuest, then negotiations will be pursued with EBSCO for its customized ebook product.

Jane Carlin moved and Drew Harrington seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

Operating Reserve Policy (#5.2)

The Operating Reserve target is calculated annually as part of the adoption of a budget. The Operating Reserve target formula is 20% of the sum of a) annual salaries and benefits, b) annual office space and equipment leases, and c) annual fees specified in the Shared ILS contract. This Operating Reserve policy is reviewed whenever the Board determines that review is prudent, but not less than every five years.

The question was called. The motion was approved unanimously.

Membership Criteria (#6)

There was extended discussion on the section in part one, ‘Full Membership,’ third bullet, second sub-bullet beginning, ’Library staff that are ableā€¦’ Deb Dancik moved and Patricia Cutright seconded the following amended text: ‘Library staff and other institutional capacity that enable the library to meet consortial obligations and expected performance levels in keeping with the size of the member organization in support of committee, team, and project work.’ The amendment was approved unanimously.

Question was called on the amended Orbis Cascade Alliance Membership Criteria document and the document was approved unanimously.

There was a short discussion about re-visiting our MOUs to be sure they are in alignment with the new Membership Criteria.

12. Discussion about the Membership Straw poll was led by Jane Carlin.

The results of the straw poll ballot that was distributed on Thursday had been compiled and sent to Council members on Thursday evening: 17 ‘yes’ votes, 4 ‘no’ votes, and 15 ‘maybe’ votes. Twenty-three ballots contained additional comments. The Council discussed membership in small groups and then continued the discussion as a large group.

13. Summer Meeting experiences

Jane Carlin led a discussion about the Summer meeting.

Jane and Susan Barnes Whyte recognized the retirement of Sue Kopp. She will be missed greatly and the Council wished her best of luck in her next phase of life.

Jane recognized Chris Shaffer as out-going Chair and praised him for his work and contributions during a very complicated time for the Alliance.

Jane also distributed a letterpress keepsake broadside to each Council member honoring the work of the Alliance by quoting language from the new strategic plan.

Meeting was adjourned by noon.