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Board Meeting #33

April 9, 2014
2:00 - 3:30 pm



Chris Shaffer, Chair
Jane Carlin, Chair-elect
Jay Starratt, Past Chair -- absent
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14) -- absent
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Lynn Baird, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15) -- absent
Merrill Johnson, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)
Guest: Michelle Bagley, Treasurer-elect

1. FY15 Budget recommendation and Council vote (Chris)

Expected outcome: determine Board recommendations; review Council voting process
Document: FY15 Budget
April 14-18: Board recommendation and Council email discussion of DDA and WEST
April 21-25: Two Council votes conducted at the same time 1. DDA, 2. WEST
April 28-May 2: Board recommendation and Council discussion of Reserves and Membership Fees
May 5-9: Council vote on FY15 Budget, including Reserves and Membership Fees.

2. Strategic Planning follow-up (Chris)

Expected outcome: review and revise program descriptive paragraphs; determine next steps.
Document: Descriptive paragraphs (to be linked), Program chart approved by Council

April 9 GTM Board meeting: finalize descriptive paragraphs, seek Council feedback
May 13 GTM Board meeting:
      • Content Creation and Dissemination Team: discuss draft charge
      • Assessment Team: discuss draft charge and concept of assigning DDA as an assessment project
      • Finance Team: discuss Collaborative Work task
      • Send drafts for Council feedback along with a call for nominations
June 12 In-Person meeting:
      • Content Creation and Dissemination Team: finalize charge, determine membership
      • Assessment Team: finalize charge and potentially assign DDA as an assessment project, determine membership
      • Finance Team: finalize Collaborative Work task

3. Report back on April 3 meetings with Yair Amsterdam, Ex Libris COO (Chris)

Expected outcome: Discussion

4. Membership criteria and timing for consideration of new member applications (Chris)

Expected outcome: Discussion; review indications of interest; determine who will draft revisions to membership criteria and application; determine next steps; determine update for potential new members.
Background documents: Current membership criteria, application form, and site visit instructions (password protected)

5. Professional Development Award policies, funding, guidelines, etc. (Jane)

Expected outcome: review and discussion of draft policy
Document: Recommendations

6. Future topics (Chris)

Audit Best Practices Recommendations (password protected): develop recommendation and vote (June meeting)
• Exploration of HR hosts (benefits, payroll administration) for Alliance staff