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Board Meeting #29

October 21, 2013
10:00 am - 3:30 pm
White Stag/UO Portland
Room 150

Chris Shaffer, Chair
Jane Carlin, Chair-elect
Jay Starratt, Past Chair
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Lynn Baird, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
Merrill Johnson, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

Guests (by phone)
Al Cornish, Shared ILS Program Manger
1. Shared ILS update (John, Al to join us by phone at 10am)
Expected outcome: update and discussion.
Document: none
•    SILS team and working group changes (John)

John has been discussing needs with the various teams. Several working group chairs are rotating off shortly, so new leadership needs to be identified.

•    Center of Excellence (John)

The first call is scheduled for this Wednesday. John noted that he is discussing with Ex Libris publishing this agreement on the Alliance web site.

•    Primo (Al)

Al noted that scale is a significant issue. Ex Libris has missed two maintenance estimates on re-indexing. One of the biggest impacts currently is on daily course-reserves updates. Ex Libris” approach to addressing these issues is threefold: 1) reduce the number of records being indexed (target of Feb 2014); 2) implement deduplication  (target of Jan 2014); and 3) roll-out an improved software platform (target of spring 2014).
Sarah and Al have done a large amount of the initial Primo configuration for C2 libraries and are developing a baseline configuration guided by C1/C2 decisions, reducing anticipated staff time during the C3 and C4 migrations.
•    Cohort 2 (Al)
Al reported that Primo authentication setup is moving forward for C2 libraries and that Alma authentication will be addressed shortly. C2 Alma certification training is scheduled for next month, and Primo certification is expected in January. C2 libraries needing Primo customizations prior to certification will work directly with Ex Libris by submitting SIs. Anya is leading the NRE integration effort.
2. Strategic agenda: recommendation for Council (Chris)
Expected outcome: discuss and revise draft document; forward for Council discussion and adoption in November.
•    Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Agenda (same document reviewed at the last meeting except that a "Values" draft has been added)
•    Jane Carlin's suggestions sent via email (password protected)
The Board reviewed and revised the draft strategic agenda, but had additional questions related to the concept of ‘smart work.’
Action: The Board agreed to recommend the revised strategic agenda to Council, subject to additional revisions related to Smart Work that would be carried out in the next few days over email.
3. Broadening of the charge of the SILS Policy Team: recommendation for Council (Chris)
Expected outcome: discuss and revise draft document; forward for Council discussion and adoption in November.
Document:  Policy Team Membership and Charge

The Board reviewed and revised this policy document, which broadens the role of the Policy Team from a specifically SILS Policy Team to a more general Policy Team charged with addressing ‘those high-level issues that impact the Alliance as a whole.’

Action: The Board agreed to recommend this revised Policy Team membership and charge to Council.

4. Board topics (Chris)
Expected outcome: discuss and determine next steps.
Document: none
•    Committee structure

The Board agreed that revisions to the committee structure should wait until after the strategic agenda has been approved and initiatives finalized.

•    How do we ensure that we are developing shared practices to a sufficient extent and not diverging too much?

There was general agreement that this is addressed in the proposed strategic agenda (e.g., ‘Smart Work’).

•    EBSCO and Ex Libris
The Board discussed next steps. With only five libraries live on Primo, we still need to determine the full impact of having EBSCO content only available through the EBSCO API. John will discuss with Al approaches to analyze the extent of the issue and with Greg whether there are other viable options for pursuing periodical database compatibility with Primo and Alma.

5. Treasurer and Finance Committee (Deb)
FY14 First Quarter Budget Report

Deb provided an overview of the first quarter budget, describing the breakdown by program.

6. Council 20th anniversary celebration plans (Jane, Elizabeth to join us by phone at 1pm)
Expected outcome: update and discussion.
Document: News Release
•    Participants
•    Agenda for evening
•    Silent auction
•    Professional Development Awards
•    Graphic materials
Jane described the plan for the evening events, and John provided an update on vendor donations.
7. Updates (John)
Expected outcome: update and discussion.
Document: none
•    Digital Public Library of America and NWDA
o    Digital Public Library of America Service and Content hubs

o    NWDA's Archive Engine West prototype, created as part of an IMLS Leadership Grant (previously known as Cross-Search and Context Utility or XCU)
NWDA will be reporting out on the IMLS Leadership Grant at our next Board meeting and to Council in March. John noted that Archive Engine West, with its cross-search capability of multiple platforms, has some affinities with the DPLA. NWDA is looking at the possibility of serving as a DPLA service hub.
•    Exploration of HR (benefits, payroll administration) hosts for Alliance staff
While still exploring Reed as an option for an HR host, John suggested we need to be thinking long-term about the most appropriate model.
•    New Content Management System
Steady progress on the migration is being made, with the final cutover scheduled for January.
8. Setting Council agenda for November 14-15 (Chris, Elizabeth to join us by phone at 1pm)
Expected outcome: draft Council's agenda.
Document: none
•    Thursday
o    Broadening of the charge of the SILS Policy Team: recommendation from Board
o    Strategic agenda: recommendation from Board, followed by small group discussions
o    Celebration, silent auction, etc.
•    Friday
o    Decisions, including broader conversation strategic agenda
o    SILS update
Conference calls on the strategic agenda will be scheduled prior to the Council meeting.