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Meeting  #36

November 14 & 15, 2013



Tina Hovekamp (COCC)
Patricia Cutright (CWU)
Natalie Beach (Chemeketa)*
Michelle Bagley (Clark)
Brent Mai (Concordia)
Karen Clay (EOU)
Suzanne Milton (EWU)
Merrill Johnson (GFU)*
Marika Pineda (LCC)
Mark Dahl (L&C)
Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield)*
Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst)
Jan Marie Fortier-Calbaum (MHCC)

Chris Shaffer (OHSU)*
Kelly Peterson (OIT)
Faye Chadwell (OSU)
Marita Kunkel (Pacific)
Donna Reed (PCC)
Marilyn Moody (PSU),
Dena Hutto (Reed)
Scot Harrison (SMU)*
Michael Paulus (SPU)
Emily Miller-Francisco,
    proxy for Paul Adalian (SOU)
John Popko (SU)

Jeff Antonelis-Lapp (TESC)
Lynn Baird (UI)*
Mark Watson

     proxy for Deb Carver (UO)*
Drew Harrington (UP)
Jane Carlin (UPS)*
Betsy Wilson (UW)
Carolyn Gaskell (WWU)
Sue Kopp (WPC)
Jay Starratt (WSU)*
Allen McKiel (WOU)
Mark I. Greenberg (WWU)
Deborah Dancik (WU)
Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)

Absent: none

Staff, in celebration of the 20th Anniversary, the entire Alliance staff will be in attendance

John F. Helmer (Executive Director)*
Jodi Allison-Bunnell (Northwest Digital Archives Program Manager)
Anya Arnold (Resource Sharing Program Manager)
Al Cornish (Shared ILS Program Manager)
Greg Doyle (Electronic Resources Program Manager)
Elizabeth Duell (Events Coordinator)
Keith Folsom (Information Technology Manager)
Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Collection Services Program Manager)
Debi Place (Business Manager)

* = FY14 Board of Directors

Thursday  November 14                          Noon - 5:00 pm

1. Welcome, Introductions, Review Agenda (Chris Shaffer)

2. Treasurer and Finance Committee (Deb Carver)

3. Discussions in preparation for decision (Chris Shaffer)

A. Broadening of the charge of the SILS Policy Team: recommendation from Board
Expected outcome: Discuss, consider revisions and vote on Friday

B. Strategic agenda: recommendation from Board
Expected outcome: Discuss, consider revisions and vote on Friday
Document: Board recommendation
Background: Previous Board discussion draft


·         In late October or early November Council members have the option to join in a webinar to discuss the Board's recommendation.

·         During the Council meeting:

o    Chris Shaffer will introduce the topic and clarify any questions about process.

o    Council members will be divided into small groups for discussion.  All should discuss and we are not seeking a note taker or planning for group reporting.

o    Council will reconvene as a body of the whole for group discussion.

o    The introduction of amendments to the Board recommendation and voting will occur on Friday morning.

4. Alliance@20 (Jane Carlin)

Silent auction, no host bar, 20th Anniversary Celebration and dinner


Friday November 15             9:00 am- Noon

5. Decisions (Chris Shaffer)

A. Broadening of the charge of the SILS Policy Team: recommendation from Board

VOTE: In Favor: 34; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0. The recommendation passed unanimously.

B. Strategic agenda: recommendation from Board

Based on Thursday”s Council discussion and additional comments received via email, the Board presented a revised strategic agenda. This was discussed extensively by Council and additional revisions were made before it was brought to vote.

VOTE: In Favor: 34; Opposed: 0; Abstentions: 0. The revised Strategic Agenda and the Mission, Vision and Values statement passed unanimously.

Two concepts that Council identified as warranting additional discussion were the notions of the Alliance as ‘one collection’ or as ‘one library.’ These will be taken up by the Board as a topic for the March 2014 meeting.

6. Brief Updates from Alliance Program Managers (John F. Helmer)

Expected outcome: short updates, as time allows.

Jodi Allison-Bunnell (Northwest Digital Archives Program Manager)

·         NWDA infrastructure and interface; potential connection to Shared ILS

·         ArchivesSpace

·         Archive Engine West

·         Digital Public Library of America

Anya Arnold (Resource Sharing Program Manager)

·         Courier

·         Integration of Summit and Shared ILS during implementation

·         Next gen Summit

Kathi Carlisle Fountain (Collection Services Program Manager)

·         CDMC directions

·         Demand Driven Acquisition

·         HathiTrust

·         Collaborative Technical Services

Al Cornish (Shared ILS Program Manager)

·         Primo scale

·         Cohort 2

·         Center of Excellence (John)

Greg Doyle (Electronic Resources Program Manager)

·         Major deals

·         Potential for sharing more ER

·         Summary of savings for each member

Questions? Comments? Discussion!

7. Announcements (all)

Mark Dahl announced that the Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark was co-sponsoring William Stafford Centennial 2 day Symposium: ‘You Must Revise Your Life’—Stafford at 100, a Celebration and Reassessment including a Poets Address by Li-Young Lee and Ted Kooser.

Faye Chadwell announced that Korey Jackson, who has expertise in digital scholarship, has been named to fill the Gray Family Chair for Innovative Library Services at Oregon State University Libraries and the OSU Press. She also noted that the OSU Extended Campus, OSU Libraries and Press (OSULP) are developing a pilot program encouraging OSU faculty to develop open access textbooks.

Marita Kunkel observed that Pacific University has opened a search for a Collection Management Services Librarian. The announcement will go out soon.

Kelly Peterson announced that Oregon Institute of Technology will begin a search for an Instruction Librarian soon.

Mark Greenberg announced that Western Washington University Libraries will soon be hiring two faculty positions: a Director of Scholarly Resources and Collection Services and a Scholarly Communications Librarian.

Jeff Antonelis-Lapp from The Evergreen State College noted the kickoff of The Evergreen State College Press, which publishes outstanding student writing. The first publication is Writing American Cultures: Studies of Identity, Community, and Peace, an anthology written by eight students and edited by Evergreen faculty member Sam Schrager. The library is closely involved in the editorial review board and in making copies of the Press' work available in print and electronically. The November 13th inaugural event included a reading from the authors and was widely acclaimed.

Jane Marie Fortier-Calbaum of Mt. Hood Community College announced her retirement. The search for a Director of the Library will commence soon.

Dena Hutto announced that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded Reed College a $800,000 grant. This Mellon grant, an earlier $150,000 grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation, and additional college funding supports a four-year project called "From Evidence to Scholarship: Building Bridges for Undergraduate Research’ that aims to enhance undergraduate research and strengthen student use of digital resources and technologies.

Chris Shaffer from Oregon Health and Sciences University noted that Emily McElroy has been named the Director of McGoogan Library of Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.