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Meeting #34

March 14: Noon - 5pm, meeting begins with lunch, followed by Council dinner
March 15: 830am - noon
Portland Community College -- Sylvania Campus
Tree Rooms
Portland, Oregon

Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Lake Oswego
14850 Kruse Oaks Dr., Lake Oswego, Or

Dinner: Hunan Pearl Restaurant
15160 SW Bangy Road, Lake Oswego, Or
Expected attendance:

David Bilyeu (COCC)
Patricia Cutright (CWU)
Natalie Beach (Chemeketa)*
Michelle Bagley (Clark)*
Brent Mai (Concordia)
Karen Clay (EOU)
Ted Otto (EWU)
Merrill Johnson (GFU)
Marika Pineda (LCC)
Mark Dahl (L&C)
Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield)*
Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst)
Jan Marie Fortier-Calbaum (MHCC)

Chris Shaffer (OHSU)*
Kelly Peterson (OIT)
Faye Chadwell (OSU)
Marita Kunkel (Pacific)
Allie Flanary for Donna Reed (PCC) – Thursday
and Friday?

Marilyn Moody (PSU)
Dena Hutto (Reed)
Scot Harrison (SMU)*
Michael Paulus (SPU)
Paul Adalian (SOU)
Doug Eriksen for John Popko (SU)
Sarah Pederson (TESC)

Lynn Baird (UI)
Deb Carver (UO) -- Thursday
Drew Harrington (UP)
Jane Carlin (UPS)
Betsy Wilson (UW)
Carolyn Gaskell (WWU)
Sue Kopp (WPC)
Jay Starratt (WSU)*
Allen McKiel (WOU)
Rick Osen (WWU)
Deborah Dancik (WU)
Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)

Absent:  none
Jim Bunnelle (L&C, Chair of Collection Development and Management Committee) -- Thursday
John Larson, Principal Alma Consultant, Ex Libris  -- Friday”s Shared ILS update (via Web)
Ido Peled, Project Manager, Ex Libris – Friday”s Shared ILS update (via Web)
Bill Kelm, (WU, SILS IT, Chair, Circulation and Resource Sharing Working Group) – Friday”s Shared ILS update
Sara Brownmiller, (UO, SILS IT, Chair Discovery Working Group) -- Friday”s Shared ILS update
Bill Jordan (UW, SILS Cohort 1 Institutional Lead)  -- Friday”s Shared ILS update
Wade Guidry (UPS, SILS IT, Chair, Systems Working Group) -- Friday”s Shared ILS update
Tina Hovekamp, COCC, Interim Director

John F. Helmer (Executive Director)*
Greg Doyle (ER Program Manager)
Anya Arnold (Summit Program Manager)
Lynn Chmelir (Shared ILS Implementation Manager)
Elizabeth Duell (Admin Assistant)  -- absent
* = FY13 Board of Directors

Thursday March 14   Noon - 5:00 pm


1. Welcome and Introductions (Jay Starratt)

Welcome to new Council members:
Kelly Peterson (OIT) introduced by Faye Chadwell

Thank you to ...
Rick Osen, finishing as interim director at WWU. Mark Greenberg will join Council in June.
Dave Bilyeu retired as of December 1 but is attending the March Council meeting. Tina Hovekamp is attending as a guest and will serve as Interim Director.

2. Review agenda (Jay Starratt)

3. Finance Committee (Deb Carver)

Noon - 1:00 pm
Expected outcome: review and discuss FY12 Audit and other Finance Committee activities.
     SAS 114 Letter (password protected)
     Financial statements (password protected)
     Best practices (password protected)

Deb reported that the Alliance completed its initial audit with flying colors. No material weaknesses were identified, which is unusual for a first audit. She then reviewed the Best Practices that Moss Adams recommends we consider. Finance considers the most substantive of the recommendations to be those related to the operating reserve and investment policy, which the committee will work on. A number of recommendations have already been implemented by Alliance staff, including those related to tracking voided checks, limiting access to blank checks, recording cash receipts, and handling vacation accruals. Alliance management and the Finance Committee were congratulated and thanked for a successful audit.

4. Demand Driven Ebook Program Report & CDMC Update (Jim Bunnelle & Greg Doyle)

1:00 - 1:30 pm
Expected outcome: review and discuss DDA report and update on CDMC

Jim Bunnelle (L&C, Chair of Collection Development and Management Committee)
Greg Doyle (ER Program Manager)
DDA Documents:
     Spreadsheet with raw data from the DDA survey (password protected)

Greg presented the committee”s recommendation to maintain the current cost-sharing model for the DDA, to increase overall funding to $1 million, and to re-examine the importance of ownership versus access. The ensuing discussion touched upon cost-sharing models, cost per search both among Alliance libraries and in comparison to some licensed collections, the desirability of extending overall funding in order to bring in content from additional publishers, and some of the pros and cons of long-term e-book ownership versus access. Council expressed its support and encouragement for the work of the DDA working group.
Jim provided a brief CDMC update, noting that the DDA and WEST are the two primary projects for this committee.  He also reported that a meeting is planned this spring to discuss a pilot shared approval plan for religious studies.

5. FY14 Budget: Introduction (Jay Starratt)

1:30 - 2:15 pm
Expected outcome: Discussion, with vote scheduled for Friday morning.
FY14 Budget (Council login required)
Board Recommendation

Adopt the budget for FY14
The Board recommends that Council adopt the budget as presented.
John reviewed highlights from the recommended budget, noting that voting to approve the budget means voting to increase the DDA funding to $1 million.

6. Reports

2:15 - 2:30 pm
Expected outcome: brief reports
Jane Carlin
     Alliance's 20th Anniversary
This ad hoc group is recommending that the Alliance host a celebratory dinner at its November 14, 2013 meeting. The dinner might include a reception hour with a silent auction. Initial ideas include the possibility of developing an Alliance service award, commemorative items, branded messages for library web sites, and a press kit for communicating with local administrators. Jane welcomes other ideas or feedback.

John F. Helmer
     Collaborative Technical Services

7. Strategic Planning (Chris Shaffer)

3:00 - 5:00 pm
Expected outcome: brief presentations, group discussion, and more!
Chris thanked the planning team and reviewed the process. Rather than doing a series of lightening sessions as originally plan, there will be two presentations today and two tomorrow so that we can have more in depth discussion. The Strategic Planning Team will collect and review notes from these discussions.


Friday March 15     8:30 am- Noon

Note that Cohort 1 directors, Lynn Chmelir, and John Helmer are meeting at 730 am in the PCC Library, Room 204.

8. FY14 Budget: Vote (Jay Starratt)

Expected outcome: Vote on FY14 Budget
Board Recommendation

Adopt the budget for FY14
The Board recommends that Council adopt the budget as presented.
Paul Adalian made a motion to amend the Board recommendation so that Council would pass the budget, but not increase the DDA allocation. This was seconded by Patricia Cutright.
In discussion, a number of Council members expressed their concerns about increasing DDA expenses. Greg Doyle noted that asking the DDA team to stay within the existing $750,000 budget would likely involve removing titles or otherwise reducing content. A number of council members also expressed concerns about the current cost-sharing model.
Vote for the amended recommendation was 1 in favor, 32 opposed, no abstentions. The amendment failed.
Council then voted on the original Board recommendation to adopt the budget as presented, which was unanimously approved.

9. Strategic Planning (Chris Shaffer)

8:30 - 10:00 am
Expected outcome: brief presentations, group discussion, and more!
     Introduction (Chris Shaffer, SPG Chair)
     Public Services, Teaching and Learning: Future Collaborations (Natalie Beach & Susan Barnes Whyte)
     Shared Human Resources (Dalia Corkrum)
     Wrap-up (Chris Shaffer)

10. Shared ILS Update (Lynn Chmelir)

10:30 - Noon
Expected outcome: presentations, discussion, and Q/A

     Introduction -- Lynn Chmelir
     Overview -- John Larson, Principal Alma Consultant, Ex Libris (via WebEx)
     Ido Peled, Ex Libris (via Webex)
     Functional areas
     Fulfillment -- Bill Kelm (WU, SILS IT, Chair, Circulation and Resource Sharing Working Group)
     Discovery/Primo -- Sara Brownmiller (UO, SILS IT, Chair Discovery Working Group)
     Technical Services/Alma -- Bill Jordan (UW, SILS Cohort 1 Institutional Lead)
     Systems -- Wade Guidry (UPS, SILS IT, Chair, Systems Working Group)
     SILS Policy Team -- Betsy Wilson (UW, Chair, SILS Policy Team)
     Campus Communication -- Deb Dancik (WU)

John Larsen and Ido Peled provided a brief overview of Alma and Primo, including the relationship between local inventory and the Network Zone and how local extensions to shared bibliographic records, once implemented, will enable local information to be shared with staff and patrons. After an opportunity for questions, John and Ido signed off.

Representatives from SILS working groups and Cohort 1 libraries gave an overview of the Alma/Primo functional areas.  A few current concerns were noted, including EBSCO content not being indexed in Primo Central, the challenges related to migrating local data in bibliographic records to local extensions, and the challenges of implementing acquisitions effectively, given that processes vary so much by institution and Alma documentation is currently lacking in this area (Technical Services). Council was also reminded that integration with local systems (Student Information Systems or Finance systems) will involve collaboration with institutional IT departments.

11. Announcements (all)