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Board Meeting #22

January 17, 2013
Noon- 1:30 pm


Expected Attendance
Jay Starratt, Chair
Chris Shaffer, Chair-elect
Betsy Wilson, Past Chair
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Michelle Bagley, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)*
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

* completing the term of Christopher Cox.


1. Brief Reports (John)
  • Audit: John reported that our first audit is almost complete, and we may have a Moss Adams report to the Board on February 18.

    Property Taxes: The Alliance is appealing a Lane County decision that does not recognize our non-profit status, thus making us subject to a share of the property taxes on the building where Alliance offices are located.
  • Shared ILS
    • KickOff Meeting: The two-day January meeting was a great success, with five from Ex Libris and 80+ from the Alliance participating.
    • SILS ITeam & Collab TS Team: These teams are collaborating effectively on training, workflows, and policy. They are finding overlap of responsibilities, but are working through who is responsible for what.

    • OCLC: John reported productive conversations with OCLC on the following:
      • WCNavigator integration
      • Creating the collaborative zone (local, collaborative, community)
      • Group services discussion at ALA
    • III: John reports that discussions with III on partial year contracts for those cohorts that will need them have been positive.
    • Sister consortia: Communication with sister consortia is a priority and these discussions have gone well.  At least one group appears likely to migrate along with their Alliance member library.
    • System name: The Discovery Working Group has been asked to give a recommendation on whether the new catalog should have a name different than Summit. They have been asked to consider both the patron and staff experiences in their recommendation.
    • Alliance positions: The Shared ILS Program Manager and the Collection Services Program Manager positions are closing February 28.
    • NWDA: NWDA is finishing its participation in the University of Utah's planning grant for a Western Archival Network and also beginning to look at membership criteria. They continue to have a strong interest in special collections services and establishing a greater integration with the Alliance Strategic Agenda.
    • Board elections: Elections for a chair-elect and two members-at large will begin in February
2. FY14 Budget: early thoughts about structure & goals (John)
Background: FY13 Budget (password protected)
Proposed program areas (columns)
  • Administration
  • Collab Tech Services
  • Collection Development
  • Courier
  • Electronic Resources
  • New members (none)
  • NWDA
  • Shared ILS
  • Strategic agenda
  • Summit

Debi Place and John have been reviewing the budget format. They expect each program area, as listed above, to have its own column.  The FY 2014 budget will be the first that reflects the Shared ILS. They also expect to add a Collaborative Technical Services column, an area that is currently subsumed within the strategic agenda column. Membership fees, cost of Alliance staff, etc. would be apportioned to each column. The Summit column would include the ongoing costs for WorldCat Navigator, separate from the Shared ILS.

    • Membership fees: includes staff, meeting expenses, rent, etc. in all program areas listed above  (including SILS) except NWDA
    • Courier: vendor costs (plus admin fees for non-members)
    • DDA Ebooks: vendor costs only
    • Electronic Resources: vendor costs (plus admin fees for non-members)
    • NWDA: billed as a self-sustaining optional program, including staff
    • Shared ILS annual: vendor costs only
    • Shared ILS implementation: vendor costs only
    • WEST: billed by Alliance for those that are not direct participants

John added that we also need to look at how billings are divided, as indicated above. For instance, would libraries want to keep the Shared ILS vendor costs separate from membership fees? Board members responded that separating these expenses out might make sense given reporting needs.

Debi and John will build a preliminary budget with these elements for Board review in February.

3. Strategic Planning (Chris)
Next steps.

Chris reported that the Strategic Planning Team has completed its individual phone interviews with Council members on schedule, and the team is now reviewing the responses to identify potential “speed dating” topics (and presenters) for the March Council meeting. The team plans to share the interview results.  The next step in the planning process is to conduct a survey of all Alliance libraries’ staff.

Related questions
  • Should we consider the geographic extent of the Alliance governing membership and, if so, who would lead that effort: part of Strategic Planning or membership criteria revision?

The Board agreed that geographic scope should be part of strategic planning.  However, given recent changes—most notably the shared ILS—there are operational matters referenced in the membership criteria that need to be addressed prior to strategic planning.

  • Should a new name for the consortium be under consideration?

The Board discussed whether to include these questions—need for a new name and suggestions for a new name—on the upcoming Alliance library staff survey.  It was noted that our current name has growing awareness and respect within the library community. It was also noted that there are costs associated with making a name change.

  • The Board decided to bring these questions—need for a new name and suggestions for a new name— to Council for discussion in March, as well as to include them in the strategic planning survey going out shortly to all Alliance library staff.
4. Group to revise Membership Criteria, Expectations, and Obligations (Jay)

John noted that this document was last revised in 2009, and that there have been significant changes since then, including the selection of the Shared ILS. The goal of this revision would be to tighten up the language of the document and bring it in line with these changes, not to question who we are as an Alliance.  The practical reason for doing this now is that there are libraries seriously inquiring about membership. The target would be to present for approval at the July Council meeting.
  • Scot volunteered to participate on this group.

5. Preview of February 18 Board Meeting
Location: White Stag, Room 150    
Time: 10am - 4pm
  • Moss Adams presentation of FY12 Audit to Board and Finance Committee (10-11am)
    Invite Ed McFarlane (CFO, Reed College & Finance Committee member)
  • FY14 Budget recommendation for Council (Greg Doyle or Linda DiBiase in attendance of DDA?)
  • Compensation policy
  • Shared ILS status (Lynn Chmelir in attendance?)
  • Alliance's 20th Anniversary in Sept 2013
  • Strategic Planning
  • Summer Meeting format: July 8-12
  • March Council Meeting agenda
    • FY14 Budget adoption (guests?)
    • Strategic Planning
    • Shared ILS (content? guests?)
  • Meeting with Peter McDonald (CSU Fresno) (3-4pm)