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Board Meeting Minutes
 2013 December 20
Board Meeting #30

December 20, 2013
10:00 am - Noon pm

Chris Shaffer, Chair
Jane Carlin, Chair-elect
Jay Starratt, Past Chair
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Lynn Baird, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
Merrill Johnson, Member-at-Large (FY14 & 15)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

Ann Miller, Chair CTST
Greg Doyle, ER Program Manger
Kathi Fountain, Collection Services Program Manager
1. SILS Update (John)
Expected outcome: brief updates
     Primo meeting on Monday at UW with Israel Rosenberg (Development Director) and Zeev Shalev (Product Architect)
     C2 go-live dates this week:
     Monday: PCC, SPU, SMU
     Wednesday: WSU, Warner
     Thursday: CU
2. General periodical database: potential for Alliance project (John, Greg, Kathi)
Expected outcome: short introduction with expectation of fuller discussion at a future Board meeting
Document: none

The Board discussed the possibility of the Alliance pursuing the licensing of a general periodical database and various options for how to pursue such a project.  John, Kathi, and Greg will continue to explore options, and the Board will revisit in a later meeting.

3. Strategic planning

3.1. Collaborative Technical Services Team report (Ann, Kathi)
Expected outcome: brief presentation and Q/A as background for discussion of agenda items below.
Document: 2013 Annual Report

Ann and Kathi presented the CTST Annual Report, summarizing the work that the team has undertaken this year. In the coming year, CTST intends to look more closely at acquisitions and e-resource management, identifying best practices for these areas. Additional questions that need to be addressed include what technical service functions should be centralized and what functions should be distributed across libraries.
The importance of sharing the load equitably—not having larger institutions do all of the ‘heavy lifting’—was stressed. A question was raised from the Board as to the limits of such reciprocity when, for instance, there may be strengths in certain institutions upon which the Alliance needs to call. In some cases, it was suggested, we may not be able to rely upon reciprocity alone, but need to look at other models of accounting and compensating for member contributions. This was identified as a topic for future Board discussion.

The discussion of the report also focused on the need to identify common standards—or the need to determine where Alliance-wide standards should be adopted—and to provide training and collaboration opportunities across the Alliance. These activities may require better web conferencing tools and more support for travel.

3.2. Review Council survey re ‘one library’ and ‘one collection’ (Chris)
Expected outcome: review and revise draft.
Document: See December 17 email, including this draft survey.

The Board reviewed the draft survey questions and suggested several revisions, including providing additional context in the survey itself and soliciting member definitions of ‘one library’ and ‘one collection.’

3.3. Identification of projects (Chris)
Expected outcome: determine next steps, including engagement with Council and committees.
Document: none

The Board agreed on the need to engage first with committees and teams, asking them to review the strategic agenda, identify potential projects or initiatives, and propose timelines. The committee reports would then be brought to Council in a survey that solicits additional Council input. In March, Council will review the proposed initiatives, identify what to adopt, and prioritize.

3.4. Discussion of "greenfield" approach committee structure and scope (Chris & John)
Expected outcome: brief introduction of concept, discussion
Document: none

Chris and John raised the possibility of the Board re-envisioning what our organizational and committee structure might look like if we were starting from scratch, given the just-adopted strategic agenda.  Alliance staff has gone through such a process and John will share with the Board what they have done. It was stressed that we do not want to change the SILS team structure during the migration. This would be longer-term planning.

4. Policy Team (Chris)
Expected outcome: review charge approved by Council & determine membership.
Policy Team

Action:  The Board reviewed nominations, and selected Natalie Beach (Board), Jay Starratt (Board), Mark Dahl (Council), and Nancy Hoover (Council). Terms will be staggered, and John and Chris will identify terms for each.
5. Summer meeting proposal (John)
Expected outcome: review and vote on recommendation
Document: Summer Meeting Proposal

Action:  The Board approved the recommendation for the Summer Meeting: to: ‘Authorize Alliance staff to work with committees to host a Summer Meeting in July 2014 with a focus on the Shared ILS.’

6. Scheduled for next Board meeting on January 14 (Chris)
Expected outcome: quick review
     Council survey re. projects
     Finance Committee best practices recommendations
     High-level expectations for budget
     Exploration of HR (benefits, payroll administration) hosts for Alliance staff
     Introduction to NWDA's Archive Engine West prototype, created as part of an IMLS Leadership Grant (previously known as Cross-Search and Context Utility or XCU)
     Discuss NWDA in the January or February meeting, including Archive Space and the possibility of becoming a DPLA service hub.
     Update on HR hosts options for Alliance staff and an option to extend the agreement with UO for another five years.