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Board Meeting #20

September 12, 2012
2- 3:30 pm


Expected Attendance
Jay Starratt, Chair
Chris Shaffer, Chair-elect
Betsy Wilson, Past Chair -- unable to attend
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
Michelle Bagley, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)*  -- unable to attend
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

* completing the term of Christopher Cox.


Attendance (John)

1. Welcome (Jay) 
Welcome to the new Board; protocol for GoToMeeting calls (silence = agreement and we are "good to go"); questions?

2. Shared ILS
2.1. Brief update on negotiation and committee structure (John, Chris)
Document: overview of committee structure

Negotiations are proceeding well and the discussions with Ex Libris are quite substantive, addressing matters such as timing, FERPA, and the detailed service-level agreement. The Board noted that while the negotiation team will share the final contract with the Board, it has authorization to enter into the contract.

2.2. Shared ILS Policy Team
Please contact Jay with expressions of interest in serving; appointments to be discussed at October Board Meeting.
Membership: initially 2-3 members of the Board; Executive Director.
Charge: Determine policy, resolve issues forwarded from the Implementation Team, and decide which issues to present to the Board and Council for consideration.

In discussing the type of issues the Policy Team would likely be considering, it was noted that these should be “high-level issues that impact the Alliance as a whole, have budgetary implications, create inequalities among the members, or require amending current policies.”

Board members interested in serving should contact Jay.

2.3. Team Appointments (Jay and John)
Expected outcome: the Board will appoint members of three Alliance teams.
Document: to be linked
  • Shared ILS Implementation Team
  • Collaborative Technical Services Team
  • Assessment Team
  • The Board appointed Shared ILS Implementation Team members.
  • The Board appointed Collaborative Technical Services Team members.
  • The Board appointed Assessment Team members.
  • The Board also agreed on the following:
    • John should make an additional request for nominations for the CTST Acquisitions Working Group to fill gaps.
    • Council liaisons should be designated for both CTST (Dalia Corkrum) and the Assessment Team (Donna Reed).

The next step will be contacting chairs and other members to confirm assignments. Then a general announcement with the committee rosters will be issued to the Alliance.

2.4. Implementation Cohorts (John)
Expected outcome: the Board will review, revise, and approve cohort recommendations.
Document: to be linked
  • The Board approved the shared ILS implementation cohort recommendations that John Helmer and Lynn Chmelir developed based on the survey of member library preferences.

The next step will be to send the list of cohorts first to Council for comments and then to Ex Libris. Following this review, a general announcement will be made to the Alliance.
3. Brief Updates, as time allows
Expected outcome: brief discussion in preparation for October agenda.
3.1. California State University (John)
In follow-up to a recent inquiry by the California State University libraries, a representative group of CSU directors have been invited to meet with Board during its October meeting so that they might learn more about the Alliance and we might learn more about their interest in the Alliance.
3.2. New financial model for the ER Non-member Program (John)
Greg Doyle, Debi Place, and John Helmer are finalizing a proposal for a new financial model for the ER Non-member Program and expect to present this proposal to the Board in October.
3.3. Western Archival Network (John)
John Helmer, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, and Keith Folsom have been participating in a grant-funded effort to explore collaboration among NWDA, Rocky Mountain Online Archive and the Mountain West Archive.  It appears likely that this effort will conclude that activities should be based on an expansion of NWDA under the name Western Archival Network. The model, once developed, will be reviewed with NWDA members and brought to the Board for consideration.
3.4. Strategic Planning, including Council retreat in July (Chris)
Ted Lay has agreed to facilitate at the July retreat and will be active throughout the strategic planning process. As with the most recent round of planning, Council will be asked to participate in surveys, focus groups, and other activities in the meetings prior to the retreat in order to focus our planning effort.

The Board noted that we should be intentional about addressing interests of instructional and reference staff. It was also noted that the NWDA is involved in planning; discussing the role it might take in supporting special collections at member libraries as well as exploring the creation of a broader Western Archival Network. NWDA’s planning efforts will be integrated into the broader Alliance strategic planning process.

4. Agenda for October Board Meeting

October 26 - White Stag/UO Portland, Room 149
  • Reports
    • Finance Committee status report
    • Income & Expense report
    • Strategic Planning, including Council retreat in July
    • Teams?
  • Shared ILS
    • Update on negotiations, presumably a signed contract
    • Shared ILS Policy Team appointments
  • Financial model for the ER Non-member Program
  • Western Archival Network
  • Future of the Digital Services Program
  • Alliance staffing plan
  • Summer Meeting: feedback, plans for next year
  • Meeting with California State University representatives