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Board Meeting #21

October 26, 2012
10 am- 4:00 pm
WSU - Vancouver
Library Conference Room

Expected Attendance

    Jay Starratt, Chair
    Chris Shaffer, Chair-elect
    Betsy Wilson, Past Chair
    Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14) -- joining via phone
    Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
    Michelle Bagley, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
    Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)*
    Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
    Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
    John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio & non-voting)

    * completing the term of Christopher Cox.

    Lynn Chmelir, Shared ILS Implementation Manager, will join the Board at 10am
    Greg Doyle, ER Program Manager, will join the Board at 10am
    Jodi Allison-Bunnell, NWDA Program Manager will join by phone at 115pm

1. Brief Reports

    Treasurer's report (Deb)
    Deb will join the Board by phone from 10-10:20am (541.346.1892)
        Income & Expense FY 12 (password protected)
        Budget reports for FY13 (password protected)

Deb summarized the Finance Committee”s conversation with Moss Adams on auditing procedures. We will be seeking to attain reasonable assurance that our accounting follows GAAP, that it handles ‘revenue recognition,’ and that we have segregated financial duties appropriately. The draft report to Finance is expected in November, with the final report in December.  Finance will review by its January meeting, and the accepted report will be shared with the Board in the spring. The report will include recommendations on best practices appropriate for our organization.

The Board reviewed the FY 2012 Profit & Loss statement. Deb noted that the bulk of the net income on the statement was money received from ER participants, but not yet paid to vendors.

The Board also reviewed the first quarter budget reports for FY 2013. There was brief discussion on how income and expenses might be categorized with greater granularity and additional explanatory notes.  For instance, ‘Program Income – Alliance membership dues’ includes both dues and ER fees.  We might want to separate these into a line for dues, another line for ER fees, and another one for the Shared ILS fees.

    Summer Meeting feedback (John)

John noted that the summer meeting evaluations were positive, but there was a strong sense that participants would rather return to our previous format in order to have more time for program areas.

    The Board agreed that we should return to the earlier format of individual program meetings rather than a single summer meeting, at least for this year. The Board also noted the following:
        We may want to consider batching individual meetings in a single week (that we might still consider calling a Summer Meeting).
        We will likely need some meeting or activity related to the Shared ILS implementation.
        We need an opportunity to involve public services staff, which was one of the benefits of the summer meeting. While there is a new public services interest group, it is not a program.

    Program updates (John)
    Standard practice is to provide a brief report from any program not already on the Board's agenda.

SPOT reports that there is confusion around the future of Summit and when will it be replaced by Primo. Membership needs to be convinced that it is critical to continue to support and improve NRE. They have asked the Board and Council ‘to reaffirm that the Navigator Request Engine (NRE) will continue to support the processing of consortial requests until all 37 Alliance institutions have migrated to Ex Libris.’

The Board agreed to put the reaffirmation of NRE on the November agenda for Council to endorse. John will draft a statement and share with Board.

John noted that Keith and Jodi are exploring options for a new CMS, and we expect to have one selected by July. John expects to hire a vendor for top-level website design and implementation, but to maintain web content in-house.

CDMC. Greg commented on the CDMC report, noting that DDA usage is high and not sustainable with budget we have. He also noted that we are working with OCLC to purge old titles. All 37 members are now using the DDA.

Greg reported that Jim Bunnelle, Susan Hinken, and YBP met to discuss setting up a shared approval plan on religious studies, but CDMC is questioning whether this should wait until after implementation of the shared ILS.

    Meeting with California State University representatives at February Board meeting (John)

John reported that California State University representatives are expected to meet with the Board at its February meeting, as a follow-up to their initial inquiries about the Alliance. These are preliminary discussions for us to better understand this organization”s interest in the Alliance and for them to better understand the Alliance


2. Shared ILS
Lynn will join the Board at 10am.

    2.1. Update (Lynn)

Lynn reported that the Implementation Team is a strong and enthusiastic group, with 21 Alliance members represented. Today was the deadline for Council members to name institutional leads and representatives for working groups. Lynn noted that she is sending weekly updates to the general Alliance list. Planning is being finalized for sessions at ALA Midwinter on discovery, resource sharing, collaborative technical services. These will be included in next week”s update.

John and Lynn met with Ex Libris, who cautioned that we were being too ambitious in having so many large institutions in Cohort 1, at least from a technical and workload view. Discussions on the cohorts are continuing. There have been two phone conferences with Mark Triest (President Ex Libris North America) and Melissa Hilbert (VP of Professional Services) to discuss the detailed project scope, detailed project timeline, data migration process, configuration process, and implementation of a shared communication tool for project management.

    2.2. Shared ILS Policy Team appointments (Jay)

        Policy Team membership: initially members of the Board; Executive Director.
        Charge: Determine policy, resolve issues forwarded from the Implementation Team, and decide which issues to present to the Board and Council for consideration.
        -- SILS Team Structure

    Betsy has agreed to chair, and Natalie and Susan have volunteered to serve on the team. As Executive Director, John will also serve.


3. Proposed Changes to the Electronic Resources Program for Nonmembers (Greg)
Greg will join the Board at 10am.

    Report (password protected)

Greg presented his recommendation for changing the fee structure for non-member participants in the Electronic Resources Program. He noted that he had discussed this proposal with five non-member libraries and none voiced any significant concerns about the changes.  There was agreement that this proposal fit within the financial framework document.

    Chris moved to approve the proposal with an effective date of July 1, 2013. Jane seconded. Unanimous approval by the Board.


4. New member update and fee proposal (John)

    Proposal (password protected)

    Board recommends that Council approve the proposed change to the new member fee.  The proposal sent to Council should include an example of new member fees.



5. Future of the Digital Services Program (John)


    The Board approved the recommendations for the Digital Services Team and the Digital Services Program as outlined in the proposal.


6. Future of NWDA, Western Archival Network, etc. (Jodi, Jane, John)
Jodi will join the Board by phone at 115pm (406.829.6528)
Jane Carlin is the Council Liaison to NWDA Steering Team

    See also NWDA update

The NWDA steering team met on October 24 to consider the proposal to create the Western Archival Network, which would include the NWDA, Utah Academic Library Consortium/Mountain West Digital Library, and Rocky Mountain Online Program. The Steering Team decided not to merge into the WAN, but to remain open to incremental growth and expanding the NWDA”s geographic network. The team also notes it is beginning a strategic planning process for the NWDA program.  The NWDA membership wants to complete current projects, but also wants to explore new service areas (e.g., special collections), review membership criteria, and develop a stronger integration with the Alliance, which they hope to achieve through the upcoming Alliance strategic planning process.

The Board noted its support for NWDA pursuing incremental growth rather than a merger and also its support for fully including NWDA in Orbis Cascade Alliance strategic planning.


7. Alliance staffing & HR fiscal agent update (John)

    FY14 Staffing Plan

John noted that he has been exploring options for a new fiscal agent (currently University of Oregon) and expects to make a recommendation in early 2013 for implementation in 2014. It was suggested that if this change were made, the Alliance should consider bringing in an outside benefits specialist so that each staff member could discuss options and implications related to the change, such as those associated with rollovers.

John reviewed his FY 2014 staffing plan, which includes the creation of a Collection Services Program Manager and a Shared ILS Program Manager. The plan takes into account recent staff departures, the pending reduction of the Electronic Resources Program Manager from full-time to half-time, and the creation of a program manager position approved as part of the SILS project.

The Board was supportive of the changes and direction John outlined.


8.  Strategic Planning update (Chris)

Chris reported that the Planning Team met with the retreat facilitator, Ted Lay, and they have agreed on the goals and outcomes of the process: to have an ambitious strategic plan that continues to highlight the Alliance as an innovator. The planning process will include small group discussions at the November Council meeting to be followed by individual phone interviews with each Council member to get reactions to the small group discussions and any additional input. After a survey of the entire Alliance and NWDA staff in January, the planning team will review all of the data collected and organize ‘speed dating’ introductions on potential strategic initiatives for the March Council meeting. Council will then be surveyed to prioritize these initiatives. The Planning Team has also been discussing whether or not to have a keynote speaker at the July planning retreat, and, if so, who. They will wait for the feedback from Council in December before making that decision.

The Board expressed its support for the process outlined

9. Council agenda on November 8-9  (Jay)

    Attendance notes

        Steve Metcalf proxy for Sarah Pedersen (TESC) on Friday
        Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon as proxy for Alan McKiel (WOU)

    New Council members:

        Jan Marie Fortier-Calbaum (MHCC, interim)
        Marilyn Moody (PSU)

    Brief Reports

        Board of Directors
            Finance Committee
            Summer Meeting feedback
            New member update and fees
            Alliance staffing
            Meeting with California State University
        Program updates
            Digital Services

    Celebrating publication of Jim Kopp's book, Aurora, Daughter of the Dawn , OSU Press
    Shared ILS Update
    Strategic Planning