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Meeting #33

November 8: 2 - 6pm
November 9: 9am - noon
UO White Stag Building
Portland, Oregon

Expected attendance:

David Bilyeu (COCC)
Patricia Cutright (CWU)
Natalie Beach (Chemeketa)*
Michelle Bagley (Clark)*
Brent Mai (Concordia)
Karen Clay (EOU)
Merrill Johnson (GFU)
Marika Pineda (LCC)
Mark Dahl (L&C)
Susan Barnes Whyte (Linfield)*
Nancy Hoover (Marylhurst)
Jan Marie Fortier-Calbaum (MHCC)
Chris Shaffer (OHSU)*
Karen Kunz (OIT)
Faye Chadwell (OSU)
Isaac Gilman (Pacific)--Thursday
Marita Kunkel (Pacific)--Friday
Maria Wagner
for Donna Reed (PCC)
Marilyn Moody (PSU)
Dena Hutto (Reed)
Scot Harrison (SMU)*
Michael Paulus (SPU)
Paul Adalian (SOU)
John Popko (SU)
Sarah Pederson (TESC)--Thursday
Steve Metcalf (TESC)--Friday

Lynn Baird (UI)
Mark Watson
for Deb Carver (UO)*
Drew Harrington (UP)
Carolyn Gaskell (WWU)
Sue Kopp (WPC)
Jay Starratt (WSU)*
Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon
for Allen McKiel (WOU)
Rick Osen (WWU)
Deborah Dancik (WU)
Dalia Corkrum (Whitman)


Ted Otto (EWU), no proxy
Jane Carlin (UPS)*, Chris Shaffer has proxy vote
Betsy Wilson (UW)*, Patricia Cutright has proxy vote


John F. Helmer (Executive Director)*, Elizabeth Duell (Admin Assistant), Lynn Chmelir (Shared ILS Implementation Manager)

* = FY13 Board of Directors

Thursday November 8
2:00 - 6:00 pm

1. Welcome and Introductions (Jay Starratt) Welcome to new Council members
  • Marilyn Moody, PSU, introduced by Lynn Baird
  • Dena Hutto, Reed, introduced by Deb Dancik
  • Jan Marie Fortier-Calbaum, MHCC introduced by Michelle Bagley
  • Rick Osen, WWU introduced by Scot Harrison
Council introduced themselves. Dave Bilyeu announced that he would be retiring as of December 1, but would be at the March Meeting.
2.Review agenda (Jay Starratt)
3. Brief Reports
Note that most items below formed part of the October Board meeting.
4. Statement in Support of the Navigator Request Engine (NRE) Expected outcome: Update on Summit Planning and Operation Team and vote on Board recommendation.
Summit Planning and Operations Team update
The Board recommends that Council approve the following statement
"Council, the Board of Directors, and the Summit Planning and Operation Team reaffirm the importance of and our commitment to the Navigator Request Engine (NRE), the system that will continue to support the processing of consortial borrowing requests until all 37 Alliance member institutions have migrated to a shared ILS."

Vote: In Favor: 36; Opposed: 0; Abstentions 0. The recommendation passed.
5. Shared ILS Update (Lynn Chmelir, John Helmer)
Expected outcome: Update and discussion of activities of the Shared ILS Implementation Team to date.
6. Northwest Digital Archives and Western Archival Network (John Helmer) Expected outcome: Update on NWDA Steering Team recommendations, especially as related to strategic planning.

Northwest Digital Archives update
7. Introduction to Strategic Planning (Chris Shaffer)
Expected outcome: Chris Shaffer (Council Chair-elect and Strategic Planning Group Chair) will review the strategic planning process and prepare Council for breakout discussions planned for Friday.

Strategic planning: readings, questions, timeline, initiatives done/not

8. Celebrating publication of Jim Kopp's book, Aurora, Daughter of the Dawn (Sue Kopp, Faye Chadwell)
6:30 pm: Tour of Clear Creek Distillery

7:30 pm: Dinner at Pata Negra

Friday November 9
9:00 am- Noon

9. New member update and fees (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: Council discussion and vote on Board proposal (password protected)

New Member Fee Recommendation (password protected)

Vote: In Favor: 36; Opposed: 0; Abstentions 0. The recommendation passed.
10. Strategic Planning Breakout Discussions (Chris Shaffer)
Strategic planning: readings, questions, timeline, initiatives done/not
11. Announcements (all) Susan Barnes White reported that she is working with instruction librarians on a proposal to bring a regional ACRL Institute for Information Literacy immersion program to the region in 2014 or 2015.

Dena Hutto announced changes to the library leadership team at Reed: Annie Downey is now Director of Research Service Xan Arch is Director of Collection Services, and Jim Holmes is Director of Access Services.

Faye Chadwell noted that Oregon State University Libraries has welcomed two new members to its administration: Shan Sutton, Associate University Librarian for Research and Scholarly Communication, and Cheryl Middleton, Associate University Librarian for Teaching and Engagement.

Jay Starratt announced that the Washington State University Libraries Friends has successfully raised $125,000 to purchase a large-format scanner for digital preservation.

David Bilyeu will be retired as of December 1, 2012 and working out his contract to the end of June 2013. He will be at the March Council meeting.