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Board Meeting #18

2012 June 15
9:15 am - 4 pm  Note that library doors open at 9am.
University of Washington - Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)

Expected Attendance
Betsy Wilson, Chair
Jay Starratt, Chair-elect
Drew Harrington, Past Chair
Chris Shaffer, Treasurer (FY11 & 12)
Karen Clay, Secretary (FY11 & 12)
Vickie Hanawalt, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Christopher Cox, Member at Large (FY12 & 13) -- absent
Michelle Bagley, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio)
Guests in-person
Newly-elected Board members (present for the entire meeting)
Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY12 & 13)
Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY12 & 13)
Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14) -- absent

Shared ILS Negotiation Team members (present through lunch)
Deb Dancik, WU
Bill Jordan, UW
Guests by phone (joining the Board for specific agenda items)
Bob Thomas, Chair, Shared ILS Prep Team
Faye Chadwell, Chair, Assessment Task Force

1. Welcome, Introductions, & Agenda Review (Betsy Wilson)

Farewell to ...
  • Drew Harrington, finishing three years as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair and before that two years as a Member-at-Large!
  • Karen Clay, finishing two years as Secretary. 
  • Vickie Hanawalt, finishing four years as a Member-at-Large   
  • Jane Carlin, finishing two years as a Member-at-Large 
Welcome to ...
  • Deb Carver, Treasurer (FY13 & 14)
  • Scot Harrison, Secretary (FY13 & 14)
  • Susan Barnes Whyte, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
  • Natalie Beach, Member-at-Large (FY13 & 14)
2. Shared ILS Initiative
2.1. SILS Negotiation Team report and recommendations (John F. Helmer, Chris Shaffer, Deb Dancik, Bill Jordan)
Expected outcome: discuss report and recommendations.  Determine Board recommendations for Council consideration in July.
  • After John reviewed the RFP and negotiation process, the Board discussed the team’s report, recommendations, draft letters of intent, pricing, and models for cost-sharing.
  • The Board agreed that updated data was needed in order to fully evaluate cost-distribution models.
  • The Board agreed that any Shared ILS cost-distribution model should be based on these general and related principles or goals: 1) Reach a fair distribution of costs; 2) Do so in a way that will be manageable for all current members and will eventually enable them to pay their fair distribution of costs; 3) Limit annual increases or decreases so as to incrementally reach the end-point cost distribution; and 4) Provide latitude for dealing with individual cases.
  • The Board also agreed that it was important to address reserve needs, noting these principles or goals:  1) While reserve needs will be impacted by a shared ILS, the reserve should be addressed separately from Shared ILS cost-sharing; 2) Building the reserve must be done fairly; and 3) We need to provide flexibility to members when building the reserve (e.g., some may want to treat as single capital expenditure, while others may prefer contributing over time).
  • No action was taken by the Board on the Shared ILS Negotiation Team’s vendor recommendations, pending further consideration of cost-distribution models.
  • The Board approved the Negotiation Team’s recommendation to update the data needed to revise the cost-sharing models and charged the team with doing so.  The Team set the following expedited target dates:
    • June 18th—Survey sent to Council, with a June 22nd deadline for completion
    • June 27th—Report sent to the Board that includes the survey results and revised multi-year, phased cost-distribution models (including one that uses allocation percentages similar to the DDA)
  • The Board will meet by conference call June 29th at 8 am to discuss the Negotiation Team’s report and recommendations.
2.2. SILS Prep Team
Expected outcome: discuss report and recommendations. Determine Board recommendations for Council consideration in July.
Document: SILS Prep Team final report 

  • The Board discussed the SILS Prep Team’s report and recommendations with Bob Thomas. Helmer noted that the team had done tremendous work in a short time-frame. The Board thanked Thomas and the team for a job well-done and for a strong presentation.
  • The Board recommends forming a Catalog Policy group charged with the development and maintenance of cataloging policies in the context of a shared ILS and shared technical services (as per recommendation 1 of the Task Force).  This group would report to a new Collaborative Technical Services Team.
  • The Board recommends that the Metadata Advisory Group of the ILS Operations Team be charged with the following:
    • Developing a detailed process for merging the records and data in the separate Alliance member catalogs into a single shared catalog (recommendation 2);
    • Working with member libraries to correct as many problems in their catalog records as possible prior to beginning the transition of their records into the shared ILS (recommendation 4). Timeline will depend on the migration schedule, and prioritization of problems will depend in part on the shared ILS selected.
  • The Board recommends charging the Collaborative Technical Services Team (recommendation 3) with the following:
    • Create a plan, support structure, and best practices for providing training related to technical services functions for member libraries.
2.3. Shared ILS Program Manager position (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: verbal update.

John Helmer reported that he expects the search to be successfully completed shortly.

2.4. Operations Team, Policy Team and next Collaborative Technical Services Team (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: review status of teams, determine next steps in forming and charging a new Collaborative Technical Services Team. Also consider the broader context of shared human resources, including UW's invitation to apply to Mellon to endow a Senior Conservator position and NWDA's past success and continuing interest in shared or "traveling" archivists.
Background: Shared ILS Governance and staffing (approved by Council in March 2012)
  • The Board reviewed the current committee structure in light of additional teams that need to be formed.
  • The Board developed an outline of a revised structure that includes a standing Collaborative Technical Services Team with sub-groups for acquisitions, cataloging, and serials-ERM. The SILS Implementation Team would be defined for the short-term and membership would include representatives from the cataloging, serials-ERM, and acquisitions groups.
  • A Board recommendation to create these committees and call for nominations is contingent upon approval of a shared ILS.
2.5. Communication plan, including Summer Meeting (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: determine communication timing, confidentiality, etc. concerning Board's recommendation for next steps.

As the Negotiation Team is still gathering information the Board needs to make a recommendation to Council, all communication beyond the Board and Council must remain limited to what has been published on the Alliance’s RFP page.
3. Institutional Repository report and recommendations 
Expected outcome: discuss the Digital Services Team report and recommendations.  Determine Board recommendations for Council consideration in July.
Document: DST report
  • Betsy Wilson and John Helmer provided an overview of the Digital Services Team report.
  • The Board noted that the Digital Preservation Education, Fedora IR, and Code4Lib recommendations were actions that the team had previously been approved to pursue and were pursuing.
  • The Board supported applying for the LSTA grant for Variations (recommendation 4).
4. Assessment Task Force report and recommendations
Expected outcome: discuss the Assessment Task Force report and recommendations.  Determine Board recommendations for Council consideration in July.
Document: ATF report
  • Faye Chadwell provided an overview of the task force’s survey of assessment needs and their recommendations. Chadwell also noted that the team will discuss these findings in a Summer Meeting session. The Board thanked the Task Force for the research they did on this topic and their well-considered recommendations. 
  • The Board recommends that an ongoing assessment team be formed with the following charge:
The Assessment Team is charged with developing assessment standards and practices associated with Alliance work; specifically to:
  • Recommend a process to embed assessment/metrics into all future strategic planning efforts and into the charges given to all new initiatives.
  • Develop a common data set to support consortial and local assessment efforts.
  • Provide an online Assessment Toolkit to support assessment activities.
  • Develop, in collaboration with the Executive Director, a set of “elevator speeches” that communicate the value of the Alliance
  • Update the NWCCU accreditation standards statement of the Alliance website.
  • Continue to work with Alliance members to provide guidance and support for assessment activities at the local and consortial level.
5. Activities of related consortia
5.1. California State University system (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: review recent discussions and determine next steps.
Background: CSU Council of Library Directors unanimously approved a motion on May 3 asking the Alliance for "a business plan that includes services, costs, staffing, collaboration, what each partner will bring to the table, etc."

  • The Board agreed we should continue the communication that has opened with the CSU Council of Library Directors. As a next step, John Helmer will discuss with them the possibility of participating in a future Council or Board meeting so that they might learn more about the Alliance and we might better understand their interests and vision.
5.2. Washington Library Media and Directors' Council (Michelle Bagley)
Expected outcome: review recent discussions and determine next steps.
Background: On April 27 the LMDC approved a statement calling for investigation of a shared ILS.

  • Michelle Bagley reported that the LMDC is exploring pursuing a shared ILS that would integrate with their Learning Management System and other learning resources. This follows the model of the eLearning Council’s successful statewide licensing of an LMS and lecture capture systems.
  • No action was taken, but Bagley will keep the Board updated on their progress.
6. Strategic Planning … the next frontier (Betsy Wilson & Jay Starratt)
Expected outcome: discuss timing and need for strategic planning.
The Alliance's strategic agenda was developed over the course of late 2008 through early 2009. The process began with a survey of member libraries to determine areas where the Alliance might help members achieve their institutional strategic plans. Executive Committee condensed this very broad input to 18 initiatives which were further presented, discussed, and prioritized by the Council of library directors. Executive Committee identified a final set of five initiatives which were further researched and presented for Council discussion during a strategic planning retreat in February 2009. The retreat was facilitated by Ted Lay and included presentations by Andrew Pace (OCLC Director of Networked Library Services) and Rick Lugg (R2 Consulting).  -- Strategic Agenda, 2009 February - November
  • Helmer provided an overview of the planning process for the previous strategic planning retreat.
  • The Board agreed we should hold another strategic planning retreat in March 2013, with preliminary input from Council during the November 2012 meeting.
  • The Board noted the relationship between planning and assessment and a likely connection with proposed Assessment Team.
  • Helmer will explore Ted Lay’s availability.
7. Reports
Expected outcome: review reports, provide feedback as appropriate.
Background: committees and programs that are not already on the agenda are asked to provide a brief written update for each in-person Board and Council meeting.  Committees are encouraged to seek feedback, etc. as needed and, on occasion, the Board may request additional information for Council's meeting.
7.1. Finance Committee (Chris Shaffer)

  • Chris Shaffer reported that the Finance Committee has worked closely with the SILS Team on the evaluation of proposals.
  • Jay Starratt, as incoming Board Chair, will need to appoint a replacement for John Popko, whose term on Finance is ending. As Treasurer, Deb Carver will be Finance Committee Chair and Shaffer will continue to serve as Past Chair.
  • The Board noted that Shaffer was the first Treasurer and ably led the Alliance through its first audit, its first taxes, and the development of a number of foundational policies.
7.2. Courier Program

7.3. Northwest Digital Archives

7.4. Summit Planning and Operations Team
8. Council Agenda in July (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: identify major topics for the July Council meeting.

  • The primary topic will be the Shared ILS Negotiation Team’s vendor and financial model recommendations. 
  • The Board agreed that the Thursday Shared ILS discussions should begin with the vendor recommendation and the considerations that led to it.  A presentation and discussion of the recommended financial model would follow. Voting would be Friday, as per Council’s typical procedure
  • It was noted that some directors may be able to provide only a provisional agreement and would need to confirm the support of their institutions
  • The Board will consider having a conference call prior to the July meeting to provide Council members more time to consider the recommendations.

Reminder re. next Board and Council meetings:
  • July 11-13, 2012 Summer Meeting (Council Meeting July 12-13)
  • September 12 - 2 to 3:30 pm (GoToMeeting)
  • October 26 (In-person, Portland)
  • [November 8-9 - Council Meeting]
  • December 12 - 2 to 3:30 pm (GoToMeeting)
  • January 9 - 2 to 3:30 pm (GoToMeeting)
  • February 18 (In-person, Portland)
  • [March 14-15 - Council Meeting]
  • April 10 - 2 to 3:30 pm (GoToMeeting)
  • May 8 - 2 to 3:30 pm (GoToMeeting)
  • June 14 (In-person, Portland)
  • [July 11-12 Council Meeting]