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Board Meeting #16

2012 February 17
9 am - 4 pm
University of Washington - Tower Room, Allen Library

Betsy Wilson, Chair
Jay Starratt, Chair-elect
Drew Harrington, Past Chair
Chris Shaffer, Treasurer (FY11 & 12)
Karen Clay, Secretary (FY11 & 12)
Vickie Hanawalt, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Christopher Cox, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
Michelle Bagley, Member at Large (FY12 & 13)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio)

Guest scheduled for after lunch
Travis Kriplean on the ConsiderIt platform underlying the Living Voters Guide
Discussion will include potential application to Alliance processes and communication

1. Welcome & Agenda Review (Betsy Wilson)

2. Ebook DDA Pilot: Recommendation (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: discuss the DDAPIT report and recommendation, develop a Board recommendation for Council vote in March.

Guests: Linda DiBiase (UW, Incoming Chair, DDAPIT), Joe Kiegel (UW, DDAPIT member, Collab TS Team member), Greg Doyle (ER Program Manager)
  • The Board agrees that a new funding model is needed and recommends that Council agree to adopt the proposed model for FY13 that is based on 20% equal distribution/40% materials budget/40% use.
  • The Board requests that the Demand-Driven Acquisitions Implementation Team provide more information to the Council at the March 22-23, 2012 meeting on other funding models that were considered and the reasons for rejection; and that the Team provide an example of a funding model that does not include a usage element.
  • The Board recommends that Council agree to continue the Demand-Driven Acquisitions Pilot as a Program funded at the $975,150 level, with a commitment to increasing the level of funding in future years.
  • The Board recommends that Council agree to apportion the two new OCLC fees associated with the DDA project by splitting the per provider fee equally among the 37 member libraries ($2,500 per provider / 37 = $68 each) and splitting the OCLC hosted EZProxy fee equally among the three libraries using this service ($2,650 / 3 = $883 each).
  • The Board agrees to provide a written statement from the Board to EBL in opposition to added fees or an increased multiplier for adding the University of Idaho to the Demand-Driven Acquisitions Program.  The Board asks EBL to include UI at no charge in recognition of a successful pilot, the proposed establishment of a recurring Ebook Program with significantly enhanced funding, and the fact that UI’s membership has been in process since well before the beginning of an ebook pilot.
3. ER and CD Programs: status, successes, challenges (Greg Doyle)
Expected outcome: Board briefing on the ER and CD programs.
4. Digital Services Team: IR recommendation (Chris Cox, Chair DST & Board Member-at-Large)
Expected outcome: discuss the DST report and recommendation, develop a Board recommendation for Council vote in March.
  • The Board agrees to extend the Institutional Repository Pilot for three months with no increase in cost and charges the Digital Services Team to report to the Board at the June 8, 2012 meeting.
5. Alliance Budget for FY13 (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: discuss the draft budget, determine revisions and recommendation for Council vote in March.
  • Amend the budget memo to identify amounts in the Operating Reserve and Agility Fund.
  • Increase summer meeting expenses by $5,000.
  • Over FY13-14, increase the vacant staff line from 0.5 to 1.0 FTE and increase the salary and OPE to support a Shared Integrated Library System project manager position.
  • The Board agrees to host a conference call for Council members to discuss the Demand-Driven Acquisitions Project and the proposed budget prior to the March 22-23, 2012 meeting.
6. Executive Director assessment (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: Executive session with ED and guests excused.
  • The Board  revised the annual performance assessment process for the Executive Director to:
    • Replace “Executive Committee” with “Board of Directors,” and
    • Revise item #1 to specify that the self-assessment is due by February 1.
7. Shared ILS governance (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: discussion & determination of next steps.

Guest: Bill Jordan (UW, Shared ILS Team member)

  •  The Board decided that Council should address Shared Integrated Library System principles, governance, and operational policy setting at the March 22-23, 2012 meeting.  Betsy Wilson, John F. Helmer, and Bill Jordan will draft a discussion document.
8. Status reports for the Board and Council (John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: review routine updates from other committees and teams; followup as needed.
9. Council Agenda in March (Betsy Wilson)
Expected outcome: identify major topics for the March Council meeting; consider timeline based on the extent of the proposed agenda.
  • Status reports
  • Ebook DDA Pilot: Recommendation (Doyle & DiBase)
  • Digital Services Team: IR recommendation (Cox & Banerjee)
  • Alliance Budget for FY13 (Helmer)
  • Shared ILS: discussion of communication and planning efforts within member institutions (Note: Susan Barnes Whyte would lead this topic but will not be present at the March meeting)
10. Potential Board topics for the future  (Betsy Wilson, Jay Starratt, John F. Helmer)
Expected outcome: briefly review, revise, remove or add to topics listed below; determine timing, preparation, etc.
  • Next steps in Collaborative Technical Services
  • Shared ILS
    • Composition of negotiation team
    • Alliance's role with regard to sister consortia
  • Desired relationship and level of activity with academic libraries in California (e.g., UC/CDL, CSU, SCELC, WEST)
  • Strategic Planning: should we be consider refreshing or creating a new strategic agenda?
  • Alliance staff will follow up with Travis Kriplean to explore application of the ConsiderIt platform to Alliance discussion and decision making.
  • Alliance staff will explore recording the Forum on Archives and Special Collections Advocacy that will occur prior to Council’s March meeting
  • Alliance staff will explore a Summer meeting plenary program on ebook adoption and etextbooks as well as a track intended to attract more public services staff.
11. Short updates, as time and interest allow (John F. Helmer)
  • Assessment Task Force
  • Shared ILS Prep Team
  • Board elections
  • COI and Disclosure
  • Western Archival Network
  • Alliance office move from UO to commercial space

Reminder re. next Board and Council meetings:
  • March 22 & 23 - Council Meeting
  • April 11 - GoToMeeting Call
  • April 18 - In-person meeting.  Agenda will include SILST recommendations re. negotiating for a Shared ILS