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The Collaborative Technical Services Team is charged with exploring and implementing shared practices in technical services operations.  Those shared practices include but are not limited to: establishing a working relationship with the Shared ILS Implementation Team and identifying collaborative opportunities, establishing functional workflows, policies and training for shared technical services, and exploring new areas for and methods of expanding cooperative projects and programs in technical services.

The Team will submit a report of its activities to the Alliance:

  • Brief status reports to the Board for their in-person meetings on February 18 and June 14, 2013
  • Annual report and recommendations delivered to the Board for their October 21, 2013 meeting. The Board will forward the report and may make further recommendations for Council consideration on November 14-15, 2013.
Name  Institution
 Ann Miller, Chair
 University of Oregon
 Dalia Corkrum, Council Liaison
 Whitman College
 Becky Paulson, Chair of the Acquisition WG
 Seattle Pacific University
 Lori Robare, Chair of the Cataloging WG
 University of Oregon
 Sion Romaine, Chair of the Serials/ERM WG
 University of Washington
 Milly Williams
 Portland Community College
 Maria Wagner
 Portland Community College
 Kathy Faust
 Lewis & Clark (Law Library)
 Richard Jost
 University of Washington
 Kathi Carlisle Fountain
 Orbis Cascade Alliance