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Board Meeting #10

2011 May 11
2 - 330 pm
Meeting via GoToMeeting

Drew Harrington, Chair
Betsy Wilson, Chair-elect
Dalia Corkrum, Past Chair
Chris Shaffer, Treasurer (FY11 & 12)
Karen Clay, Secretary (FY11 & 12)
Donna Reed, Member at Large (FY10 & 11)
Jay Starratt, Member at Large (FY10 & 11)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Vickie Hanawalt, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio)

1. Finance Committee (Shaffer)
1.1 Recommendation: Approve Moss Adams Engagement Letters for start-up consultation and tax preparation
Expected outcome: discuss, revise, adopt recommendation from Finance Committee. 
The Finance Committee has negotiated three agreements with Moss Adams:  master services, tax filing, and accounting control.  Financial audit services are not included and will be negotiated separately later on.

The Finance Committee’s recommendation to accept the Moss Adams engagement letters was approved unanimously. 

1.2 Brief updates
  • Audit agreement will be developed following the Finance Committee's meeting with Moss Adams on 2011 June 7.
  • Pacific Continental Bank: Funds transferred to Money Market account.
  • UO balance transfer: UO verification continues, final transfer is not yet complete.
  • Procedures for managing conflict of interest: in process
2. SPOT and CDMC Steering Team appointments (Harrington)
Expected outcome: select new members of teams and committees.
The Board reached a consensus on selections for the chair and membership of the SPOT and CDMC Steering Teams.

3. Short items (Helmer)
3.1. Summit Policy Task Force
Brief update: a draft charge re. further work on Recommendation 1 (serving all patrons) is in process.

3.2. Digital Services Team and expected recommendation to work with Colorado Alliance on Fedora IR

Brief review of expected proposal; informal feedback.
3.3. Open Repositories Annual Conference in 2013
Expected outcome: discussion of whether or not to encourage a proposal to have Alliance host in 2013.
400-500 person conference with a budget of ca. $185,000
Possible timeline:
2011 October Board considers rec. to submit proposal           

2011 November 11 Alliance Council decision, form task force

2011 Dec- 2012 March Prepare proposal

2012 March 31 Deadline for proposal

2012 April Hosting decision about now?

2013 May or later Conference

The Board decided to revisit this proposal in June when we meet in person.  Questions include understanding the financial risk involved, the connection between this conference and the Alliance, and how significant a strategic priority this topic is for the Alliance.

4. Overview of plans for RFI and Board meetings on June 9-10
Expected outcome: discuss any remaining questions.

5. Executive Director evaluation (Harrington)
Brief update on process

The evaluation is on schedule.  An executive session is expected at the June Board meeting to review the relevant documents.  Drew will send draft documents to all Board Members for  feedback prior to the June Board meeting.

6. Topics for the future
  • June 10 Board Meeting (full day, in person)
    • Shared ILS Team final report
    • Digital Services Team IR Recommendation
    • Financial Framework Task Force final report
    • SPOT update on usability of WorldCat Local and Group catalog
    • Progress reports
      • CDMC
        • Ebook
        • WEST
      • Collab TS
      • WMS
      • DST
      • NWDA
      • SPOT
    • Summer meeting update
    • Council meeting agenda
  • Parking lot (to be scheduled)
    • Alliance Assessment and ROI
    • Private foundations (MMT, Mellon, etc.)
    • Minor policy and procedure changes:
      • Election procedures
      • Council Liaisons, length of service
    • NWDA update re. potential growth and future directions
      • Western Regional Collaboration
      • Cross-Search Utility grant
      • Utah Pilot
      • Regional implementation
        • Archivist toolkit
        • ArchivesSpace
    • Alliance Assessment and ROI 
The Board discussed placing greater priority on the final item (Assessment and ROI).    This could be done by starting with a white paper addressing the topic, which could serve as a focus for a productive group discussion. 

Adjourn:  3:10 pm.