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Board Meeting #9

2011 April 19
1 - 2:30 pm
Meeting via GoToMeeting

Drew Harrington, Chair
Betsy Wilson, Chair-elect 
Dalia Corkrum, Past Chair
Chris Shaffer, Treasurer (FY11 & 12)
Karen Clay, Secretary (FY11 & 12) 
Donna Reed, Member at Large (FY10 & 11)
Jay Starratt, Member at Large (FY10 & 11)
Vickie Hanawalt, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio) 

1.     Shared ILS responses and next steps

The Shared ILS Team  received a total of 10 responses to the Alliance RFI and met in person to go through them.  Four were chosen for further exploration at this time.  These four responders will be invited to speak with us further at in person presentations.  The Orbis Cascade representatives at these meetings will include members of the Shared ILS Team, Board members, and a few other task force chairs. 

A probable date/time for these meetings is Thursday June 9 in Seattle, the day prior to the Board meeting.   John will send out an announcement to Council sharing the RFI responses and which vendors have been selected to continue in the process at this time. 

2. Finance Committee Recommendations regarding travel, credit card and signing limits (Shaffer)

Expected outcome: discuss, revise, adopt recommendations.
Document: Recommendations

If adopted, these recommendations will be shared with Council.  Once the recommendations have been approved, credit cards can be issued to Orbis Cascade staff. 

Outcome:  The recommendations were approved unanimously. 

3. Summit Policy Task Force (Harrington)

Expected outcome: determine next steps for recommendation #1 "Anyone who is currently in a library”s patron database could have access to Summit material."  Note that in March, Council discussed either returning the topic to the SPTF or forwarding to the Financial Frameworks Task Force for consideration.
SPTF report
March Council meeting 

The Board discussed the merits of sending this topic to the Summit Policy Task Force (SPTF), versus the Financial Framework Task Force (FFTF).  Ultimately the decision was made to refer remaining questions back to the SPTF.

John and Drew will draft a charge for the Summit Policy Task Force to consider, and share it with the Board by e-mail. 

4. Summer Meeting Plenary Session (Helmer)

Expected outcome: Board discussion of the best way to use the opening plenary session of the Summer Meeting.
Document: Summer Meeting Draft Schedule

July 12, mid-day start. 

Proposal (ca. 90 min) 
  • Setting the stage (Hanawalt) 
Suggestions for this section included leading on an optimistic note, starting from the premise that the Alliance is a leader in multi-institutional approaches to issues of the day. 
  • Orbis Cascade Alliance (Helmer)
Topics: Current services and strategic agenda, include introduction to "focus on" sessions
  • Panel Discussion: a panel of Council members, Board members, Committee chairs, and Executive Director
Suggestions for this section included possibly using a moderator, changing the title to focus more on organizational Ethos than Decision Making, spend some time working through a positive example of an initiative such as the e-book pilot, illustrating how it worked its way through the organization. 

Other potential explorations: the experience of working on Alliance initiatives, how decisions are made, the iterative nature of the Strategic Agenda teams, Council's ultimate role in determining budget and direction, challenges of allocating resources, how we decide when something needs to be Alliance-wide, rather than optional.  Q/A

5. Topics for the future

Mt Hood CC is experiencing  layoffs and difficult union negotiations.    John Helmer contact Jeff Ring, library director, to assess the situation and any potential impact on the Alliance.
The Board briefly reviewed the list of outstanding topics below, and noted updates for some items: 
  • RFI update – given above
  • ICOLC update – The meeting included a focus on discovery, instead of covering primarily e-resources.  It seems that many consortia are merging, or disbanding, or are under threat due to their dependence on state funds.  The Alliance stood out with our forward thinking strategic agenda. 
  • May 11 Board Meeting (90 min. GoToMeeting)
    • Steering team appointments for FY12 – There will be a reminder sent out. 
    • ED evaluation – in the works
  • June 10 Board Meeting (full day, in person)
    • Shared ILS Team final report
    • Financial Framework Task Force final report
    • SPOT update on usability of WorldCat Local and Group catalog
    • Progress reports
      • CDMC
        • Ebook
        • WEST
      • Collab TS
      • WMS
      • DST
      • NWDA
      • SPOT
    • Summer meeting update
    • Council meeting agenda
  • Parking lot (to be scheduled)
    • Alliance Assessment and ROI
    • Private foundations (MMT, Mellon, etc.)
    • Minor policy and procedure changes:
      • Election procedures
      • Council Liaisons, length of service
    • NWDA update re. potential growth and future directions
      • Western Regional Collaboration
      • Cross-Search Utility grant
      • Utah Pilot
      • Regional implementation
        • Archivist toolkit
        • ArchivesSpace
Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m.