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Board Meeting #5

2010 December 8

2 – 3:30pm
Meeting via Webinar (GoToMeeting)

Drew Harrington, Chair
Betsy Wilson, Chair-elect  -- Departed at 2:45 pm
Dalia Corkrum, Past Chair
Chris Shaffer, Treasurer (FY11 & 12)
Karen Clay, Secretary (FY11 & 12)
Jay Starratt, Member at Large (FY10 & 11)  -- Departed at 2:45 pm
Vickie Hanawalt, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
Jane Carlin, Member at Large (FY11 & 12)
John F. Helmer, Executive Director (ex officio)

1. New Team and Task Force Charges (Harrington)
Expected outcome: review and revise draft charges, discuss nomination process.
Document: Draft Charges for New Teams and Task Forces
Background: Memo from Kunkel and Barnes-Whyte

Board members discussed the charges and timelines for the new task forces.  For the Digital Services Team, it was felt that the memo from Kunkel and Barnes-Whyte was addressed and incorporated into part 3 of the Team charge.  It was felt that although this task force does have a very broad charge, they have the option of dealing with it internally by forming smaller sub-committees to handle separate aspects of the charge.  For the Collaborative Technical Services Team, Board members discussed (but did not recommend any changes) issues concerning the ideal timing for the proposed Collaborative Technical Services Symposium.  For the Shared ILS Team, legal and governance issues were removed from the charge, and staffing considerations added.  

The nomination and selection process was discussed.  Board decided to follow the usual nomination practice, which is to send out a call for volunteers and nominations and allow nominees to self-select.  The group considered adding a statement to the call for nominations reminding nominees that they do need support from their institution.  

The selection should be complete prior to the January 12th board meeting.  This process benefits from a face-to-face meeting of a smaller evaluative group.  Nominations and related information will be shared with  all of the Board members, and they will be able to comment via phone or e-mail.  John Helmer, Drew Harrington, and Betsy Wilson agreed to form the core of the evaluative group.  The selection group agreed to meet in person at ALA Midwinter; other Board members may attend if they are available.    

2. IMLS National Leadership grant for a Cross Search Utility (Helmer)
Expected outcome: determine whether or not Alliance will prepare an IMLS grant.
Assessment from Executive Director

Funding FTE contributed to a grant
: Due to unbudgeted grants received in FY11 which partially funded staff FTE and added new members, the NWDA program is expected to have sufficient carry over to fund the DS Program Manager (Banerjee) and IT Manager (Folsom) FTE that would be contributed to this grant.  NWDA will be able to do so without increasing program membership fees. NWDA reserves provide added capacity if needed. NWDA Steering Team has determined that this grant is a priority and would like direct carry forward funds for this purpose.  The net result for the Alliance general budget would be a reduced need to fund FTE (i.e., FY12 NWDA program funds would pay for more staff time than was the case for previous fiscal years).

Availability of FTE: An analysis of assignments to these positions as well as the Executive Director, Admin Assistant, and Business Manager, indicate that the Alliance staff have the capacity to pursue this grant but that the DS Program Manager and IT Manager positions would, as a result, be fully committed.

Based on the background documents, the Board agreed that this grant should be pursued.  However, there was worry expressed that with the addition of the grant work, Kyle Bannerjee and Keith Folsom’s time would be 100% committed.  The board felt that the grant would be easier to unconditionally support if the FTE required of Kyle and Keith could be lowered.  

Helmer will work on this and report back

3. Selecting an Auditor (Shaffer)
Expected outcome: discuss and decide on Finance Committee recommendation for an auditing firm.
Note: the Finance Committee is meeting just prior to the Board meeting.  As a result, this recommendation will be presented verbally.  

Three firms were consulted.  One was ruled out due to the timeliness and quality of their response.  The remaining firms were Moss Adams, and Jones & Roth, a smaller local firm.  Moss Adams is well known at several Orbis Cascade Institutions, does work in multiple states, and can offer a breadth of services and expertise.  The finance committee recommends that a relationship be pursued with Moss Adams.  

The Board expressed concern over the price quote from Moss Adams.  We budgeted $3,000 for this work, and their quote spans a broad range of $16,000 to $20,000.  The Board would like to keep both costs and the scope of the auditing work to a reasonable level.  Hope was expressed that we could get (or at least request) a discount due to our non-profit status.  The Board asked if the Finance Committee could get a more precise price quote that includes an outlined scope of work.  It would be helpful if their price quote could be compared directly to the quote from Jones & Roth – that is if both quotes were similar in format, based either on # of hours worked and staff charges per hour, or on the scope of work and the expected outcome.  

4. Budget in FY12 (Helmer)
Expected outcome: discuss broad budgetary goals for FY12, with particular attention to initiatives funded by all members, i.e., those that impact annual membership fees.  Examples: Ebook purchasing, WEST, Shared ILS, Collaborative Technical Services

This item was postponed until the next meeting.  

5. Updates

  • IT Manager position
  • "Gap" Business Agent MOU with UO
  • Incorporation:
    • IRS tax-exempt determination (in process)
    • Insurance (in process, requires IRS tax-exempt determination to complete)
Submitted by: Karen Clay