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Collaborative Technical Services Task Force (2009)

Please consult the History of Collaborative Technical Services page for all information about CTST and it's work.

Consider potential projects, weigh impact, cost, and propose a specific pilot project and proof of concept. The initial emphasis of the CTSTF will be on quick action rather than a global or more theoretical analysis of issues.  As background for their work, it is expected that the task force will review The Extended Library Enterprise: Collaborative Technical Services & Shared Staffing, a white paper prepared for the strategic planning retreat.

2009 Sept. Survey results and additional comments.

Final Report

Meeting minutes are stored on the Alliance server and available by contacting Cassie Schmitt.

Roger Stelk, Chair Whitman College
 Ann Miller  University of Oregon
 Jan Hartley  Seattle University
 Joe Kiegel  University of Washington
 John Popko  Seattle University
 Lihong Zhu  Washington State University
 Mark Dahl Lewis & Clark College 
 John Helmer, Staff Liaison Orbis Cascade Alliance